Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety – Waiting

A streak of green light flew out of the stands and straight down at Zuo Mo!

At this time, the jinzhi in the battle stadium had been deactivated. Nothing was blocking this green energy. Just as the green energy appeared to strike Zuo Mo, a black figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

The black billowing sleeve was like the hissing tongue of a snake that suddenly flickered and stopped the green energy.

Ceng Lian’er!

Faint murderousness rose on that seductive face. The deep black opal eyes flashed with a strange light.


The green energy exploded. The sleeve billowed and then suddenly grew, stopping all the green energy fragments of the explosion.

The sleeve dropped and Ceng Lian’er’s eyes flashed across the stands. The deep gaze caused people to feel cold from the bottom of their hearts.

This had occurred without any warning. Ceng Lian’er’s movements had been as fast as lightning. Many people had not understood what happened. However, everyone was stunned by such an enchanting woman. Those that noticed her sleeve had stopped the green energy shifted expression.

This woman was very strong!

Ceng Lian’er moved her eyes but did not locate the attacker. Without a word, she grabbed Zuo Mo and A Gui. In a few leaps, they had disappeared.

No one dared to follow.


Black Stone Jie.

Gongye Xiao Rong’s expression was black. Beside him, Duo Li’s expression was ashamed as though he wanted to find a crack in the earth and bury himself.

Duo Li had been defeated.

The battle generals around them did not dare to even breathe heavily.

Gongye Xiao Rong took a deep breathe. He did not vent his anger. He knew that the defeat could not be blamed on Duo Li. He had seen the entire battle and while the other had been strong, their strength was evenly matched to his side. The reason that Duo Li had been defeated was mostly due to the other’s battle tactics.

Strange battle tactics.

When Gongye Xiao Rong thought about it, he couldn’t help but feel slight incredulity. That was a kind of battle tactic he had never seen before. It could use the strength of the mo in the battalion to their greatest effect.

A xiuzhe battalion that used tactics based around mo, he had never heard of such a thing!

But these strange tactics was extremely powerful. Duo Li’s performance was good but he was quickly picked apart by the other’s domineering charge.

Even if it was himself, he did not have the confidence he could beat the other if he was encountering this battle tactic for the first time.

“Reflect well. You guys really have face to be defeated by an unorthodox battalion,” Gongye Xiao Rong said coolly.

His subordinates all flushed bright red.

Gongye Xiao Rong glanced at them. “Go down, pay more attention to what is happening on the other side.”

The battle generals under his command hurriedly left as though they were being pardoned.

When there was no one left in the room, Gongye Xiao Rong’s expression suddenly darkened.

This time, he really tripped up!

He had not suspected anything when Gongsun Cha said they had just taken Orchid Home Jie. Thinking about it now that he had time to think, the situation was definitely not as Gongsun Cha had claimed. The other’s tactics had clearly been trained for a period of time. In other words, those mo had been a part of the battalion for some period of time.

How could mo enter a xiuzhe battalion?

What was strangest was that the tactics of this battalion were designed around a group of mo.

Gongye Xiao Rong was muddled. Was this a xiuzhe faction or a mo faction?

Gongye Xiao Rong did not care about who ruled Orchid Home Jie. That place was extremely easy to attack and unable to be properly defended . For the present Tian Huan, it had no value.

However, when had he, Gongye Xiao Rong, ever lost so?

Thinking about this, he suddenly smiled.

So interesting!


Taking down Orchid Home Jie was a great encouragement to Gongsun Cha. What made him even happier was that the Orchid Hill Jie was at the intersection of Hundred Savage Realm and Dark Realm. Going from here to Dark Realm was very convenient.

According to the jie maps he had obtained, Zuo Mo would go to the Dark Realm by passing through the Orchid Hill Jie.

In other words, right now, Gongsun Cha and the others only had to hold Orchid Home Jie and could wait here for Zuo Mo.

However, Orchid Hill Jie was unable to be properly fortified. Gongsun Cha was extremely decisive. With a wave of his hand, he decided to give up on the other regions and only set up defenses around the chaos rift.

He concentrated all of his strength around the chaos rift. Anyone that wanted to take over it would have to pay a great price. Also, Golden Crow Camp was hurrying to come. When they got here, this place would be built into a highly defended fort.

The people of the Rahula Clan were all sent towards Middle Granary Jie while A Zha Ge’s battalion was settled around the outer perimeter of Vermillion Bird Camp acting as a barrier and meat shield. Lil’ Miss did not have any sympathy for them.

A Zha Ge knew this was a hard task but he was smart. Since he had submitted to the other, if he did not integrate into this group now and earn their trust, then his clansmen would not have good days in the future.

So he did not hesitate to carry out any of Lil’ Miss’ orders.

Scouts from Tian Huan frequently appeared near the jie river but Lil’ Miss ignored them. He allowed them to investigate freely. He thought clearly. What was most valuable in Orchid Home Jie was this chaos rift. He would not feel pain if the other places were invaded and taken over.

A short while later, the number of scouts decreased and almost disappeared.

Gongsun Cha realized that Gongye Xiao Rong was planning a new approach.


Mu Xi patrolled the camp repeatedly. Her calm expression affected the combat yao below her. Their morale had not changed greatly after the defeat of their allies.

Of the alliance army, Mu Xi Battalion was the only battalion that survived.

Originally, she was to command the entirety of the allied army, but she had actually received great resistance from Bi Shan and the other generals. She was yao so she was naturally not welcomed as the leader of this allied army, one that was primarily comprised of mo.

The allied army quickly elected to have Bi Shan as the lead commander and in the following battles, Mu Xi perceptively detected Tian Huan’s strategy. It was a pity that Mu Xi was unable to persuade Bi Shan and the others to change their strategy.

Seeing that it could not be stopped, Mu Xi instead found an excuse to delay her battalion’s participation for a few days and so they did not land in Tian Huan’s ambush. They managed to successfully survive. Mu Xi’s astounding perceptiveness earned her the trust of her subordinates and everyone followed her faithfully.

Mu Xi recognized from the troop movements of the Tian Huan battalion that the other did not know about the existence of her battalion.

So she led the battalion to hide in the jie river of Cross pond Jie near Black Stone Jie.

She judged that Gongye Xiao Rong’s first choice of attack would be Clear Daybreak Jie and not Cross Pond Jie. She was like a patient hunter and she was just waiting for a chance to take back Black Stone Jie in order to return home!

Suddenly, a scout reported back with an excited expression. “Daren, Tian Huan has moved. As you expected, they went to Clear Daybreak Jie!”

Mu Xi’s eyes suddenly lit up. She said in a deep voice, “Gather!”

Such a good chance!


The attack had occurred in public and Ceng Lian’er coming out added on a spectacular brushstroke to Xiao Mo Ge and Miao Jun’s fight. The Xiao-Miao fight that had been a hot topic became even more popular.

This challenge was full of wonder.

The peerlessly domineering punch that Xiao Mo Ge used shocked everyone. And Miao Jun’s forfeit was something that every person did not understand. The strange green light and the weird Ceng Lian’er caused even more questions to arise.

Why had they tried to assassinate Xiao Mo Ge?

What was the origins of the beautiful woman next to Xiao Mo Ge? How was her true strength?

Those that cared also noticed that there was an extremely ugly woman next to Xiao Mo Ge as well but Xiao Mo Ge treated this woman much better than the beauty.

These all became topics of discussion.

Zuo Mo was not surprised that Ceng Lian’er had lent a hand. Just based on their paired cultivation, Ceng Lian’er had to save him. However, he was very angry that Ceng Lian’er had taken A Gui to the battle stadium and placed her in danger.

However, Ceng Lian’er ignored him and just drank tea in an easy and relaxed state.

Shu Long charged in. “Daren, Miao Jun has come.”

Hearing this, Zuo Mo was slightly shocked. This guy really came?

Truthfully, Zuo Mo was very shocked that Miao Jun had forfeited the match. Even he himself, did not feel that the other really forfeited. He was almost out of strength at that time, and while Miao Jun’s Azure Air Kill had been defeated, but he still had power to fight.

The situation was advantageous towards Miao Jun but Miao Jun had forfeited in that situation.

When Miao Jun walked in, he bowed properly to Zuo Mo, “Daren!”

Zuo Mo instantly felt uncomfortable. However, if he didn’t take advantage, he wasn’t Little Mo Ge. He tested, “You have really decided to work for me?”

“Yes! Daren!” Miao Jun’s expression was calm and there was no deception that he could detect.

Zuo Mo thought and then said, “I’m telling you now that I do not have Celestial Azure Essence.”

“This subordinate has guessed this.” Miao Jun’s expression was still calm. “It is not important if Daren has Celestial Azure Essence or not. This subordinate has admitted defeat, and will follow through with our bet.”

His expression was honest as though he was just stating a simple fact.

But Zuo Mo still felt it was slightly strange. But the other’s expression did not seem insincere. He could not think of a reason the other submitted no matter how he tried so Zuo Mo decided not to think. “You can find a room and settle in.”

“Yes, Daren!” Miao Jun nodded.

What did this person mean? Zuo Mo rubbed his chin. Looking at Miao Jun’s figure, he felt puzzled.

Was there someone this strong that was really willing to be someone’s subordinate? Zuo Mo did not believe it.

But if the other had some unforeseen goal, Zuo Mo felt there was nothing about him that was worthy of being targeted.

In any case, those that were barefoot were not afraid of those wearing shoes!

Zuo Mo comforted himself.

Shu Long quickly reported back with news.

One of the news items was that Zuo Mo had replaced Miao Jun and entered the Great Peace Mo Rankings and was in the twentieth position. Zuo Mo probably was the youngest genius that had entered the Great Peace Mo Rankings.

The other bit of news was that the princesses of three great families were coming together and would reach Great Peace City a fortnight later!

Princess Xia was among them!

This news caused Great Peace City to explode!

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