Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty Nine – A Domineering Fire of The First Heavenly Stem

Zuo Mo’s eyes were wide as he furiously searched the battlefield. But no matter which method he used, he could not find Miao Jun’s figure. However, the strong feeling of danger rose.

Cold sweat soaked Zuo Mo’s back. He had not expected that Miao Jun’s attack would be so strange and unusual!

Only now did he realize the strength of the Great Peace Mo Ranking!

Miao Jun who was ranked last was already so strong, then the other nineteen would be even stronger than Miao Jun! He had underestimated the people in the world. His recent successive breakthroughs had caused him to overestimate himself. A thread of regret flashed through Zuo Mo’s eyes.

However, those distant memories suddenly flashed across his eyes like a tide. Those scenes filled with sunlight and warmth. Xiao Guo’s timid and innocent face that was smiling, Li Ying Feng Shijie’s valiant figure, they all appeared in his mind.

For some unknown reason, the terror that had taken over his body suddenly subsided greatly.

Courage returned to his body. His eyes became determined again. Fighting spirit filled his sweat-covered face!

Like sunlight breaking through the layers of dark clouds, the smile that rose on his face was just as bright.

“En?” on the stand, the black robed man was slightly shocked. He had seen the change in Xiao Mo Ge’s expression and presence.

Had he found a solution to use against Miao Jun?

“Can you guess what method he will use?” the dark shadow asked.

“I do not know!” The black robed male shook his head. “I’ve never fought against Miao Jun. I also do not know how to defeat his Azure Air Kill.”

“Then what would you do?” the dark shadow asked.

“Restrict his opportunities for attack by remaining motionless,” the black robed male said without hesitation.

The two did not speak more. Their attention turned back to the battlefield because Xiao Mo Ge had moved!

Zuo Mo slowly retreated back step by step until he reached the edge of the battlefield. If he retreated one more step back, he would leave the battlefield and lose.

He stopped walking and faced towards the empty battlefield. His body crouched like a wild beast about to pounce. His right fist that was covered in bandages was set by his side and his entire body was leaning forward.

This extremely offensive posture had caused all the people on the stands stop breathing. Was Xiao Mo Ge going to attack?

Zuo Mo’s eyes were like balls of burning flame. He stared at the empty battlefield, full of determined fighting spirit and motivation. It burned his skin.

His mind was unusually calm.

No matter what Miao Jun had done, he was definitely inside the battlefield!

Since the other could not be found, he would attack until the other was hit!

The flames burning in Zuo Mo’s eyes pushed. The furious fighting intent was like a flash of a blade in the air. The cold light appeared and a cold shout shocked the entire stadium. “Kill!”

The sun mo matrix at the center of his chest suddenly sprouted a burning flood of energy!

At the same time, the right fist at his side twisted and punched out at full power like an arrow shooting out of a bow!

At the exact same time, the flood of power that came from the sun mo matrix in his chest flashed like lightning into his fist!


It might have been that his fist created enough friction against the air or that flames had shot out of his fist, but the bandages that wrapped around his fist had started to burn. The golden flames fluttered wildly in the high-speed air flow and quickly spread. His arm seemed to be layered in dancing gold flames, the long tongues of flame were flickering wildly!

Hmmm hmmm hmmm!

A deep and trembling roar that seemed to come from deep within the ground.

The rapidly spinning right fist carried the wilding dancing gold flames as it punched out at the empty battlefield!

The first transformation of the Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus [Fire Fist of the First Heavenly Stem]!

In the stands, everyone’s pupils suddenly expanded. They were unable to look directly at the fist, one that seemed to be a meteor crashing down from the sky with a long tail!


A ball of gold light crashed into the center of the battlefield and suddenly exploded. The blinding golden light filled the entire battlefield!

Everyone on the stands felt the earth tremble beneath their feet and were unable to remain standing. The stands were full of shouts but these shouts quickly disappeared—they looked in disbelief at the field.

The dust settled on the battlefield that was now a complete mess. Shattered stone rained down and at the very center of the battlefield, and a sorry figure appeared.

Miao Jun!

The stones continued to rain down. When the last stone landed, the people found to their shock that the flat battlefield had completely disappeared. What replaced it as a scattered layer of stone with blocks one zhang thick!

Miao Jun looked at Zuo Mo who was still in his posture of punching, disbelief on his face. His complexion was ashen. His Azure Air Kill had been defeated by this youth like this!

How was it possible?

How was it possible!


“Such a domineering punch!” Shock flashed through Lan Rong’s eyes as he murmured to himself.

Lan Tian Long did not speak. He looked at the battlefield with shock on his face.

“He actually used such a dumb method to defeat Miao Jun’s Azure Air Kill!” Lan Rong shook his head as though it was in praise but also in disbelief. “It really is … … really is … …”

He stopped. He did not know how to describe it.

“Could you stop this punch?” Lan Tian Long turned his face and suddenly asked.

Lan Rong’s expression changed slightly. He closed his eyes and a faint flush came onto his face. A moment later, he opened his eyes and shook his head. “I cannot!”

“Is the Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus this strong?” Lan Tian Long stared at Xiao Mo Ge on the field and murmured to himself.


“How can the Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus be this powerful?” The black robed male stared at Xiao Mo Ge on the battlefield as if he was seeing a ghost.

“The Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus is not this powerful!” The dark shadow picked up the topic, his tone unusually certain. “He used some other technique! His body is very strong and this should be a benefit of the Shifting Star sands. Adding on that the way he manipulates power is very unique, this punch has been created.”

“But this is outrageously domineering.” The black robed male found it hard to accept. “I cannot guarantee that I would be able to stop this punch.”

“But you are able to prevent him from having a chance to punch,” the dark shadow said.

“Of course.” The black robed male did not pretend to be humble. However, he was slightly surprised. “But how old is he? Is there anyone so young who can be this talented?”

“The heavens are jealous of geniuses. This may not be good for him,” the dark shadow said indifferently.

The black robed male stilled. “You want to act against him? No way!”

“No, but someone wants to.” The dark shadow looked into the distance.

The black robed man followed the dark shadows gaze and his eyes focused.


The stands were completely silent. Everyone was stunned by such a powerful punch.

The seemingly normal flooring on the battle stadium was made from the best granite and was extremely hard. In order to make it even stronger, there were many jinzhi placed on it. Even though the surface had become pitted due to the years of challenge, but in general, it was still intact and very flat.

Xiao Mo Ge’s punch had smashed the entire battle stadium’s flooring!

Just how powerful this fist was!

Even if it was a mountain, he would be able to shatter it!

People stared in shock at the youth in the field that did not seem very strong. All faces were pale and weak in front of such a scene. The enormous challenge stadium was deathly silent.

When they saw Miao Jun use the Azure Air Kill they had thought that there would not be any meaning in watching this battle. Who would have thought the situation would reverse. People’s eyes could not keep up with the quickness the situation changed.

In a flash, the one at a disadvantage was Miao Jun!


Miao Jun’s expression was very complex. He stared at Zuo Mo with a changing expression.

It was not that he had never thought that the Azure Air Kill would one day be defeated but he had never thought that it would be such a young person that would defeat it. And in such a crude and savage method!

But when it really did happen, Miao Jun had to complement the other’s unique thinking.

In front of such peerlessly domineering power, any concealment technique was like a trap made of paper. It was useless no matter how exquisite it was. Even if his Azure Air Kill had reached the border of Boundary!

There was a helpless smile on Miao Jun’s face. Even if it was the completed Azure Air Boundary, it might not be something that could escape unharmed in front of such terrifying and domineering power, much less an Azure Air Kill that was just touching the boundary.

Too strong!

It was so strong it almost surpassed the limits of general level!

Miao Jun could see that this punch had been a great burden to Xiao Mo Ge. This could be seen from Xiao Mo Ge’s panting and slightly trembling body.

But when his eyes met Zuo Mo’s eyes, he stilled.

The gold energy in that pair of eyes had become much dimmer but what surprised Miao Jun was the burning fighting spirit was even higher than before, burning even more passionately!

Under the bellow-like panting, the burning fighting spirit was so eye-catching and was unable to be dismissed. Even if he was extremely tired, that dangerous presence did not decrease in strength at all.

No one detected that he had already lost the ability to fight back. Everyone felt that the battle was just starting.

Miao Jun stood up and silently looked at Zuo Mo.

“I admit defeat.”

Miao Jun’s sudden words caused the entire battle stadium to sink into silence.

But not a moment after the silence, waves of roaring sound seemed to break apart the battle stadium.

How was it possible?

How was it possible!

Zuo Mo was stunned where he stood and looked dazedly at Miao Jun.

Miao Jun looked interestedly at Zuo Mo’s expression as though he was not the person who forfeited. He was clearly very smug about the words he said.

“Do not think that you can fool me!”

Zuo Mo’s hateful words caused the smugness on Miao Jun’s face to freeze.

“You don’t believe me?” Miao Jun looked strangely at Zuo Mo.

“Now I believe you.” Zuo Mo threw down this phrase and then straightened his posture. He instantly shouted in pain. “It hurts.”

He had not used the traditional Fire Fist of the First Heavenly Stem with that punch but used it with all of his power, including a thread of shen power to create such a terrifying effect.

But this punch was also a great burden on his body that had surpassed his imagination. Right now, there wasn’t one part of him that wasn’t in pain.

However … … he won!

Even though he was very surprised that Miao Jun admitted defeat, it was good that he reached the result he wanted. He did not care what Miao Jun thought.

At this time, something suddenly changed.

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