Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty Two – Honing Their Blades

When the stars shifted, they would produce a vast amount of pure star power. This power would turn to star sand and enter the bodies of people. This sand was like the sand that people used to hone blades. Star sand could be used to refine the bodies of these people from the inside to the out to perfect it.

This was the Shifting Star Sands, one of the most famous worldly apparitions. The light of the stars was not as domineering and burning as the light of the sun, nor as soft as the light of the moon. The stars were like sand and were the best power to hone the body.

However, causing this worldly apparition was a matter of chance. In reality, even now, no one understood how to cause a worldly apparition. But everyone knew that if a person caused a worldly apparition during cultivation, they would an extraordinary person.

Zuo Mo did not know that all of Great Peace City was now exploding in excitement because of him!

He was immersed in a wondrous world.

There seemed to countless stars slowly moving around him. A power that seemed both familiar and unfamiliar continuously permeated his body.

Zuo Mo recognized it. That was star sand!

Each particle of star sand was extremely hard. With their sharp edges, they slowly advanced and moved in. Zuo Mo felt there seemed to be sandpaper slowly smoothing out his unrefined flesh and blood.

There was no pain, but an indescribably comfortable feeling.

It was intoxicating.


There was a faint smile on Gongsun Cha’s face. No one knew what he was thinking.

Everyone beside him had extremely serious faces. They stared at the battlefield and didn’t dare to move their eyes away.

Because Wei Ran was losing.

The strength of the other’s battle tactics surpassed their imagination. When the dozens of brigadier levels had been merged into Vermillion Bird Camp and they started using the new tactics, everyone had been full of confidence. In the practice spars inside the camp, the power of their new tactics was multiple times as strong as their previous three section wave killing charge!

Many people had been rubbing their hands eagerly, wanting to find A Zha Ge and having another battle.

When Lil’ Miss had Wei Ran decided to face the enemy with equal numbers, no one had objected. They knew that Lil’ Miss wanted to test the new tactics. Everyone was filled with confidence and anticipation. They believed that Wei Ran would definitely win.

Yet the reality was so cruel.

This little battalion of five hundred was unusually powerful.

At the beginning, the two were evenly matched, but as time went on, the balance slowly tilted and Wei Ran was on the losing end.

What caused their expressions to turn serious was that Wei Ran had not made any mistakes. Even so, his advantage was slowly slipping away. This was occurring at an extremely slow rate, but everyone had experienced hundreds of fights and could see this.

There was still a faint small smile on Lil’ Miss’ face that was as bashful as that of the neighbor’s boy. No one knew what he was thinking.


Feng Yue looked dazedly at the battlefield. She could see that Gao Xuan was slowly gaining the advantage but she was still shocked.

No, it was amazed!

She had been shocked when her Rage Lotus Bodhisattva had been stopped! But what this scene in front of her gave was shock, was fear!

This was Jiangzhi Battalion!

The battalion that had killed countless mo and just taken over Cold Mountain Jie!

Every Jiangzhi Battalion member had been picked with care. They had outstanding talent, and above-average resolve. The troop had been formed after extremely difficult training. She had seen how this battalion had been created with her own eyes. In her mind, this was the strongest battalion in the world.

The matter had been as she had expected.

This battalion that Jiang Zhe had spent such effort to create came out like a peerless sword that intimidated the world!

The battle of Cold Mountain Jie had pushed this steely battalion to a new level. Even the shishu that came to reinforce them were full of praise. Jiangzi Battalion’s status in the sect had continued to rise.

Everyone believed that unless they encountered the core battalions of the other three great sects or the top battalions of the yaomo, Jiangze Battalion could dominate all other battalions!

Yet the scene in front of them made this thought a joke.

Cloud Sea Jie, was not one of the great four, not one of the great ten, not one of the great one hundred. In this xiuzhe world, this Cloud Sea Jie was unranked.

But in this little remote corner, a battalion appeared that could match the Jiangzi Battalion.This was such a terrifying matter.

Feng Yue suddenly realized to her shock just how little they knew of the world!

She raised her head and looked into the distance. Her heart filled with terror when she looked at the majority of enemy troops that were standing there.

If the remainder also joined … …

Her face became ashen.


Gao Xuan’s expression became increasingly grave. He had expected this battalion to be a strong enemy, but he had not expected the other to be so strong as to reach a standstill with him!

The other’s fighting method was very strange, and the composition of the battalion was also very strange!

He actually found mo among them. When he first saw them, he had thought his eyes were deceiving him. But the mo skills the other used, their unreasonable charges, caused him to shake.

In the battle of Cold Mountain Jie, he had seen too many mo and was very familiar with them!

This was definitely a mo, and a brigadier mo!

This wasn’t one of them, but ten! All of them were brigadier level!

He felt this was extremely absurd. A group of mo participating in a xiuzhe battalion? And it was a group of brigadier mo? What kind of joke was this.

What he felt even more impossible to comprehend was that he couldn’t detect any jinzhi on their bodies.

Were these xiuzhe in an alliance with the yaomo?

When this thought appeared, the coldness inside him grew.

It had to be said that Gao Xuan’s abilities were very outstanding for Jiang Zhe to put such responsibilities on him. After the initial probing rounds, Gao Xuan had gradually gotten used to the other’ strange tactics and started to take back the advantage.

His advantage was increasing, but the other was astoundingly hardy. Even though they were at a disadvantage, they did not panic.

Suddenly, Gao Xuan felt the pressure that the other gave him was slowly increasing. He quickly found that the other’s cooperation between tactics was becoming smoother and more natural, the flaws smaller and the power greater!

Gao Xuan stilled. Thinking back to the rawness of the other’s tactics just recently, his heart suddenly sank. He finally understood what the other’s intentions were.

The other was using him to test new battle tactics!


“Do you all see and understand?” Lil’ Miss’ warm voice passed into everyone’s ears.

“Yes!” Everyone’s heart shook but what was in their eyes was excitement.

As expected, real combat was better than anything else for training. The stronger the other felt, the more they could test their tactics.

This battalion from Xuan Kong Temple was like a hard whetstone that was slowly honing them. When Wei Ran slowly climbed back from his disadvantage, everyone felt their blood slowly started to burn!

This was a battalion from Xuan Kong Temple!

Vermillion Bird Camp had enough to be proud of to force a battalion from the four great sects to such a position!

Lil’ Miss smiled faintly. The face like that of the neighbor’s boy was filled with bashfulness. He said lightly, “Go, do not like even one escape.”

The people responded in unison. Murderousness spread!

Vermillion Bird Camp was like a flood that lost all restraint and advanced!


Jiang Zhe felt unfocused.

He walked out of the room. The night wind blew past his face. He instantly felt his mind clear and laughed silently. Gao Xuan was leading five hundred members of the Jiangzi Battalion. Even though he would not be able to take revenge for Ding Zhen Shishu personally, there definitely would not be a problem keeping Feng Yue safe in her revenge.

He put his attention was focused on the counterattack from the mo that was coming.

According to the information from the their spies, the mo were allying, and forming an enormous troop to take back Cold Mountain Jie.

Thinking about this, Jiang Zhe’s eyes became cold. He had prepared some gifts for the other to come fight them.

He was filled with hope.

Suddenly, a subordinate stumbled as he flew in.

“Da … … Daren! The dhyana tower, the dhyana tower … …”

Jiang Zhe’s heart jumped and his expression suddenly became cold. He said in a deep voice, “What about the dhyana tower?”

Stimulated by Jiang Zhe’s presence, this subordinate’s mind suddenly cleared and his words flowed. But his voice was still trembling. “Feng Yue Daren and Gao Xuan Daren’s candles have gone out!”

The blood inside Jiang Zhe froze and his limbs felt cold.


Zuo Mo had never felt so comfortable. The star sand continuously honed every piece of muscle, every piece of bone, every one of his tendons. In this tempering process, a portion of the star sand merged into his blood and flesh, causing them to become perfect.

Other than perfect, Zuo Mo could not find a better word to describe it.

The three powers circulated endlessly inside his body. They all had their own systems but they also affected each other. The content of the Mo Skill Steles flowed across his mind.

The circulating three powers were continuously adjusted. They became even more harmonious and gained even more affinity.

Zuo Mo’s mind was unusually clear. Each thought was carried out as though every piece of muscle and blood in his body was under his control.

Unprecedented confidence filled every corner of his body.

Zuo Mo quickly found that the star sand that entered his body seemed to be attracted and was gathering towards the Sun mo matrix at the center of his chest.

As Zuo Mo’s blood, flesh, bones, and sinews were honed, the speed that the star sand came in increased. In the end, it became streaks of starlight.

These starlight continuously flowed into the Sun mo matrix at the center of Zuo Mo’s chest.


Zuo Mo felt that the Sun mo matrix at his chest seemed to be broken open. Someone appeared in his mind.

This was … …

Zuo Mo slowly savored it and did not detect that there was no more star sand entering his body.

A long time later.

A golden light flashed and disappeared from the sun mo matrix at his forehead. He slowly opened his eyes.

When Zuo Mo recovered clarity, the scene in front of him left him dumbstruck where he stood.

Under the vast sky of stars, mo filled the the sky above Great Peace City like an endless black cloud.

But … …

Why are they all staring at me?

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo does his oops, and Lil’ Miss ends it.

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