“You know me?” How sharp would Soaring Dragon Elder’s mind be, since he was able to form his golden core? “The matter of the Dragon Gate Sect was your doing?” The karma from olden days the Heavenly Fate Elder had spoken of should be precisely here.

Li Qingshan secretly thought, what a wicked fate. He felt the mysteries of heaven were hard to fathom. Inexplicably and inexorably, there seemed to be a pair of hands weaving every thread of chance and destiny. It brought on karma’s retribution; he destroyed the Dragon Gate Sect, and then unexpectedly came across the Dragon Gate Sect’s founding ancestor in such a place, in such a manner. His heart inexplicably relaxed however when he heard that the Soaring Dragon Elder couldn’t find Halfmoon. At least they hadn’t been cleanly swept off.

Hence he said unperturbed, “The Dragon Gate Sect’s matter is indeed my doing. The Dragon Gate Sect ran amok in my homeland and acted rashly at will. They tried to harm me and kill me in order to s.n.a.t.c.h my spirit ginseng. My destroying them is heavenly justice and earthly morality.”

Soaring Dragon Elder faintly startled. Li Qingshan was articulate of mouth and nimble of mind, not looking as ignorant and uneducated as ordinary monsters and demons. It was somewhat out of his expectations, but then he picked his eyebrows as he heard the latter part.

The sword ray flashed and dazzled Li Qingshan’s eyes blind. He only realized he’d already been wounded by the sword when fresh blood wildly spurted out from his shoulder. There was a terrible wound left on him from his shoulder all the way to his chest.

“A trivial monster still dares to speak of heavenly justice and earthly morality! Even more so, the spirituality of heaven and earth isn’t something for a monstrous demon like you to have. To cut off monsters and eradicate demons, that is precisely justice.”

Little An opened his mouth and spewed out the “Cremation Blood Fire,” but it couldn’t even reach within three feet of Soaring Dragon Elder before being thrown rolling back by the spiritual qi.

Soaring Dragon Elder threw him a glance. “Unfortunate, good innate roots, but you’ve also sunk into the way of demons. I’ll see you off to the underworld.” He once again coldly said to Li Qingshan, “Cut out the nonsense and quickly tell me where that cat monster went. I’ll give you a clean death and allow you to enter the wheel of reincarnation. Don’t be a monster in your next life. If you don’t, I’ll certainly wholly extinguish your soul.”

He’d pursued toward the north, but he’d lost “Halfmoon’s” aura. He’d broken several dozen mountain peaks with the Secret of Ten Thousand Swords and stirred the Boundless Mountains until not even chickens or dogs were left undisturbed. But who could stop him outside of great monsters at the marshal level.

In the end he still couldn’t force her out however. Halfmoon’s two supernatural powers were really too suited for stealth.

Soaring Dragon Elder’s mood was really bad. Since Heavenly Fate Elder said this journey would certainly be successful and he could also settle old karma, then the answers he was looking for were on this little monster in all likelihood.

Li Qingshan said, “I don’t know!” Fresh blood spurted madly from his right shoulder as soon as his voice fell. He lowered his head and clenched his fists, clenching a handful of pebbles into pieces.

“Monsters have no feelings and no loyalty. You’re also but a discard it abandoned after making use of you. I’m actually wasting time trying to interrogate you.” An expression of pity and derision emerged on Soaring Dragon Elder’s face.

The sword light intensified dramatically and glided by horizontally, slicing toward Li Qingshan’s neck. Li Qingshan didn’t have any time to react just as before, unable to display the slightest move even if he were to possess a thousand tricks.

Never speaking unceasing nonsense, acting with incomparably neat efficiency without allowing for the slightest emotion, such was precisely a sword immortal.

Silver light fell down from the sky and shot toward the top of Soaring Dragon Elder’s head. That ray of light had such a tranquil holiness that an illusion emerged inside Li Qingshan’s mind, as if a crack had opened among the dark clouds in the sky and was letting the moonlight fall. But it was merely an illusion. The black clouds weren’t melting away yet, but still thick and heavy just as before. The great snow was increasingly violent.

A smile of pleasant surprise actually floated on the Soaring Dragon Elder’s face. He abandoned Li Qingshan, and the sword charged directly toward the horizon to clash with that silver light with a turn of his wrist. The fierce soaring sword light was shattered by the tranquil silver light, which directly shot down and left a deep crescent-shaped hole on the ground.

Soaring Dragon Elder had transformed into a beam of light and evaded. Li Qingshan lifted his head. He saw a small figure at the top of the mountain ravine amidst the boundless wind and snow. The silver light had precisely been released from the crescent moon on her forehead.

“Meowhahahaha!” A familiar laughter pierced through the snowstorm, boring straight to the bottom of his heart.

Something that he couldn’t put into words instantly bubbled within Li Qingshan’s chest. But the words that came out when he opened his mouth were: “Fool, why did you come back? Go to your Dragon province!”

Halfmoon said, “You’re not allowed to talk like this to your meowstress!”

Li Qingshan said, “I’ve already said you’re not my mistress.”

Halfmoon said, “Just now I clearly heard you yell like mad mistress come save me!”

“Of course I didn’t.”

Halfmoon laughed out loud. “Maybe I heard wrong, or maybe you were shouting it inside your heart!”

Li Qingshan froze. Right, he had been shouting loud in his heart for someone to come save his life, begging for help from a certain someone. But not this cat monster, because it would be useless even if she came!

“Cat monster, the heavens gave you a road but you don’t walk on it!” Soaring Dragon Elder’s words came from the sky.

Halfmoon stuck out her tongue toward Soaring Dragon Elder and pulled her eyelid down, making a grimace. “Stinky old stuff, come chase after me!” Her stature turned around and vanished from sight. The cliff she was standing on was already shattered by sword light. Her monster qi once again disappeared.

Soaring Dragon Elder said, “One sword becomes ten thousand, Ten Thousand Sword Rain!” The sword in his hand became two from one, became three from two, and in the end transformed into thousand and ten thousand swords arrayed in the sky.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh. Countless beams of sword light dropped from the sky like torrential rain, shrouding the entire mountain ravine inside.

This was a fearsome immortal punishment! Under such a fearsome move, monsters and demons were as pigs and dogs, mortals were as ants and crickets.

Any deception was useless, any resourcefulness was falseness. Li Qingshan raised his head and watched the sword lights twinkling like countless stars. They couldn’t be withstood, and one could only wait for death.

The rain of swords pierced through everything and pulverized them, but Li Qingshan didn’t die. A pet.i.te figure blinked through the shadows and barred his front. The curved moon on her forehead released silver light that blocked the sword rain dripping down.

Silver light and sword rain fiercely collided amidst the roars of the snowstorm, illuminating the dark and quiet ravine as if it were daytime.

Soaring Dragon Elder said, “This should be the life-saving move that d.a.m.n woman concubine Serenity left you! I want to see how long you can resist!” He pinched the hand seals of his sword secrets then pointed downward.

The rain of swords seemed endless. The silver light retreated inch by inch. Halfmoon resisted with clenched teeth.

Li Qingshan watched that small delicate figure and shouted, “You hurry to leave. Hide yourself, it’s useless this way!”

Halfmoon said, “Shut your mouth, how can a mistress not protect her pet!”

“Who thinks you’re his mistress!”

“Meow! I’m not negotiating with you!”

The silver light was pressed down to within a foot of her body in the wink of an eye, obviously soon to break.

A giant dragon reaching a length thousand feet long twisted its body on an even higher skyline. It dived down from the dome of the sky with an angry roar.

One would require careful examination to discover that this wasn’t a giant dragon but a dragon-shaped hurricane. It wrung the great snow to pieces and struck toward Soaring Dragon Elder.

On the other end of the dragon twister, the jade-ribbed folding fan was already entirely spread open inside Gu Yanying’s hand, glowing with resplendent spiritual light. “Soaring Dragon Elder, better restrain your hand!”

Soaring Dragon Elder set down a harsh resolve and disregarded the dragon twister behind him. He performed a hand seal. The sword rain filling the sky receded at once and suddenly condensed back into a dazzling spiritual light harsh on the eyes in a vaguely spherical shape, just like an extremely dazzling star lighting up in the pitch-black sky.

“Ten thousand swords return to one, Meteor Fall.”

Gu Yanying said, “Careful!” But her voice couldn’t catch up to the giant sword’s diving speed either.

The silver light broke. Time seemed to slow to a crawl in Li Qingshan’s eyes. The drifting snow fluttered slowly. He stretched his hand out, but he could only watch on helplessly as the ray of light pierced through her chest.

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