Chapter five Hundred and Ninety Four – Underhanded

“Cheng Shidi!” Gongsun Cha went over and gave Chun Yu Cheng a great hug. Chun Yu Cheng was usually immersed in his own husbandry activities and never left his place. It had been a long time since Gongsun Cha had seen him.

The two of them had followed Zuo Mo all the way from Desolate Wood Reef and their relationship was naturally intimate.

Gongsun Cha had been slightly surprised when he had received Chun Yu Cheng’s paper crane. Cheng Shidi wanted to come to the mo world. He said that it was best to raise animals here. Gongsun Cha knew just how interested in animal husbandry Cheng Shidi was and was not surprised. Little Savage Jie was a pretty good place and was almost completely under Shi Dong’s control. However, out of consideration of safety, Gongsun Cha felt it would be better to keep Cheng Shidi with him so he had Cheng Shidi come to Orchid Home Jie.

The seal formation fort here had been constructed and with Vermillion Bird Camp standing guard and he himself present, he was not afraid even if Tian Huan came to attack.

Chun Yu Cheng looked around curiously, “This is a mo jie?”

“Yes, it is called Orchid Home Jie, the nearby jie is called Black Stone Jie and has been taken over by Tian Huan. However, we do not interfere in their business and they do not dare to come make trouble,” Gongsun Cha introduced casually.

The xiuzhe along the way continuously sent out greetings to them.

“Then do you have mo steeds?” Chun Yu Cheng looked around and then moved his gaze away to ask the main point.

Gongsun Cha had wanted to reminisce about good times and was left with a helpless expression. However, he knew that Cheng Shidi was like this. He had already prepared for this question and called over A Zha Ge.

A Zha Ge was a mo that was born here and was very familiar with mo steeds. He would be a very good guide.

The Stellar Rahula Clan did have mo steeds that they raised. When they heard Lil’ Miss call Chun Yu Cheng by shidi, A Zha Ge instantly understood the status of this youth that looked absentminded and simple. He did not dare to slight the other.

He found all kinds of mo steeds that the people in his battalion used and then gave detailed introductions to all of them.

When he saw the mo steeds, Chun Yu Cheng could not pull himself away. He did not look at Lil’ Miss even one more time. Lil’ Miss knew his personality and was not angry. After saying a few words to A Zha Ge, he prepared to work on his own things.

Suddenly, a scout hurried over.

Lil’ Miss stopped walking. Seeing the expression of the scout, he knew something had happened.

“Daren! Black Stone Jie is being attacked by a yao battalion!”

Black Stone Jie was being attacked by yao!

Lil’ Miss suddenly smiled. A few days ago, the Tian Huan battalion had boldly and publicly left Black Stone Jie to go attack somewhere else. Now, someone had come to take their old nest.

He could imagine that Gongye Xiao Rong’s expression when he heard the news would be spectacular!

Lil’ Miss was slightly interested in this yao battalion that had suddenly appeared. This was mo territory and it was not normal for a yao battalion to appear here. Also, this yao battalion appeared at the perfect time. From every angle, this was a planned and very successful sneak attack.

Gongye Xiao Rong was too careless!

Chun Yu Cheng did not even raised his head. He did not react at all to the news.

A Zha Ge was very shocked. He suddenly remembered something and hurriedly said, “Daren! This subordinate knows the identity of this battalion!”

“You know?” Gongsun Cha was slightly surprised.

“Daren! There is a chaos rift in Black Stone Jie that leads into the yao world. It is the territory of the Palace Lake Wood Clan. This time, our clan had allied with all the clans to form an allied army to face Gongye Xiao Rong. Of the clans we contacted, we sent an invitation to the Palace Lake Wood Clan. They sent a little girl called Mu Xi. If it is a yao battalion, it could most likely be this one! They have not died yet?” A Zha Ge’s face was full of disbelief.

“Palace Lake Wood Clan?” Gongsun Cha murmured and then threw the question to one side.

Suddenly, another scout hurriedly flew in. Before he landed, he said in a rush, ”Daren, Tian Huan has suffered a strong attack and sent someone to ask for aid. We stopped their people! They are asking to meet Daren! They say they will repay us after this!”

Gongsun Cha stilled and then felt it was amusing. “Asking us for help? They have really panicked!”

Seeing the scout waiting for his order, he waved his hand. “Say that I am not here.”

At the side, A Zha Ge sighed in relief. There was deep hate between the Stellar Rahula Clan and Tian Huan. Inside, he naturally was not willing to go help.

Gongsun Cha murmured to himself, “Tian Huan? I would be more willing to have Black Stone Jie in the hands of the yao!”

A while later, a scout came to report again.

“Daren! Tian Huan has lost Black Stone Jie! The remnants of their people are heading towards us!”

A Zha Ge almost jumped up. “They want to lure the yao battalion over here!”

Gongsun Cha smiled coldly. “There is no need to pay attention to them. It is good for us to see this yao battalion. They have lost so quickly, this yao battalion is not simple!”

Many hours later, a panicked-looking battalion appeared in the sky. Behind them were the orderly ranks of a yao battalion. They were completely at ease and switched between charging and following at a leisurely pace.

“It’s an expert!” Lil’ Miss narrowed his eyes. The yao battalion had a good rhythm. They kept up the pressure on the Tian Huan battalion who had to constantly keep their guard up and flee. It would be easy for them to crumble now.

A Zha Ge showed a joyous expression. He could also see the strength of Mu Xi. He wanted this Tian Huan battalion to be completely killed.

When the Tian Huan battalion saw the formation belt on this fortress, they were like people drowning that saw the last life-saving reed and flew over in a rush.

Before they could fly close, the large formations under their feet started to light up.

Hundreds of large formations lit up at the same time and illuminated the entire mountain valley as though it was daytime. Looking down from the sky, these one hundred large scale formations spread from the chaos rift and formed a semicircle that spread for dozens of li. There were seven layers to the formation belt, seven defense lines!

When the yao battalion saw such strong defenses, their troops paused. Charging into this kind of defense line was akin to suicide.

The combat xiu of Tian Huan had shock mixed with fear. How long had it been since they took over and the other was able to silently construct a formation fortress here!

The amount of manpower, materials, and wealth that such an enormous formation belt consumed was humongous!

Which power did Gongsun Cha belong to?

The remnants of the Tian Huan battalion stared at each other. They all saw the deep shock in each other’s eyes.

“What to do?” a person hesitantly asked.

“We’ll talk after we charge! Do they dare to kill all of us?” another person gritted out.

“If they offend our Tian Huan, they would not have good days in the future! They would not dare! Charge!” someone else agreed.

They quickly reached a consensus and ordered the people to charge at the formation belt. The normal combat xiu did not think so much. The terror on their faces instantly turn to joy. Those formation belts gave them a feeling of safety they never had before.

Many people thought inside, if the sect also built formation belts like this, how could a yao battalion defeat them?

“Do not attack! Do not attack!”

“Sire, if you lend a hand in aid, my Tian Huan will repay you grandly … …”

Looking at the remnants of the battalion that was charging disorderly towards them, Gongsun Cha’s eyes suddenly became cold and sharp as a blade. He said in a cold voice, “Kill those that intrude the defensive line!”

Almost as his voice sounded, the formation defense line at the very front suddenly lit up brightly!

The battle generals of the Tian Huan battalion all paled. “Quick, retreat!”

Their exclamations were quickly drowned out in a roaring rain of light.

The blinding rain light was like a swarm of locusts that shot towards the sky from the ground and blocked out the sun!

Pew pew pew!

The combat xiu that had leapt towards the defense line felt their vision turn completely white. An enormous pain came from their bodies and they quickly lost all sensation.

Even in death, their expressions were filled with disbelief.

The other really dared to attack … …

They were Tian Huan … …

The battle generals that had sent the order stared with wide eyes in disbelief at the sky that was completely empty. Their eyes filled with blood.

A battle general shouted grievously, “Gongsun Cha! You are so vicious! Tian Huan will not spare you … …”

On the ground, Gongsun Cha gave a small smile and spat out, “Idiot!”

The formations at the very front lit up again and the enormous ling power vibrations caused people’s hearts to beat rapidly.

The battle general saw this. Gritting his teeth, his face was filled with hate as he led the remnants of the battalion to flee in another direction.

“Now we have offended Tian Huan again.” Chun Yu Cheng who was disturbed gazed up and said.

“It will be fine once you are used to the idea,” Gongsun Cha said casually.

They had become at odds with Gongye Xiao Rong once before this. If one had a score with a large sect like Tian Huan, one could only wait to be destroyed. Except if in Tian Huan’s eyes, you were as strong as they were. For example, it restrained itself when it came to the other three great sects.

But Gongsun Cha clearly understood Tian Huan did not think of them as an opponent of equal standing. If they waited for Gongye Xiao Rong to sweep this area clean, he would eventually find the time and energy to sweep them away as well.

Could one tolerate someone else sleeping by their bed?

Rather than that, it was better to go on the offensive first and trip them up slightly. Lil’ Miss had great anticipation about how Gongye Xiao Rong would respond next.

Just thinking about it put him in a good mood!


Mu Xi watched the entire process. She couldn’t help but show slightly shock and she sank into thought.

This battalion clearly was not from the same faction as Tian Huan. There probably was also enmity between them. The Tian Huan battalion had lured her here with malicious intentions. However, they clearly underestimated how vicious the other side’s leader was. Even Mu Xi couldn’t help but feel astounded when she saw the formation belts below unleash their powerful attacks.

The danger level of the other instantly skyrocketed in her mind.

One had to be careful to have such a vicious wolf for a neighbor. She carefully inspected the other’s formation belts. The setup was nearly perfect and did not have any dead angles. She would need a battalion of at least eight thousand to attack such a formation belt and would have to pay an extremely heavy price.

She sent out a little team to pursue the remnants of the Tian Huan battalion that had fled. The battalion’s morale was extremely low. As long as the harassment was kept up, the other would crumble.

What was most important now was not destroying the remnants of the enemy battalion but take control of Black Stone Jie. Originally, she had planned on going back to the yao world but when she saw the conflict between the two factions just now, she changed her mind and decided to hold Black Stone Jie.

Just now, this battalion had openly become enemies with Tian Huan. In other words, they were Tian Huan’s enemy. Gongye Xiao Rong would definitely be wary of them and would not dare to attack Black Stone Jie with all of his might.

In such a case, the possibility of holding Black Stone Jie was much higher.

After thinking for a while, she made a decision. She needed to immediately return to Black Stone Jie and she need reinforcements from her family. Gongye Xiao Rong definitely would have gotten word of this and was most likely coming back.

Time was tight.

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