Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety One – Old Acquaintances

“Oooh oooh oooh oooh! Spectacular! As expected of Great Peace City!” The one who spoke had an eye-catching head of orange hair that was flickering like a fire. He looked around as he walked, his face in an astounded expression as he kept on chattering.

His fellow was shrouded in a ball of black smoke that flickered uncertainly.

“Old Black, your wish is being fulfilled! However, I really cannot understand why you admire Shi Zi Ming!” The orange-haired yao twisted his mouth but then he puffed out his chest and hit it three time. He said righteously, “However, brothers have to be loyal, you said to come, and I have come here with you!”

The black smoke yao seemed to not hear the orange-haired yao’s words. He looked at the vast and soaring Great Peace City with devoutness on his face.

“Old Black, this is not good of you! Yao have to have resolve. Idolizing a mo, this does not make you seem like you have good taste.” The orange-haired yao urged him.

The orange-haired yao’s words caused the people that passed by to glare at him but he did not seem to detect it.

The black smoke yao refocused and knew that this wasn’t good. He hurriedly changed the topic. “Go, let’s go inside and see.”

The orange-haired yao’s attention was once again attracted by the novel sights on the street and he occasionally shouted and yelled.

The black smoke yao also could not control his excitement. Shi Zi Ming was legendary among the mo and even more there were few people that knew he had once travelled the yao world, and even made a dangerous trip to the xiuzhe world. By coincidence, he had obtained a record left behind by one of Shi Zi Ming’s followers.

He and the orange haired yao both cultivated according to these records but the yao arts that they comprehended were completely different.

The orange-haired yao was not a persistent person and after cultivating it, he threw it to the side. He didn’t even know who Shi Zi Ming was. However, the black smoke yao was extremely attentive to the records and followed the clues, he ultimately found the legendary Shi Zi Ming.

He then started to ask around about Shi Zi Ming’s history.

Fortunately, there was a lot of inter-mixing between yao and mo and the era of Shi Zi Ming was historically recent. So the black smoke yao learned of Great Peace City and of the Mo Skill Steles.

His biggest wish was to enter Great Peace City to pay his respects to Elder Shi Zi Ming, to study his Mo Skill Steles. Inside those records, the person had mentioned that Grandmaster Shi Zi Ming had once sworn an oath to pass on all the methods he had comprehended to everyone.

When he learned about Great Peace City and the Mo Skill Steles, the black smoke yao started to pay attention.

Recently, the state of affairs was chaotic and the yao art houses had stopped their classes. What was even more unexpected was that a chaos rift had appeared near them and was connected to the mo world. The alliance between yao and mo caused this chaos rift to become a crucial transportation route that was now frequently travelled. The black smoke yao therefore pulled the orange-haired along with him on the long journey to Great Peace City.

“Three princesses are coming! Holy, this is frightening! This is going to be fun! I just wonder how many powerful people are going to come over!”

“Yes, it has been so long since Great Peace City has been so busy. Look at those businesses. Their smiles are almost scary and they are furiously buying inventory!”

“Devastating beauties, the gathering of heroes, it will be a great regret of a lifetime to miss an opportunity like this!”

“Haha, there is also a Xiao Mo Ge that likes to cause trouble! This cannot be a peaceful event!”

“Yes, yes! Xiao Mo Ge has never rested since he arrived, with him present, it will never be boring … …”

The orange-haired yao that had been looking around suddenly stopped and crowded next to the passer-by that were talking. He abruptly asked, “Xiao Mo Ge is in Great Peace City?”

The passersby glanced at him .”Yes, he has been in Great Peace City for a long time!”

“Haha! That’s great! Xiao Mo Ge also came! Fun fun!” The orange-haired yao’s eyes lit up, and the bright hair on his head became even more dazzling as though it would burst into fire.

The passer-by immediately became interested. “You know Xiao Mo Ge?”

“We are brothers!” The orange-haired yao slapped his chest and said in a proud and loud voice.

The black smoke yao muttered under his breath. “It would be strange if the other even remembered you.”

But the orange-haired yao’s hearing was very good. He waved his hand carelessly. “That would not happen, he is a good brother, and loyal!”

The black smoke yao rolled his eyes and muttered, “Idiot.”

The orange-haired yao quickly got Xiao Mo Ge’s address. As Xiao Mo Ge increased in popularity, all kinds of discussions arose around him. All of the information of him became common knowledge, including the location of the large compound he was staying at.

The black smoke yao did not want to be embarrassed and have the door shit in their faces but he could not convince the orange-haired yao so he could only follow behind the orange-haired yao.

The orange-haired yao quickly arrived at the gates of the large compound.

The guards at the gates glanced at the two people. One guard came forward. “Is there some matter you have come with?”

“We have come to find Xiao Mo Ge!” The orange-haired yao said loudly. “Go tell him that his brothers have come!”

“Brothers of Daren?” Hearing this, the guard was slightly shocked. He glanced at the two and then said, “Please wait for a moment.”

Finishing, he furiously sprinted inside.

“My brothers?” Zuo Mo was confused. When he heard the guard describe the arrival’s appearance, he instantly understood and a smile came onto his face. He had good feelings about that orange-haired that spoke of loyalty, liked to fight, liked being the center of attention, and had a great opinion of himself.

In front of the door.

“The peerlessly loyal orange-haired yao!” Zuo Mo’s lips unconsciously grinned.

The orange-haired yao liked hearing people compliment his loyalty the most and hearing this, his face bloomed. His orange hair was like a bright ball of flame but he tried to make a serious expression. “Yao need to be loyal! Haha, you are also very good, you have loyalty!”

The black smoke yao curiously observed Xiao Mo Ge from the side. Xiao Mo Ge in the real world was completely different than in Ten Finger Prison. He had even more presence, and even more edges. Also, he was well-guarded.

He finally understood why other people could not find Xiao Mo Ge’s identity. Even after he defeated Corps Commander Yu Heng, the origins of Xiao Mo Ge were still a mystery.

So Xiao Mo Ge had been in the mo world!

Zuo Mo exchanged greetings with the black smoke yao, he remembered this best friend of the orange-haired yao.

The two followed Zuo Mo into the compound. The black smoke yao’s heart beat rapidly as he saw the well-guarded passageways. The careless orange-haired yao did not detect these things at all. He excitedly boasted about the glorious fights he had been in since last seeing Zuo Mo.

Nan Yue, Cang Ze, and the others quickly came. When the familiar people met, the atmosphere became even rowdier.

The black smoke yao did not speak many words. He was observing from the side. If the news that Xiao Mo Ge was in the mo world passed back into the yao world, it would probably cause a great ruckus.

The other was younger than he had imagined and had become a gold battle general that could shake the world. The snowflake formation that he had used to defeat Corps Commander Yu Heng in the last battle had caused people to study the ancient battle tactics again and caused a great reaction.

Someone with a deep background had once said the higher-ups intended to give Xiao Mo Ge the position of a corps commander. However, they could not find Xiao Mo Ge so the matter was never resolved.

If Xiao Mo Ge truly became a corps commander, he would probably be the youngest corps commander ever!

The black smoke yao shook his head inside. He had to work harder!

He suddenly felt some admiration for the muddle-headed orange haired yao that easily integrated with the group.

This person was undefeatable!


Liang Wei wiped his face. His face was almost numb. He turned around and saw that his subordinates all had tired expressions. A month of concealed travel was an extreme test to any battalion.

However, they were not far from their goal.

“The blood mist has become thin.” Liang Wei reached out and pointed, his hoarse voice filled with indescribable excitement.

The combat yao with tired expressions instantly had bright eyes. Everyone knew what this meant. The blood mist becoming thin meant that they were very close to the xiuzhe world.

Ever since the Sky-Splitting Calamity, all kinds of chaos rifts had caused the Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie to become meaningless. But this terrible endless environment had always been a natural barrier.

No matter if it was xiuzhe or yaomo, they had withdrawn the armies they had once been stationed in Blood Sky Metropolis Jie. The inner areas of the realms became the site of their battles.

The battlefield that had once seen great fighting was empty and desolate, the smoke and fire having faded.

Those defense lines that had been built with such effort and care were empty of people. This place had lost all meaning.

Liang Wei licked his dry lips, his eyes as sharp as a wolf. They had not encountered even one person along the way but they still travelled under concealment to prevent being found by the other’s alarm seals and formations.

The strategic meaning of the chaos rifts naturally surpassed Blood Sky Metropolis Jie but the fighting over the chaos rifts were intense. Both sides diverted a great number of troops to these locations. When everyone’s gazes were focused on the chaos rifts, Liang Wei targeted the empty Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie

If they could cross Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie and enter the xiuzhe world, it would be like a dragon entering the sea. They could upend the other. Also, if they could capture a chaos rift that lead to the yao world, then this lonely army of theirs would truly come to life!

Many people opposed this risky plan but Liang Wei still decided to carry it out!

They were very close to their goal!

Liang Wei sent an order to rest. He smelt the scent of xiuzhe. This caused his blood to boil.

After the battalion recovered their fighting capability and started to travel again, they travelled for multiple days until the blood mist was so thin it disappeared.

A xiuzhe town appeared on the horizon.

Liang Wei’s eyes narrowed. He raised his right hand, killing intent filling his face.



Wei Sheng slowly advanced. Corpses littered the ground behind him.

He could not remember how many bandit groups he had encountered but if he encountered any, he did not let them go. The black sword in his hand seemed to have drank its fill of fresh blood and now had a dark red hue.

Wei Sheng’ gaze was resolute and clear. His body was as upright as a sword, and his tired expression could not reduce his heightened mental state.

He shook his head. The strength of these bandits could not help him to improve. He needed stronger opponents. He hoped that stronger enemies would appear in the future. The black sword in his hand seemed to understand what he thought and gave a clear hum.

The sound rang into the surroundings!

Wei Sheng tenderly caressed the black sword in his hand. The power of the black sword was continuously increasing. It was becoming stronger. The killing essence inside the black sword was like a vicious beast that was slowly being woken up from a deep slumber.

A peerlessly vicious sword was showing its first edge!

Comparing his jie map to the one that he had taken from the corpse of a bandit, Wei Sheng raised his head. He checked his direction and walked forward!

A sword and a figure forward walked together.

Translator Ramblings: Some more points of view in this chapter. Wei Sheng is making his way alone. Liang Wei is a character from past chapters. He is the yao who stayed behind to let the yao army get to the front lines on time, but then his comrades all got killed.

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