Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety Seven – Shen Power Breathing

While people waited for the three princesses to reach Great Peace City, Zuo Mo was in a disheveled state engraving mo matrixes for the Sin Battalion. Helping more than three thousand members of Sin Battalion was like an ocean that he could not see the end of! They were the same mo matrixes that he repeated made and then awakened. After repeating hundreds of them, he knew what to do even if did so with his eyes closed. After doing more than five hundred, he wanted to throw up!

However, he quickly found a miraculous method. He remembered that when he used the Fire Fist of the First Heavenly Stem, his mo physique would burn while his ling power and spiritual consciousness would continue to permeate into his body.

He had found that when this state was maintained for a while, his shen power would silently enter his head. He would enter a wondrous state where his mind was clear and without any emotion. All of his emotions seemed separate from him while his body and consciousness attained a very terrifying level of control.

In this state, Zuo Mo’s every movement was flawless. Even his shen power that he usually struggled to manipulate was able to be manipulated to do tasks of great difficulty.

In this state, Zuo Mo was like the perfect mo puppet and his efficiency was several times higher than previously.

He processed the Sin Battalion members one after the other, sending out of his room with their jinzhi removed. All the people watching were shocked by his speed. They seemed to have a feeling that Zuo Mo was completing the process as easily as drinking water.

In a short span of ten days, Zuo Mo had finished all the work!

More than three thousand Sin Battalion members! He sent them all out of the room!

When Zuo Mo exited from this wondrous state, exhaustion hit him like the tide and swallowed him in an instant. He felt his vision black out and he fell unconsciousness hitting the ground with a thud.

Shu Long and the others heard the noise inside the room. They paled and pushed open the room. When they went to go examine Zuo Mo, Ceng Lian’er suddenly appeared. “It would be best if you do not touch him!”

Seeing the untrusting gazes of Shu Long and the others. She did not explain and said, “Wait for a moment and you will see.”

As expected, just as she finished speaking, faint golden light came out of Zuo Mo’s body. This layer of golden light was very faint. If it was not that the light in the room was very dim, this layer of light would be very hard to detect.

The weak light seemed to brighten and dim in turn as though it was breathing.

Shu Long and the others carefully and quietly moved about afraid they would disturb Zuo Mo. After Ceng Lian’er stopped them even the stupidest person understood that what was happening was not a bad thing.

Ceng Lian’er looked at Zuo Mo and a complex expression flashed across her face.

She could not understand why this youth that appeared foolish, and did not possess an inheritance technique as complete as hers was both ahead and advancing faster than her?

Shen power. These two words had buried mountains of bones. How many geniuses had fallen under these two words and never obtained anything?

Even an astounding genius like Qi Diao Yu was stuck outside the entryway and was unable to enter.

Yet Zuo Mo had already reached the level of “Shen Power Breathing!”

Zuo Mo probably did not know what “Shen Power Breathing” was but Ceng Lian’er who had a more complete inheritance knew that “Shen Power Breathing” was the sign that his shen power had had an initial breakthrough.

There had only been two ancestors in her lineage of teachers that had completed ”Shen Power Breathing.” This was also why she had received such complete inheritance of knowledge.

She had not yet solved the mystery of the Shifting Star Sands and now he had achieved shen power breathing in front of her.

Ceng Lian’er could not help but feel slightly demotivated. Maybe this youth that did not look very unique contained a monster inside!

It would be good if she could explore his body again. Ceng Lian’er sighed inside. A situation like the previous one would occur once in a thousand years and would not likely appear again.

No one noticed that when the golden layer of light on Zuo Mo’s body brightened and dimmed, the light in A Gui’s eyes seemed to respond, brightening and dimming in turn.

Suddenly, there was a commotion outside.

Ceng Lian’er hearing was keen. When she focused, the sounds outside flooded into her ears.


“What is that?”

“Heavens! It is the Mo Skill Steles!”

Ceng Lian’er’s pupils suddenly contracted. Her figure flashed and she flew into the sky. When she got to a high height and looked in the direction of the Mo Skill Steles, she was instantly stunned freezing where she was.

The soaring steles seemed even more ancient in the night, like statues standing guard in the dark. They stood in rows and formed a forest.

Yet at this time, the black stele forest was releasing faint aura a sea of light.

It brightened and dimmed as though it was breathing.

Many mo furiously flew towards the stele forest. There was joy on their faces, shock, and faint terror. After so many years had past and nothing like this had ever occurred to the Great Peace Mo Skill Steles.

Ceng Lian’er seemed to be suddenly struck by lightning as she abruptly turned her head to look down—in the room below, the light flowing on Zuo Mo’s body brightened and dimmed at the same rhythm!


“Finally, we are going to reach Great Peace City.” Princess Xia stretched. The light gossamer silk was unable to conceal her fine figure. The exaggerated curves, the lazy and seductive expression on her face. It could cause any man to unconsciously swallow.

Princess Xin smiled slightly. She was used to the scene in front of her. Even she couldn’t help but admire Princess Xia’s attractiveness sometimes. She said with a light laugh, “Yes, we have travelled for so many days. I just want to find a place to rest for a while. This Smoke Cloud Beast is very good but it is not comfortable enough.”

The Smoke Cloud Beast was enormous and light. Its body was like a cloud or mist, and its stomach formed its own world and could hold thousands of people. It had a warm personality. While it was fast when it flew, it was very steady. Due to this, it was widely preferred by the prestigious families.

The young masters that were seated all nodded in agreement. If it wasn’t for the three princess here, none of them would be willing to stay inside for this long.

Suddenly, everyone felt their bodies become heavy. One person said with a smile, “We’re here, it is starting to descend.”

Just at this time, someone suddenly shouted in shock, “Quick, look! All of you, look!”

People heard this exclamation. Surprised, they stood and flew into the sky.

When their gazes turned to Great Peace City, they were all astounded by the scene in front of them.

The Mo Skill Steles that were the most eye-catching structure in the Great Peace City were shrouded in bright white light that pulsed like the breathing of a giant beast.


Gongye Xiao Rong rescued the remnants of the battalion. When he turned and saw the yao battalion that had fled, he did not chase after them.

His face was dark as he listened to his subordinate narrate what had happened. When he heard that Gongsun Cha did not hesitate in attacking them, a thick burst of killing intent flashed through his eyes.

He decided to have the sect investigate where this Gongsun Cha really came from. Thinking about it now, Gongsun Cha did not seem to have any fear of Tian Huan and his attitude could not be said to be friendly but it did not seem to be hateful. After thinking about it, he felt that Gongsun Cha’s attitude could be called fearlessness.

It was clear that Gongsun Cha had great confidence in their power. Even facing Tian Huan, they did not have any fear.

This was definitely the attitude of a great faction!

Actually, when he received the news that the yao battalion was attacking Black Stone Jie, he knew that he had made a fatal mistake. This yao battalion had hidden by the side and waited for the best chance for a sneak attack. The leader’s skill could not be underestimated.

Gongye Xiao Rong rescued the remnants of the battalions but he did not head for Black Stone Jie. He sent the order to turn around.

His subordinates paled and came to ask why did they not attack Black Stone Jie? Gongye Xiao Rong forcibly suppressed all the questions. He did not explain himself and instead sent an order to travel at the fastest possible speed.

He instantly understood Gongsun Cha’s attitude from his response.

The other would not object to attacking him from behind at a crucial moment.

Was this person really a xiuzhe?

Gongye Xiao Rong shook his head and removed all of the stray thoughts from his mind. His eyes became determined again. They only had one road left!


A yao battalion had suddenly crossed Blood Sky Metropolis Jie and charged into the Four Realms.

In a short twenty days, this yao battalion seemed to be invincible and crossed six jie. Before any battalion could react, they suddenly appeared in Ten Thousand Fortune Jie of Xi Xuan Realm.

The chaos rift of Ten Thousand Fortune Jie was connected with the yao realm. The two sides were in a fierce fight for control of the chaos rift.

At such a crucial time the Liang Wei Battalion suddenly appeared a ghost behind the xiuzhe lines and easily took control of the chaos rift!

Ten Thousand Fortune Jie landed in the hands of the yao!

Then Liang Wei left the arrangements for the defense line to his allies and advanced deeper into xiuzhe territory alone. Before the xiuzhe could react, he had defeated four jie. Along the way, he slaughtered everything and everyone, shocking people with his viciousness and ruthlessness! The xiuzhe along the way all fled in panic. In a few short days, the four jie that had been prosperous days before were now empty of all people.

Liang Wei’s infamy quickly spread through the world!

And on the same day.

The female battle general, Mu Xi, of the Palace Lake Wood Clan suddenly attacked Black Stone Jie and took over. She also successfully cut of the retreat path between Gongye Xiao Rong and Tian Huan. This meant that Gongye Xiao Rong was now isolated and in a dangerous situation!

In a short span of one day, the winds had suddenly shifted.

In the previous conflicts the yao had been at a disadvantage, but this sudden shift was without warning and Tian Huan and Xi Xuan both suffered great losses.

Xi Xuan lost four jie but that did not harm their core strength. In comparison, Tian Huan’s hearts were burning. The loss of Gongye Xiao Rong would be a great loss for them.

In response, Tian Huan immediately put pressure on multiple battle fronts.

When an enormous entity like Tian Huan moved at full power, the forces it could gather was terrifying. In a short six days, it defeated six jie. Six passages suddenly appeared between Tian Huan and the mo realm but each was still very far from Gongye Xiao Rong.

Xi Xuan was also furious about the loss of the four jie. On one front, they sent famous generals to kill Liang Wei Battalion and on the other, they sent supplies and reinforcements to Gu Liang Dao.

Gu Liang Dao, whose forces expanded in power, did not disappoint Xi Xuan. He instantly surrounded the mo that he had been facing and then ambushed the mo battalion reinforcements that had come.

Instantly, all barriers to Gu Liang Do’s advancement disappeared.

Gu Liang Dao Battalion moved in and captured four jie!

The battle situation suddenly reached a climax without anyone prepared for it!

Translator Ramblings: So much happening in the world … … the thing to remember about Liang Wei vs people like Gu Liang Dao and Gongye Xiao Rong is that Liang Wei is leading the remnants of his forces and what is essentially regular military. The other battle generals are leading better-trained and equipped forces.

What’s with the hate for Ceng Lian’er? I’m curious because she hasn’t done anything detrimental to Zuo Mo like hampering his cultivation.

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