Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty Seven – Tit for Tat

“This one is Tian Huan’s Gongye Xiao Rong,” Gongye Xiao Rong smiled and bowed in the direction of Gongsun Cha.

The generals under his command were all shocked. They had not expected Daren to be the first to show weakness to the other. The enemy had killed their combat xiu in front of them without even asking for a reason yet Daren proactively showed weakness first?

Many people had rebellious expressions.

They were Tian Huan! When had Tian Huan been humiliated so? Yes! This was a humiliation! Almost everyone had prepared to fight, wanting to charge and kill all of them.

None of them had expected Daren to show weakness!

If Gongye Xiao Rong’s authority was not as secure as it was, the rebellious battle generals would have started to talk already.

“This one is Gongsun Cha.” Lil’ Miss still had a sunny smile. In the eyes of the Tian Huan battle generals, this was an extreme eyesore.

Gongsun Cha?

Never heard of this person!

Gongye Xiao Rong thought carefully and was certain that he really had not heard the name before. He noticed the other only gave his name but not his origins. There was something to ponder here.

Also, a battalion like this should not be unknown!

Gongye Xiao Rong’s eyes flashed and were meaningful. It was not so easy to form a strong battalion. Gongye Xiao Rong had went through the process of building one and knew very well how difficult it was.

Was there a faction that had targeted a position among the great four from the shadows?

This was the first thought that flashed through his mind. But when he thought, he couldn’t help but laugh soundlessly. This thought was nonsense.

“As expected, heroes come from the youth! Brother Gongsun is so young and in charge of a battalion, Xiao Rong was just whiling away the days in the past.” Gongye Xiao Rong had a smile. But then his tone changed. “But why is Brother Gongsun in cahoots with the mo?”

Gongsun Cha’s smile was like a flower. His tone was warm but his words were very sharp. “In cahoots with the mo? Brother Gongye’s words are strange! This sect has taken over Orchid Home Jie. The Stellar Rahula Clan admires our sect’s conduct and is willing to submit, turning from evil towards the right path. Isn’t such an action something our generation pursues?”

Then his tone changed. “But your battalion still sent your big army after our sect has taken Orchid Home Jie. Is Tian Huan so unreasonable? Are you bullying little sects like us?”

Lil’ Miss smiled as he spoke, sometimes full of gentleness and then his tone turned murderous. But while he was uttering complete falsehoods, he was extremely composed. At the side A Zha Ge felt cold inside. What take over Orchid Home Jie? In just a few words, Lil’ Miss established his position. Truth and falsehood, it was hard for the other to pick out which was which.

A Zha Ge decided he did not want to be enemies with Lil’ Miss in this life.

If he had an enemy like this, he probably wouldn’t even know how he died.

Gongye Xiao Rong did not know what to say.

Just a step late, and his judgment had made a great mistake. He was not the only one. Even his soldiers really thought that Lil’ Miss had really taken over Orchid Home Jie.

But those soldiers did not care. So what if the other got here first? They could take it!

They were yearning to go and wanted to charge. The other was not weak, but they were full of confidence and completely did not have a good opinion of the enemy.

Gongye Xiao Rong stared at the other. He did not believe what Gongsun Cha said but he could not pick out any holes in the story. As to the problem of the mo, the xiuzhe had always been divided into two sides on the issue. One group wanted to kill all the mo, and not leave any living. The other would allow the mo to submit to them and advocated for gentle treatment.

Both groups had their support in the xiuzhe world so regarding the problem of the mo, Gongye Xiao Rong could not pick any faults.

What he considered was far more than his soldiers.

This war would probably continue for a very long time. Tian Huan was one of the great four and they had to take care of their reputation and image. If they stole whenever they encountered someone weaker than them, how could they ally with other sects?

He did not care about Orchid Home Jie. Orchid Home Jie was easy to attack but hard to defend. In terms of value, it was worth far less than Black Stone Jie.

However … …

A cold light flashed through Gongye Xiao Rong’s eyes.

They had to give something in response to his subordinate being killed!

“However, the one that is killed is one of this one’s people. This is still an issue.” Gongye Xiao Rong slowly spoke.

“This one expresses deep apology for that, and is willing to pay reparations,” Gongsun Cha said with an innocent expression.

Gongye Xiao Rong’s soldiers became furious, their eyes sprouting blood.

“There is no need for reparations. Blades are blind. The xiuzhe that go onto the battlefield need to understand they can die on the battlefield. This one’s brothers have been proud for many years, and are very competitive upon seeing Brother Gongsun’s brothers today. Please, Brother Gongsun, help me teach my brothers.” Finishing, he did not wait for Lil’ Miss to speak. He turned around and said, “Di Li, pick fifty brothers and ask for guidance from this Gongsun Daren.”

“Yes!” A black faced man stood up and accepted the order.

The smile on Gongsun Cha’s face was still the same. “Since Brother Gongye has such interest, this little brother will naturally go along. E De, take your team, go.”

E De had an excited expression. He shot out of the ranks and said seriously, “I will not fail Daren’s expectations!”

“Relax, relax.” Lil’ Miss smiled.

But E De’s expression was determined. To be able to be picked by Daren at such an important time, Daren’s intentions of nurturing him was evident.

No matter what, he had to win!

He stared murderously at the enemy.

Di Li stared back hard at E De.

E De suddenly grinned like a wild beast staring at its prey and bared its sharp teeth!


The challenge stadium was filled with crowds.

The bet and challenge between Zuo Mo and Miao Jun spread through all of Great Peace City like a wind. Countless people flowed towards the challenge stadium.

The challenge stadium in Great Peace City had been set down with jinzhi by the two mo marshals. If people under marshal level fought inside, the backlash would not break through the jinzhi.

General level had the power to upend seas. When the two yuanying had fought in Xu Ling City, all of Xu Ling City had been destroyed. If these general levels could fight where they wished, Great Peace City would have been turned to ash a long time ago.

Compared to the fight between Zuo Mo and Pang Cheng, this fight attracted more attention. One was an youth that caused the Shifting Star Sand, the other was someone from the Great Peace Mo Ranking. The challenge between these two could naturally attract the eyes of people.

The Great Peace Mo Ranking represented the top twenty experts in Great Peace City. Those that could get onto the ranking had undoubted power. Xiao Mo Ge who had caused the Shifting Star Sands was also seen by the entire city.

A challenge of such significance was something that caused people’s blood to boil just thinking about it.

The bet between Miao Jun and Xiao Mo Ge also added light to this significant challenge. Xiao Mo Ge’s attention-catching style and his domineering nature did not match his age at all!

More people felt surprised that Xiao Mo Ge had found Miao Jun. Was it because Xiao Mo Ge had such great confidence or did he know something that no one else knew?

But these thoughts were just the footnotes of this challenge. Everyone’s gaze was completely drawn to the two people in the field.


Miao Jun did not move at all. His presence was steady and condensed like a great mountain. He stared closely at Zuo Mo but he was not as calm inside as he appeared. When he heard the name [Celestial Azure Essence] from Xiao Mo Ge’s mouth, he was unable to keep his composure.

He had never expected to hear these words from the mouth of someone else, especially a youth.

Celestial Azure Essence … …

Just based on these words, no matter what, he would fight. What he was even more curious about was where Xiao Mo Ge had heard about this, and how had he discovered it?

He found that he was unable to get the measure of this youth.

Zuo Mo did not think too much. Inside, there was only the desire to obtain victory. He did not care about that [Celestial Azure Essence]. That was just bait that Wei threw out. He might admire Miao Jun but he didn’t really need the other in his service.

There was only one thing that was essential in his mind, victory!

Zuo Mo’s presence continued to increase. The waves of sound quickly distanced themselves. The burning intent to fight was like fire in his eyes.

This was the first time he circulated the three newly changed powers inside his body since the Shifting Star Sands incident.

Endless power came from inside his body. A pleasure he never felt before made him feel so comfortable he almost roared to the sky. Every piece of muscle, every sinew was so lively and so strong!

He did not take off the bandage on his right hand. The Sky Glass Wave was adequate to face Pang Cheng but it was not enough for Miao Jun!

Every piece of muscle in his body was tensed like the string of a bow, the sun mo matrix at the center of his chest suddenly lit up.

The golden mo matrix was like a seed that awakened and quickly spread on the surface of Zuo Mo’s body.

Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus!

Miao Jun’s expression changed slightly as he exclaimed, “Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus!”

The jinzhi in the battlefield were effective against power but did not affect sound. This shout of “Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus” instantly spread through the entire battle stadium.

The stands that had been silencing their breathing and watching in silence suddenly erupted.

Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus!

Who that cultivated in Great Peace City would not know of Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus?

A mo physique ranked third in general level!

Zuo Mo did not know the significance and weight of a mo physique ranking third in general level. But this was a great blow to those that were truly mo!

Why did Ye Ling think that Zuo Mo could become king when he discovered that Zuo Mo cultivated the Great Day mo physique? That was because there was always a legend among the mo.

Only those with noble blood could cultivate noble mo physiques!

No one had proven this saying but among the mo, especially low level mo, this was something that they all believed in. The Great Day mo physique that was second among colonel mo physiques undoubtedly provide proof of the nobility of Zuo Mo’s blood in Ye Ling’s eyes.

And Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus that ranked third in general level caused many people’s eyes to light up. The experts naturally snorted at the rationale about the noble blood but they were still full of anticipation.

It had been very long since such a powerful mo physique appeared. Everyone was filled with curiosity. What was the power of a mo physique ranked third in general level?

The Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus had a great reputation. Those that came before who cultivated it all were lords of one area. But that was just a legend. Right now, no one had heard of anyone cultivating Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus in the present mo world.

Sonic Boom, Shifting Star Sand, Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus, everyone suddenly found that this youth was more eye-catching and brighter than they expected.

Zuo Mo felt the three powers that had been renewed inside his body. They were like three pieces of magnets that simultaneously attracted and repelled each other and maintained a dynamic equilibrium.

When his Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus was released without any restraint, his ling power and consciousness seemed like the shadow that his mo physique cast and continuously permeated his body.

Such a strange feeling!

A strange expression suddenly came onto Zuo Mo’s face.

Translator Ramblings: Just to clarify, the Stellar Rahula clan are mo, not yao.

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