Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty Three – Ripples


A deathly silence…

Countless pairs of eyes moved to stare at Zuo Mo who opened his eyes. The enormous Great Peace City was so silent the drop of a pin on the ground could be heard.

The sky was deep and dark, the chilling night wind blew.

Zuo Mo felt slightly uncertain at being stared by so many pairs of eyes. The scene was strangely silent. Zuo Mo, who already did not know what was going on, did not dare to speak rashly.

However, Zuo Mo, who felt uncomfortable at being stared at, really could not suppress it. He coughed. “This… the time isn’t early, everyone, go to sleep early.”

Finishing, he waved his hand and pulled Shu Long and the others over in a flash to prepare to flee.

These people had such … … strange expressions … …

Glancing his eyes across Shu Long and the others, Zuo Mo felt very weird. But at this time, there was no time to think carefully as he sprinted.

The mo along his way automatically moved to give him a path.

The expressions of these people were … … so strange … …

Zuo Mo felt even worse. He unconsciously swallowed and didn’t dare to stop.

“Mister Xiao Mo Ge, will you be free tomorrow. This one represents the Botelin Family, and sincerely invite Sir to attend the evening party tomorrow night … …”

In the silent night, this voice was unusually clear. It was like a spark thrown into a pot of hot oil. Great Peace City that had been deathly silent exploded. The representatives from all the other families seemed to wake up and extended branches of friendship.

“Mister Xiao Mo Ge! This one represents the Whirlica Family, this one is wondering if there is the good fortune to invite Mister Xiao Mo Ge to a gathering at the compound … …”

“This one represents the Almon Family … …”

“Mister Xiao Mo Ge … … Auburn Family … …”

The wave of sounds caused Zuo Mo’s mind which had been puzzled in the first place to blank. His expression became even more dazed.

The pitiful Little Mo Ge did not have any of his usual dominance. He was like a frightened lamb that started to sprint even faster!

Even now, he did not understand. What was going on with these people?

What had happened?


Lan Tian Long, who had been watching the spectacle and saw Zuo Mo’s sorry state, instantly roared in laughter. He felt the scene occurring in front of him was extremely amusing.

This Xiao Mo Ge was a funny person!

Just like him, many people grinned but more people sank into deep thought. In the night, the lights glowing from their eyes were like bright stars.

Qi Diao Yu’s figure was standing on the stone stele like a sword. He stared with a cold gaze at Zuo Mo’s figure in thoughtfulness.

As Zuo Mo left, the crowd slowly dissipated but heated discussion filled every corner of Great Peace City. It was a fresh experience for the majority of people to personally see a worldly apparition. They discussed the turning stars, the vast star power, and speculated about Zuo Mo’s mo physique … …

This was a busy night.

If killing Pang Chen had caused Zuo Mo to appear in the view of the public, then the Shifting Star Sand worldly apparition caused everyone to remember the name of Xiao Mo Ge.

Another genius had appeared!


Jiang Zhe stood in front of the dhyana tower and looked in a daze at two extinguished oil lamps inside the tower.

His warm eyes were full of sorrow and he felt as though someone was carving out his heart. That beautiful figure that always thought herself the big sister and was never polite to him would never be seen again.

Starting from when he decided to create a battalion that belonged to him, Feng Yue had accompanied him and helped him take care of those tedious but necessary matters. After so many years, he was used to having her by his side.

But he would never see her again.

“Daren, the mo alliance army has started to gather,” the subordinate reported from outside the door.

Jiang Zhi’s fist balled tightly, the joints turning white. His usually warm pupils were as vicious and brutal as a wild beast.

He stared hard at the two extinguished lanterns.

A moment later, he relaxed his fists and the savagery in his eyes disappeared. His gaze became warm again.

“Have everyone start to prepare. We will proceed according to the original plan.”

The warm voice was just the same as usual.

The subordinate at the door sighed in relief and his expression became alert as though he found support again. He hurriedly responded, “Yes!”

Hearing the sounds of the subordinate going away, Jiang Zhe raised his eyes and murmured gently.

“It will not be long before I flatten Cloud Sea Jie.”


In Cloud Sea Jie, almost no one knew about the battle that had killed Xuan Kong Temple’s battalion. Scouts only reported that a battalion had suddenly appeared near the jie river but was quickly exterminated.

This matter did not cause any ripples. Everyone found that it was matter-of-fact.

Even the mo battalions fell at the foot of Lil’ Miss Daren, which battalion could stop Vermillion Bird Camp? Right now, Turtle Island’s rule of Cloud Sea Jie was rock solid. Even though Turtle Island’s forces that remained were not strong, these little factions also did not have great ambitions.

Lil’ Miss had not given up his plan of going to reinforce Zuo Mo.

Even though his plan had reached a roadblock when he encountered A Zha Ge, but a person like Lil’ Miss that was unusually stubborn of regarding victory would not easily give up.

The state of Middle Granary Jie had stabilized.

As Golden Crow Camp’s success with mo matrices and formations increased, they would continue to grow stronger. In this battle, the hate between them and Xuan Kong Temple would only increase. There would not be any possibility that this could be resolved peacefully. However, Gongsun Cha had never thought that there was a possibility of a peaceful resolution.

Would an elephant try to reach a resolution with an ant? That was a joke.

There was insanity flowing in Gongsun Cha’s blood. He was not afraid. Fighting against Xuan Kong Temple would only make him excited.

Compared to Xuan Kong Temple, what he cared about more was Zuo Mo Shixiong.

Right now, he was considering if he should fight A Zha Ge again or find another jie had that a chaos rift.

He quickly threw the idea of finding another jie to the back of his mind. This was not very plausible. It was already good fortune to find Middle Granary Jie.

It was more realistic to go find A Zha Ge.

Lil’ Miss decided to first go find A Zha Ge and have a discussion. If that did not work, then he would just fight.

Gongsun Cha, whose mind was full of ideas on how to reach Zuo Mo as fast as possible, forgot that he had just reached an alliance with A Zha Ge not long ago.


What happened in Cloud Sea Jie did not caused a ripple in the Four Realms.

Everyone’s gaze was attracted by another string of events.

Kun Lun’s Xue Dong had conquered Fortune Wood Jie!

This was the second mo jie the xiuzhe had taken over. Even though it was not as momentous as Jiang Zhe, Kun Lun also displayed their strength to the world.

Just a few days later, two explosive pieces of news appeared.

Tian Huan’s Gongye Xiao Rong had taken over Black Rock Jie!

Xi Xuan’s Gu Liang Dao conquered North Gauze Jie!

Gongye Xiao Rong was a famed battle general from Tian Huan but the name Gu Liang Dao was unfamiliar to everyone and he appeared out of nowhere.

However, this not did not stop the celebrations of the people of the Four Realms. Everyone was filled with hope about the war now that the four great sects had all advanced. Everyone dreamed that the four great sects could continue their victory over the yaomo after the thousand year war.

The development of the state of affairs appeared natural as people had predicted this.


Zuo Mo gaped as he listened with astonishment to Shu Long and the others’ narration.

Thinking that he had been the cause of that terrifying scene, Zuo Mo felt even worse.

However, Zuo Mo’s first response was to run into the sea of consciousness and hurriedly asked Pu Yao and Wei, “Would today affect our plan?”

Pu Yao and Wei did not speak and looked at Zuo Mo as though they were looking at a freak.

Zuo Mo became impatient. “Talk!”

According to their previous plan, Zuo Mo needed to attract the attention of the large families. However, even Zuo Mo felt he had gone overboard with today’s display. What he was worried about was that if this affected the plan, he would not be able to attract the arrival of Princess Xia. That would be bad.

“Do not worry.” The one who spoke was Pu Yao. Even though his expression was strange, he still spoke, “This display of yours can definitely attract Princess Xia.”

“That’s good!” Zuo Mo seemed to be relieved of a great burden.

“A Zuo, you are very talented!” Wei said with a smile. These words caused Pu Yao to instantly have a wary expression.

“You only noticed now?” In a good mood, Zuo Mo lazily replied. Then he suddenly looked with a heated gaze at Wei, his thumb and index finger rubbing together. He asked with begging eyes, “Is there a reward? Such a genius is in front of you, will you not express something?”

Seeing Wei’s shocked expression, Zuo Mo felt very disappointed. He looked disdainfully at Wei and muttered, “So this is just empty praise? Ha, are people that only give empty praise in this era? The honored gravestone armor … … such a lowering of status … …”

Finishing, he left without another glance at Wei.

Looking at Wei frozen in his spot, Pu Yao gave a roaring and carefree laugh.

Coming out of the sea of consciousness, Zuo Mo saw Ceng Lian’er’s serene eyes.

“How come you are able to cause a movement in the stars?” Ceng Lian’er’s voice seemed to become ethereal in the night.

“Because…” Zuo Mo who had not been rewarded looked at her bewitching face with a serious expression as he said with emphasis, “…I am a genius!”

Finishing, he disregarded Ceng Lian’er’s wide eyes and walked towards his rooms.

In reality, even he didn’t know why he would cause the Shifting Star Sand.

After being awake for a night, he didn’t feel tired at all. He felt as though his body contained endless power. Entering the room, he quickly sank into meditation.

He needed to have a good study of his breakthrough today.

Also, he remembered that something seemed to float out when those starlight charged into the sun mo matrix at the center of his chest.

In meditation, Zuo Mo did not have joy nor sorrow on his face. Every piece of muscle, blood and bone inside his body was perfectly visualized. The completely new three power system was so enchanting.

Countless images flowed across his mind.

He suddenly opened his eyes and his expression seemed slightly excited!

He finally knew what had came into his mind the moment the sun mo matrix had been flooded—the first transformation of the Ten Crow Celestial Apparatus!

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