Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty Four – Low Opinion

Bu Heng’s expression was extremely dark.

He had been deeply impacted when he saw Zuo Mo cause the Shifting Stars Sands. More accurately, he had a strong feeling of danger!

It was not a wise course of action to be enemies with a genius that could cause worldly apparitions. However, their grudge was already set in stone. It was too late to peacefully resolve this.

Bu Heng was still calm. The mind of a gold battle general was as strong and hard as stone. Viciousness flashed across his face.

The best way to deal with a genius youth was to kill it in its cradle before they grew up. Genius youths before they became stronger did not have more lives than anyone else.

He decided to personally get in contact with a person.


Zuo Mo flipped through the mountain of invitations but his face fell. “There isn’t one from the An Wei Family!”

Not just Anwei Family, there wasn’t an invitation from the top families. These were all invitations from small families. Zuo Mo who had been extremely interested and filled with pride seemed to have been hit over the head and felt very depressed.

“Is it because my performance is not eye-catching enough?” Zuo Mo pondered.

“It is not that you are not eye-catching.” Pu Yao was experienced and explained. “You have displayed great potential but one, your origins are unknown, and two, you have not been tested in real combat. Pang Chen is a famous warrior but in Great Peace City, he is not ranked. The bigger the family, the more cautious and strict their tests.”

Zuo Mo understood. His eyebrow raised, “So they don’t feel that I am strong enough?”

“You can understand it this way.” There was a careless smile on Pu Yao’s face. “You have showed strong potential but if that potential cannot become strength, it is forever potential. The internal competition in those families isn’t something you can imagine. They have many youths with potential. What they need are experts, not youths with potential!”

“I understand!” Zuo Mo stood up. “It seems that I need to defeat some strong people before I can attract their attention.”

Without another word, he went to find Tao Xing.

Tao Xing’s attitude towards Zuo Mo had completely changed now. He had been astounded by the worldly apparition that night. Originally, he had felt somewhat proud because he was a city master. Wherever he went, people respected him. However, that bit of ego had dissipated. Shifting Star Sand, a worldly apparition that only existed in the legends actually occurred in front of him.

Compared to the other, Tao Xing didn’t feel that he was really worth something.

Tao Xing’s attitude was respectful. “Daren, for what have you found me for?”

Zuo Mo was slightly surprised at Tao Xing’s attitude but he did not inquire about it. He asked directly, “Tell me about the experts of Great Peace City.”

“The experts of Great Peace City?” Tao Xing paused. Inside, he thought, was this young man going to make a challenge again? In his mind, Zuo Mo was someone that was restless.

But since Zuo Mo asked, Tao Xing decided to give him a good explanation so that Zuo Mo would understand who he could provoke and who he could not.

“There are many experts in Great Peace City and they are all called famous warriors. However, there are ranks among these famous people. Pang Chen who you defeated is only a normal Famous Person, and was unranked. These famous warriors are general level and have mo physiques. The experts among the famous warrior have a ranking called the Great Peace Mo Ranking. It records the twenty most powerful experts in Great Peace City. The three strongest are Chang Yuan Hao, Yu Shuang and Nanmeng Xue. There are just a step away from marshal rank. Qi Diao Yu is also at this level, but it has been many years since he appeared in Great Peace City so his name is not on the Great Peace Mo Ranking.”

Zuo Mo listened carefully.

“The second tier is the fourth to twelfth spots. The experts of this level have been in general level for many years and are experts that have comprehended [Boundary]. The third tier is the thirteenth to the twentieth positions. The experts of this level have not comprehend [Boundary] but if they are not cultivating an unique mo physique, they use a powerful mo skill in order to reach this spot on the Great Peace Mo Ranking. Lan Tian Long is this level. He is eighteenth.”

“Under them is the Famous Warrior Ranking. The people on the Great Peace Mo Ranking are not ones that we can challenge. Most of them have come for the Great Peace Mo Skill Steles, and do not attend to outside matters. In comparison ,the changes in the Famous Warrior Rankings is more intense. The possibility of victory is also greater. If you are interested, you can try the Famous Person Rankings.”

Tao Xing said probingly to Zuo Mo. If this one had to make a challenge, then it would be best if he went to the Famous Warrior Ranking. It was alright for him to try the Famous Warrior Ranking since he had killed Pang Chen in two moves and Pang Chen’s ranking on the Famous Warrior Ranking was not low.

Zuo Mo glanced at him, asking, “What is the twentieth person on the Great Peace Mo Ranking called?”

Tao Xing’s face instantly turned ashen, his heart beating rapidly. He said timidly, “Daren, you can start from the Famous Warrior Ranking, this also has many experts … …”

Famous Warrior Ranking?

Zuo Mo’s head shook like a rattle drum. Just by listening to it, he knew the weight of the Famous Warrior Ranking was not enough. In order to move an ancient family like the An Wei Family which had high standards, if he could not reach the Great Peace Mo Ranking, the other wouldn’t even look at him properly.

Thinking about the pile of stupid invitations, Zuo Mo’s eyes twitched

–He was being underestimated!

“The twentieth of Great Peace Mo Ranking!” Zuo Mo’s attitude was determined.

Tao Xing shrunk back under Zuo Mo’s pressuring gaze. He said with a startled heart, “Miao Jun!”

“Miao Jun!” Zuo Mo repeated, his gaze murderous.

Tao Xing looked at Zuo Mo’s vicious expression. His legs softened and he sat down on the ground.


A Zha Ge was slightly shocked. Gongsun Cha had come to find him again. He did not know why. The two of them had just entered an alliance. Did Gongsun Cha had some new ideas?

“Brother Gongsun, is there something that you come to find this one with?” A Zha Ge was not afraid and directly asked.

A Zha Ge’s straightforward attitude suited Gongsun Cha’s appetites. He said seriously, “This one wants Brother A Zha Ge to give up the chaos rift.”

A Zha Ge’s expression suddenly changed and his eyes darkened. “What does Brother Gongsun mean?”

Gongsun Cha knew that he was the one asking something outrageous but there was no reasoning that could be spoken of in this matter. He was silent for a moment before saying, “This one is compelled by the circumstances. This one is willing to make this up to Brother A Zha Ge in other places.”

A Zha Ge smiled coldly. “This one wants to hear the circumstances!”

Gongsun Cha was very honest and narrated the situation. Other than not saying Zuo Mo’s name, he did not conceal anything else.

After A Zha Ge heard this, his anger dissipated. He was a person that was attuned to details and he naturally could hear the truthfulness of Gongsun Cha’s words.

He still shook his head. “Brother Gongsun is a good friend and this one is moved. However, Orchid Home Jie is an important part of my clan and definitely cannot be given up. If Brother wants to go though, that is fine.”

Lil’ Miss shook his head. “We will successively send out battalions. We also need more mo experts in order to increase our reinforcements.”

A Zha Ge suddenly laughed. “Brother Gongsun is really fantasizing. The yaomo have deep hate with xiuzhe, how can they work for you?”

Gongsun Cha glanced at A Zha Ge, saying, “Brother A Zha Ge, please wait for a moment.”

A short while later, a large crowd of mo suddenly appeared in front of Lil’ Miss and bowed to him.

A Zha Ge suddenly stood up. He stared at the mo in front of him and almost didn’t believe his eyes!

Mo! True mo! What surprised him even more was that they were all brigadier mo! Even within his battalion, these would be elite members.

There were dozens of them in front of him.

“I believe that Brother A Zha Ge can see that they are truly mo and we have not put jinzhi in them.” Gongsun Cha’s words came.

A Zha Ge stared hard at this mo. He suddenly asked in a deep voice, “Why are you working for xiuzhe?”

E De’s brow furrowed. “Who is working for xiu? We are in the service of our king!”

“King!” A Zha Ge almost froze where he stood. He was sure that his smart mind wasn’t enough to use today. He saw a group of brigadier mo within a xiuzhe battalion and then these mo were saying they were in the service of King.

Then what were these xiuzhe?

Just like he did not believe that mo would stay in the service of xiuzhe, he also did not believe that xiuzhe would work for a mo, even if he was King!

E De was very displeased at the other’s gaze. However, he still narrated how their King had been lost to the xiuzhe world, how he had cultivated the Great Day mo physique by himself, how he had created a xiuzhe battalion, how he had fought against Ye Ling Daren and received everyone’s loyalty.

These absurd words were being spoken by a brigadier mo, and when this was said a she stood with several dozen mo, it became extremely convincing.

But A Zha Ge felt it was incomprehensible. Looking at E De’s troops, he was motionless for a long time.

Gongsun Cha glanced over. This was possible!

He hurriedly pulled A Zha Ge to watch Vermillion Bird Camp’s new tactics.

A Zha Ge’s mind which had been dizzy suddenly cleared up. His eyes widened as he stared hard at this battalion!

He could see that the skeleton of this battalion was still the battalion that he had fought against before but that the brigadier mo had been added.

This was the first battalion he had ever seen that was composed of xiuzhe and mo mixed together. This kind of heterogeneous battalion had extremely unique tactics. Even though he was only seeing the foot of the mountain, he still inhaled sharply.

Such a transformation!

In this short time, this battalion had completely transformed. Their present strength caused A Zha Ge’s heart to beat wildly.

His gaze turned to that bashful youth that had the face of an innocent neighbors boy. For some reason, coldness continuously corroded his bravery and was unable to be suppressed. His limbs felt cold.

As one of the three great battle generals of the Stellar Rahula Clan, A Zha Ge never lacked for bravery.

But his face was ashen as though he had just been defeated in a battle.

He knew that if the two fought again, he had no chance of victory.

The faint smile on Gongsun Cha’s face was so profound. A Zha Ge did not know what had happened in these days that a battalion could transform so completely!

This youth … …

He saw the insanity and stubbornness in the depths of Gongsun Cha and suddenly understood –he’s a madman!

Translator Ramblings: Oh Zuo Mo, it still isn’t enough. You need to pretend harder.

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