Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety Three – The Sin Battalion’s Jinzhi

Bie Han’s face was pale.

A member of Sin Battalion had disappeared and they hadn’t found them even after searching all night. Sunlight crept in through the window into the silent room and across his body. But he did not feel any warmth at all. Under the sunlight, the lonely figure seemed desolate.

What he had been most worried about had finally occurred!

The time of the jinzhi backlash had come, and once it arrived, Sin Battalion would completely lose control and die, each in a gory explosion. Because he was worried about this, he didn’t dare to use Sin Battalion because this would cause a backlash from the jinzhi to occur sooner.

The sunlight could not warm the sorrow he felt inside.

He did not care about the attitudes of his father and brothers, he did not care about the cold treatment he received. He did not care about any of that. The only thing he cared about was Sin Battalion, a group of mo puppets that he had interacted with for more than a decade.

He only had one wish: to take this battalion that was soulless and kill his way back to Xuan Kong Temple!

But he wasn’t even able to do that!

Unconsciously, his knuckles turned white as he clenched his fists tighter, he buried his head deep in his arms.

He was a mo, but he did not know any of the mo fighting methods. What he knew, what had been taught to him was what the xiuzhe did. He knew that he was the same as Sin Battalion, something that should not appear in the world, even if the jinzhi on his body were removed.

They were like monsters, monsters that should not appear. Their best ending was to turn into dust in the sunlight and not leave a smidge of dust behind.

He did not care.

The only thing in his heart and in his countless dreams was a vision of him leading Sin Battalion back to Xuan Kong Temple, and torching it, leaving only a sea of flames!

But he could not even do that … …

He, who only knew xiuzhe fighting methods, was left in difficult straits in the mo world. If he did not have Fu Feng, his situation would be even worse.

He had never hated himself like this, hated his uselessness!

No, there had to be a way!

He suddenly raised his head. The light of his eyes was peerlessly vicious like a wild beast that had no way to escape.

At this time, Fu Feng suddenly charged in.

“Your Highness! Your Highness! I found them! It is Xiao Mo Ge! Xiao Mo Ge’s subordinate had picked up our person today at the Mo Skill Steles! Many people saw this!”

Xiao Mo Ge?

Bie Han’s gaze softened. He suddenly stood up. “Go! We’re going to find Xiao Mo Ge!”

Fu Feng had a hesitant expression.

“What is it?” Bie Han asked.

“Your Highness, it is strange to speak of it. This Xiao Mo Ge is very similar to someone this subordinate saw in the xiuzhe world. Even though his figure and appearance are completely different, but his actions and bearing is very similar,” Fu Feng explained.

“En?” Bie Han was slightly surprised.

“This person is called Zuo Mo, a disciple of Wu Kong Sword Sect and he is skilled in formations. This subordinate first saw him at a Sword Test Conference, and then interacted with him at Desolate Wood Reef. He left a deep impression on me. Your Highness will definitely remember how he had stopped Lan Tian Long at the gates that day and took away a xiuzhe. In here … …” Fu Feng said hesitantly.

A light suddenly burst into Bie Han’s eyes. He murmured, “Zuo Mo. Zuo Mo. Xiao Mo Ge, Xiao Mo Ge … … Little Mo Ge!”

Fu Feng stilled and then his eyes also lit up. He exclaimed in shock, “It’s him! Is it really him?”

“We’ll know when we go see.”

Bie Han walked outside.


Zuo Mo felt that Miao Jun should be a pretty good battle general but when Miao Jun displayed his battle general abilities, he shocked everyone. He was a gold battle general!

A gold battle general that not many in Great Peace City knew about.

In a spar against Ye Ling, Ye Ling had lost after a few rounds. Shu Long was not a match either but Miao Jun was full of praise. He thought that while Shu Long lacked flexibility in his tactics, he was methodical in his preparations and after more experience, he could be a great general.

But right now, their group was only these hundred or so people. There wasn’t much use in having a gold battle general.

Miao Jun spent his time teaching Shu Long. He was a true mo battle general. He was not as versatile as Lil’ Miss, but he had solid fundamentals and he was perfect for teaching Shu Long.

After a few lessons, Shu Long gained greatly.

At this time, the orange-haired yao and the black smoke yao came back from the Great Peace Mo Skill Steles. The orange-haired yao looked at Guard Camp that was cultivating and instantly became interested. He crowded over.

After watching for a while, the orange-haired yao was confused. He asked, “Old Miao, who is stronger, you or Xiao Mo Ge?”

It was the first time Miao Jun heard someone call him “Old Miao.” He couldn’t help but glance over. Inside, he thought the other was someone that was a very open person. He said, “Of course, Daren is stronger.”

“I also feel this way.” The orange-haired yao nodded. “Xiao Mo Ge even defeated Corps Commander Yu Heng. Even I have to admit he is a genius on the same level as me.”

At the side, the black smoke yao rolled his eyes and couldn’t help but say, “He is more of a genius than you!”

The orange-haired yao turned around and said to the black smoke yao in a serious tone. “I will not admit this.”

Corps Commander Yu Heng? He was unfamiliar with the name, but those that were corps commanders had to have some skill. Miao Jun was very confident in his skill but he was not sure that he could defeat a corps commander.

He instantly became interested. “Oh, I have not heard of this, tell me more.”

The orange-haired yao instantly became excited and boasted about all the glorious results that Zuo Mo had achieved in the Ten Finger Prison. However, he was an amateur when it came to strategy and his recounting was full of mistakes. At the side, the black smoke yao could not bear it and constantly corrected him.

The more Miao Jun heard, the more shocked he was, and the more puzzled he was.

The orange-haired yao and the black smoke yao clearly were not lying. Their expressions were serious and they were full of details.

Miao Jun had some knowledge about the Ten Finger Prison of the yao. To be able to defeat a corps commander of a regular corps in war chess. How great the strength!

Definitely the strength of a gold battle general!

But … …

He had personally experienced Daren’s mo skills. If someone said that Daren was a yao, he would not believe it on pain of death. A yao could cultivate Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus? But he suddenly remembered that in Daren’s fight against him, he had used little yao arts.

The more Miao Jun thought, the more puzzled he was.


Zuo Mo carefully inspected the jinzhi on the Sin Battalion mo.

“The Sin Battalion is a battalion that existed since long ago. There is a complete set of jinzhi and methods to control them. The battle general for each generation of Sin Battalion is very strong. You need to be careful.” Pu Yao gave a rare warning to Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo made a sound of acknowledgement and threw himself into studying the interlocking jinzhi.

The jinzhi were set up in a tricky fashion and Zuo Mo found that some of the jinzhi clearly mimicked the style of mo matrixes. However, the mimicry in Zuo Mo’s eyes was at a very low level.

Not all the jinzhi on the Sin Battalion mo were harmful. It was actually the opposite. Most of the jinzhi were beneficial and could increase their combat abilities. Zuo Mo’s world was broadened by many of the methods and he was greatly inspired.

It could be seen that Xuan Kong Temple had started to study how to engrave formations a long time ago. They had many methods that were very mature and unique.

Zuo Mo became even more excited as he studied. He could copy many of these methods right now.

He already thought of several ways that could perfect the effects of the mo matrixes that he gave to Golden Crow Camp. These would be worth thousands of jingshi.

Gradually, the jinzhi of Xuan Kong Temple were slowly exposed in front of him and peeled off.

But when the core jinzhi appeared in front of him, Zuo Mo inhaled sharply.

The innermost jinzhi was actually connected directly to the soul!

A fantastical method!

Zuo Mo almost did not believe his own eyes. The soul was intangible. The difficulty of connecting the soul to the jinzhi was so high he was stunned where he stood.

But he quickly refocused and his gaze became clear. He started to examine this last jinzhi.

A long time later, he shook his head and stood up again.

It was not possible to solve this last jinzhi and he did not have a solution. The incompleteness of the souls of Sin Battalion were directly related to this jinzhi.

Fortunately, while this jinzhi could not be solved, it was not a damaging jinzhi.

After completely investigating these jinzhi, Zuo Mo could not simply remove those dangerous jinzhi and used an even more daring plan—he was going to use the original jinzhi as a foundation to engrave new mo matrices!


“I heard that there is a great genius that appeared in Great Peace City. He didn’t just cause the Shifting Star Sand, he also stepped onto the Great Peace Mo Ranking. It has been so long since such an exceptional person appeared,” Princess Xin said with a smile.

Princess Xin was sitting up ruler-straight. Her long and slender neck would make people unconsciously of a swan. In truth, she possessed the noble blood of the Moon Lake Swan Clan. Her figure was tall and her appearance outstanding.

Princess Wan sat silently with a faint smile on her face like she was an exquisite doll. Of the three princesses, she was the youngest, her personality quiet and bashful.

Princess Xia said with a smile, “Yes, he is called Xiao Mo Ge. There have been people muttering his name into my ear all day. I’m getting callouses just from hearing it. I don’t know if he is even that strong.”

Princess Xia’s skin was fine and white, and her lips warm and seductive. Her eyes were an enchanting pink. Of the three, her looks were undoubtedly the most outstanding and her movements were bewitching.

“Now, even I am curious!” A handsome youth clapped and said with a smile, “It has been very long since someone strong appeared in Great Peace City. In the past, only that Qi Diao Yu could not be considered powerful. The other people are not up to our standards or they are old and have not hope of entering the marshal level.”

The youth’s tone was grandiose but did not cause people to think he was proud because he had the qualifications to say this.

Shen Yu, the most outstanding expert of the youngest generation of the Shen Family. Supposedly, he had stepped into general level when he was sixteen and was the most likely member of the Shen Family to reach marshal level.

In these years, he had travelled around to challenge famous experts and had never been defeated.

It was only when he encountered Princess Xia that he was enchanted by her becoming her defender. He stood by her side and did not have any complaints.

When he heard Princess Xia praise Xiao Mo Ge, he instantly felt discontent. He decided inside that when the time came, he would definitely challenge Xiao Mo Ge to show Princess Xia who was the true genius.

The pitiful Zuo Mo did not know that a jealous someone was already targeting him.

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