Li Qingshan couldn’t help but sigh. Now an ordinary first-grade master was definitely not his match anymore. It was truly progressing at divine speed without any bottleneck. No one could know just how strong he could become as long as he was given enough time and sacrifices.

The blood flame burned the corpses and bones until nothing was left, then spun in the air before returning back to Little An’s mouth. The flames inside his eye sockets shone even brighter, as if he’d absorbed the blood vitality on all those people’s corpses through the blood flame.

Li Qingshan called out and Little An leaped on his shoulders once everything was properly tidied. The two of them vanished on the mountain peak.

Li Qingshan b.u.mped sideways and crashed head-on inside the mountain forests. The originally tall trees now all seemed to be undersized, and sometimes he just simply knocked past instead of making a detour when he met trees blocking his way, crus.h.i.+ng the tree trunks into pieces as he forcibly opened a path through the forests.

Not only his strength and speed had changed, his five senses had also reached an unprecedented peak, and every scene inside the forest seemed to be so clear and bright. There was a different kind of touching colorfulness even inside the winter forest on a deep night.

Every sound was also so sharp. Even a wild hare’s breathing under the heavy snow and mud came clearly to his ears. A living vitality filled this land between heaven and earth.

He was like a savage returned to his primitive state, feeling jubilation at everything from nature. It seemed like honey was irrigating the fields of his inner self, as if this was the proper world he belonged to, his paradise.

His heart and mind had seemingly also changed along with the changes of his body. He suddenly felt that living and breathing amidst the mountain wilderness wasn’t a bad thing after all.

But then he immediately regained his soberness when he watched Little An on his shoulders. There were still many unfulfilled promises he had to fulfill. He had to help him regain a human body, he had to send him back home.

Little An also curiously watched Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan smiled faintly and silently told him thanks inside his heart.

The green bull had once again vanished from sight after pa.s.sing on the supernatural skill to Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan’s steps didn’t stop, but he was silently comprehending the mysteries within.

The second supernatural skill’s name was [Spirit Turtle Sea Guarding Secrets]. It was diametrically opposed to the [Nine Bulls and Two Tigers], a purely qi refining supernatural skill. It also had nine layers, and he only needed to cultivate to the first layer to be able to regain human shape, or even curb and conceal the monster qi on his body so he could once again return to the human world.

It also happened that Li Qingshan could only cultivate this supernatural skill after establis.h.i.+ng a certain foundation in his monster qi. It gave him the feeling that those supernatural skills the green bull had taught him superposed themselves layer atop another layer, closely interlinked with one another. As if every step had already been planned, and everything was for the sake of laying foundations for the future.

He didn’t understand what the green bull’s ultimate goal was, but in short there didn’t seem to be any maliciousness. This didn’t merely originate from trust, but also from his understanding of his own humble status. He probably had nothing worth eliciting the green bull’s maliciousness to begin with.

Li Qingshan stopped and sat in mediation once he gained some comprehension of the [Spirit Turtle Sea Guarding Secrets]. The chaotic monster qi gradually gathered together and revolved following a certain pattern. Even the uneasy and restless sea of his heart seemed to become a patch of tranquility during the cultivation process. It was much different from the frantic wildness when cultivating the Bull Demon and Tiger Demon Fist.

He suddenly came to a certain understanding. A certain supernatural skill could influence a certain facet of his nature, and the [Spirit Turtle Sea Guarding Secrets] was precisely made to counteract the influences of the tiger demon and the bull demon.

The spirit turtle was a divine beast from the legends. Four huge feet stamped into the sea like four pillars supporting the heavens. It seemed as if the four divine needles nailing the sea could pacify the sea waves within ten thousand miles, forbidding the great billows. The spirit turtle possessed great might, but its nature was very gentle like a senior monk sitting in meditation in extreme patience, not showing off any ostentatious display in the least.

As long as he cultivated to the first layer, he could learn the Spirit Turtle Aura Control and restrain the body’s monster qi, repress the bull demon and the tiger demon, then he could once again restore a human form. The cultivation speed of this supernatural skill was the same as the spirit turtle’s nature however; progress was extremely slow. After some estimation, the time needed to cultivate the [Spirit Turtle Sea Guarding Secrets] to the first layer was measured in years. He would need to cultivate eight or ten years hidden inside the mountains at best, and two or three decades weren’t impossible either if slow.

It still truly made people depressed, even if it saved quite a bit of time compared to crossing a tribulation to become a monster general. You counted time in centuries however when dealing with demon cultivation. Without several hundred years of practice, you didn’t even have the face to say h.e.l.lo to other people. He could only prepare himself to wage a prolonged war of attrition since matters had already reach such a stage.

The sound of water cried like the rumble of thunder. Li Qingshan and Little An once again came to the place they’d previously cultivated at, in front of the great waterfall dropping several hundred feet. They prepared themselves to cultivate quietly there for a while. Since it was called [Spirit Turtle Sea Guarding Secrets], there could naturally not be any lack of water.

Li Qingshan’s ears twitched. Faint and distant, he heard a singing voice.

He narrowed his eyes. He could faintly discern a pretty woman’s body inside the white water mist, her back facing him, seemingly in the middle of her bath.

I can also have this kind of lucky encounter with a beautiful woman?

Li Qingshan felt that things were incomparably strange as soon as this thought came to him. How loud was the sound of the waterfall? No matter how loudly an ordinary person yelled or roared, it would be drowned by the water’s noise, but the singing voice unexpectedly seemed like a needle, incomparably clear as it pierced through every miscellaneous noise.

Moreover, the charge of the waterfall’s flow was so gigantic that even the former him couldn’t stand directly below the waterfall, but that dainty silhouette seemed to be taking an easy relaxing shower. The soft and tender stature sometimes hid and sometimes emerged within the water mist, extreme in its allure.

Li Qingshan didn’t care about any see no evil. He had to take a clear look at such a strange thing in any case. It was foreordained however that he didn’t have such good luck with women. As soon as he went forward a step.

The song halted abruptly. The young woman turned her vision back, revealing a pair of eyes dark green, then vanished inside the waterfall.

A great warning omen rose inside Li Qingshan’s heart. He bounced forward without paying attention to anything else, but then he felt a strong gale attack from behind him. There were several traces of acute pain on his back. His skin that blades and spears couldn’t penetrate had unexpectedly been sliced open by empty air. “So fast!”

His stature had just reached the middle of the air and seemed about to fly inside the waterfall when a green lily hand caught his tiger tail and forcibly pulled on it. “Come back!”

Li Qingshan’s huge body was instantly pulled back. It seemed there were times an additional function could be a bad thing as well.

He couldn’t help but stare blankly a while despite the firmness of his will after he’d turned his head and taken a look at who the newcomer was. The one who’d grabbed his tail with a strange power was unexpectedly a young girl clothed in jade green clothes around fourteen to fifteen years old. She had put clothes on, but from her great pair of astonis.h.i.+ng dark green eyes, it was unmistakably the young girl who was bathing inside the waterfall just now.

His surprise wasn’t for her strength or age however. There was a pair of living cat ears on top of the young girl’s head. A black cat tail swung behind her body.

That otaku soul that had been silent for so many years seemed about to break its seal and awaken once again. He probably wouldn’t have become the way he was now if he’d encountered such a “thing” as soon as he’d crossed through worlds.

If one said that the feeling Gu Yanying gave him was of a fantasy-like beauty, then hers would be of a dream-like cuteness.

Li Qingshan looked at her and felt that he’d fallen in love at first sight once more. There were really a great many beautiful things in this world! But then he became alert in the blink of an eye. A monster that could change into humanoid shape would be at the monster general level at the very least. Compared to marveling at the first sight of beauty or obsessing with novelties, it was still better to first take care of his little life!

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