Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety Two – Giving A Helping Hand

In the darkness, Ceng Lian’er stood in front of a mo skill stele like a ghost.

The stars above her head were as vast as a sea.

She could feel traces of star power lingering around this mo skill stele. This as the mo skill stele where Zuo Mo had caused the Shifting Star Sands. Her gaze swept across the mo skill stele. She had repeatedly read the content on there but still could not find any clues as to why Zuo Mo could cause the Shifting Star Sand.

Suddenly, Ceng Lian’er turned around.

A male dressed in snowy-white robes silently appeared behind her. It was Qi Diao Yu.

There was a hint of killing intent that suddenly appeared in Qi Diao Yu’s eyes. The water droplet that circled around him suddenly shifted and gave off a strange sound.

Ceng Lian’er felt the scenery in her vision change and suddenly became blurry. Her black opal eyes suddenly lit up. A serene light came like a deep night. The black sleeve spread with a strange and invisible ripple.

The water droplet that orbited Qi Diao Yu suddenly stopped making the sound.

“As expected shen power,” Qi Diao Yu coolly spoke, a light that was hard to describe flashing through his eyes.

Ceng Lian’er’s expression quickly became enchanting, and her beautiful face even more seductive as she breathed softly. “Qi Diao Yu, so your aim is shen power.”

“Yes.” Qi Diao Yu’s eyes flashed. His snowy-white robes moved despite the lack of wind. A thread of yearning appeared on his indifferent face. “When I came here the past, I understood what Shi Zi Ming wanted to speak of was shen power.”

“However, he did not state the most important part.” Qi Diao Yu said coolly, “I have searched around and have not found any clues. I had not expected to encounter people that cultivated shen power, and three at once!”

Ceng Lian’er’s eyes became even more bewitching, her cherry-red lips slightly curved and her voice warm permeated one’s mind. “You are really someone that pays attention.”


The sound was like a sword humming!

A crescent ripple suddenly shot out and accurately hit the water sleeve that had appeared at some unknown time.

The soft water sleeve shook lightly and rippled like water. The crescent shaped ripple was dispersed.

“If the news spread, how many people would be interested? Haven’t these families stood guard here waiting for someone to understand shen power?” Qi Diao Yu’s voice was indifferent as though he was narrating something that was unrelated to him.

“Yes.” Ceng Lian’er’s tone was soft and with a thread of laziness. It was like a cat kneading on the heart of a person. “But that has nothing to do with you, Qi Diao Yu. You will not have any connection with this banquet.”

Qi Diao Yu’s eyes suddenly became cold and his killing intent rose. “But since you have come, I will accept.”

Ceng Lian’er smiled seductively. “Then that will depend on if you are strong enough! I like strong men!”

The sound rippled and before it dissipated into the air, Ceng Lian’er’s body flashed with a layer of moonlight. Then she quickly became faint at a visible rate in front of Qi Diao Yu.

Ceng Lian’er that almost became transparent blinked her eyes at Qi Diao Yu.

“I’m coming!”

The voice that was filled with seductiveness spread and echoed in the empty air. In front of Qi Diao Yu, Ceng Lian’er slowly disappeared.

Qi Diao Yu’s eyes flashed with thoughtfulness.


Zuo Mo did not know that something was happening with Ceng Lian’er in this night but even if he did, he would not care. The other was not his subordinate, and it had nothing to do with him.

After learning that Princess Xia was going to arrive in Great Peace City soon, Zuo Mo’s restless heart instantly settled. Every day, if he was not keeping A Gui company, he was immersed in cultivation. The orange-haired yao, the black smoke yao, and A Wen were spending their days at the Mo Skill Steles. It was strange to speak of. The orange-haired yao who was such a careless person was extremely talented at cultivation. He was also extremely interested in the Mo Skill Steles that were mostly focused on mo skills. This caused the black smoke yao to rest some of his worries.

If this guy felt that it was boring, then he would not rest. Then no one would be able to accomplish anything.

It had to be said that the content in the Mo Skill Steles were profound and vast. Shi Zi Ming was a legendary genius and had profound insights on even the most ordinary topics. Every time he studied it, Zuo Mo would obtain something.

Zuo Mo’s body that had been tempered by the Shifting Star Sand was unusually powerful. In his hands, many of the detailed methods mentioned on the Mo Skill Steles were executed with shocking power. Zuo Mo had comprehended a lot of the Fire Fist of the First Heavenly Stem. The Sun Crystal Seed had become unusually active after that and continuously released burning sun essence into Zuo Mo’s Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus mo matrix.

The Sun Crystal Seed had a great preference for Zuo Mo’s shen power. Whenever Zuo Mo drew shen power out of his right hand, a part of the shen power would be swallowed by the Sun Crystal Seed. With every thread of shen power it consumed, the Sun Crystal Seed would spin quicker.

Just like normal, a portion of the shen power was consumed by the Sun Crystal Seed. Suddenly, Zuo Mo felt some shifting!

The surface of the Sun Crystal Seed suddenly erupted in flame. Threads of fire turned into a burning that flowed along the gold threads of the Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus and suddenly entered a sun mo matrix on Zuo Mo’s back!


Zuo Mo’s body shook and his mind was completely blank.

This flood was like ten thousand rushing horses galloping at once. They followed along the gold threads of the Sun mo matrix and rampaged.

A sun had become bright!

The flood that had not lost any of its momentum followed the golden tracks coming out of this sun and continued to advance.

Another sun became bright!

In a blink, the third and last sun on his back was lit up by the flood!

A moment later, Zuo Mo finally recovered from his daze. He felt that something else had appeared on his back but he could not say what it was.

He made a close examination. The Sun Crystal Seed at the center of his chest’s mo matrix was slightly smaller than before but its color was darker. As it spun, it occasionally spat out tongues of flame that looked very powerful.

A break through?

It appeared so, but … …

Zuo Mo tried to move. The Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus mo physique did not appear to change. The second transformation did not activate.

However, Zuo Mo was not impatient. He knew, for the general level, what was important was not advancing the mo physique but comprehending [Domain]!

[Domain] was the most powerful power that a general level could grasp.

He thought of that thieving baldy’s, Ding Zhen, Lantern Fire Buddhist World. That power had been astonishing. Zuo Mo was extremely tempted by the [Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus Domain] that was unique to Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus!

Advancing the mo physique was a matter of time. His right hand would endlessly provide shen power. If he was given enough time, he would reach it. However, he did not have any ideas about [Domain.]

But he knew this was something he could not force. Just like comprehending sword essence, this required luck and epiphanies.

Zuo Mo could not influence luck but he could always work on his foundation. He hoped that his foundation would become deeper and sturdier so that was why he had studied the Great Peace Mo Skill Steles so hard.

But his cultivation was still disrupted.

Because Shu Long had come back and he had picked up a person.


Shu Long saw Zuo Mo and hurriedly bowed. “Daren!”

A mo was by his feet. His face was completely black and he was only breathing faintly. Seeing this, Zuo Mo hurriedly crouched down to look.

“Daren, I found him when I went looking for A Wen and the others near the Mo Skill Steles. I noticed that he wasn’t quite right so I brought him back,” Shu Long hurriedly said.

“Hm!” Zuo Mo made a sound of surprise. He pulled aside the sleeve of this mo. What appeared on the arm was a dense layer of golden mo matrixes, no, it was seal matrixes!

These were jinzhi!

The corners of Zuo Mo’s eyes twitched. He hurriedly inspected the other body parts of this mo. As expected, they were all covered in jinzhi!

When Zuo Mo took the clothing off the upper half of this mo, the dense layers of jinzhi caused everyone to inhale sharply.

Miao Jun was furious and gritted out, “Who did this? They should be killed!”

“It is jinzhi from Xuan Kong Temple.” In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao appeared like a ghost. He said in a cold voice, “Xuan Kong Temple has a very famous battalion called the Sin Battalion. The members are all yaomo that have been captured. They would set jinzhi on these captives, and extract a part of their soul forging them into puppets of slaughter.”

Hiss, when Zuo Mo heard Pu Yao’s words, for some reason, his scalp prickled.

This was extremely cruel.

Seeing people’s eyes gather on him, he repeated what Pu Yao had said. Everyone who heard this changed expression. As a mo, Miao Jun’s face was filled with murderousness as he kept on cursing, “Damn it! Damn it!”

“This state is caused by the backlash of the jinzhi.” Pu Yao was slightly shocked. “He has stayed away from Xuan Kong Temple for too long. The jinzhi they put on these bodies are in numerous layers and extremely hard to solve. There are many places that are tricky and dangerous. The most common backlash is this here. If they have not taken a certain kind of ling medicine after some time, a backlash would occur. This is one of the methods Xuan Kong Temple uses to keep Sin Battalion under their control.”

“The thieving baldies of Xuan Kong Temple! As expected, they are evil!” Zuo Mo said hatefully. He had a deathly hate of Xuan Kong Temple.

Looking closely at the jinzhi on this mo, Zuo Mo could see many things. Right now, his skill in seals and mo matrixes was very deep, especially after he came into contact with mo matrix awakening. He had a much deeper understanding of these now.

“Maybe I can try to save him?” Zuo Mo murmured to himself.

Hearing this, Miao Jun’s eyes suddenly lit up and he said gravely, “Please, Daren save his life! This person is definitely an elder of our mo, he has been greatly humiliated by Xuan Kong Temple and cannot escape even in death. How can we, the juniors, sit idly and watch this?”

When the words left his mouth, Zuo Mo regretted it. It was easy to speak of, but hard to do. Not speaking of the mo bei that would be used, it would take great time and mental effort. It really was an unprofitable business.

Seeing the righteous anger on Miao Jun’s face, Tao Xing angrily spoke from the side, “Yes! The elders of us are being humiliated so, it really is … … really is … …”

Tao Xing was so angry he could not speak. He paused and then said grandly, “Daren, tell me if you need anything, I, Tao Xing, do not have any great ability but do not lack mo bei! In a few more days, the people I have told to deliver the mo embryos will reach Great Peace City. Other than the ones for Daren, I will sell all of the rest! Please, Daren, no matter what, rescue this person! No matter how great the price is, this one is willing!”

Zuo Mo was still focused on Princess Xia and wanted to furiously increase his strength. He did not want to split his attention. However, since they had already said this, and he also felt great sympathy for the mo, he agreed thinking this would also adversely affect Xuan Kong Temple. “Alright!”

Translator Ramblings: Do not lack mo bei … … Tao Xing, you are asking to be beggared.

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