Chapter 209: Could That Thing Really Save People?

Just then, Xu Lingling came out of her bedroom. All she saw was the moment Xu Ye flipped over the railing on the second floor.

“Brother!!” She let out a heart-wrenching scream as she pounced towards the railing and tried to grab his hand.

However, she was still a step too late. By the time she reached the railing, she could only watch in panic as Xu Ye’s body fell to the first floor.

Chi Jiao heard the sound and turned around.

Xu Ye was lying motionless on the ground, his face facing her direction. When he saw her looking at him, his lips curled into a smile and he closed his eyes.

Fresh blood flowed down the back of his head.

The entire hall was in a mess.

The sudden accident almost caused Wen Yan to faint from fright. She rushed towards Xu Ye and helped him up from the ground. At the same time, she shouted at the others surrounding them, “Call the ambulance!”

Some people at the scene were crying while others urgently dialed for the ambulance.

“Brother Quan, give this to Xu Ye.” Chi Jiao quickly took out a carton medicine box from her bag, took out a black pill, then handed it to Quan Jue.

Xu Ye was bleeding. If it was not stopped in time, his life would be in danger.

Normally, she would bring along some emergency pills that could save one’s life. She didn’t expect them to be useful here.

As a doctor, Chi Jiao could not watch Xu Ye die in front of her.

Quan Jue looked at her meaningfully but did not say anything. He took the pill from her hand and strode towards Xu Ye.

Xu Ye was already unconscious. Wen Yan hugged him and cried helplessly.

“This is a hemostatic pill. Let him take it first,” Quan Jue said lightly to her.

Wen Yan looked up and saw the black pill in Quan Jue’s hand. She frowned.

But before she could say anything, Quan Jue had already forced the pill into Xu Ye’s mouth.

The pill turned into liquid as soon as it entered his mouth and flowed down his throat into his stomach.

“Quan Jue, what did you feed my brother?” Xu Lingling asked him with a frown as she dashed over after squeezing past the crowd.

She saw Quan Jue taking the medicine from a girl.

The others also looked at him in confusion. They also noticed that the black pill looked very strange, like an elixir from ancient legends.

Could that thing really save people?

It wasn’t reliable, right?

After seeing Xu Ye take the pill, Chi Jiao quickly scanned the crowd.

Finally, her gaze landed on Zou Xingxing, who was standing not far away from her.

Zou Xingxing was originally staring at Xu Ye with an indifferent expression.

Probably sensing Chi Jiao’s gaze, she suddenly raised her eyes and looked towards her.

Then, Zou Xingxing revealed a bright and gentle smile.

At this moment, she could still smile.

Chi Jiao frowned slightly.

Quan Jue ignored Xu Lingling’s question and walked over to Chi Jiao. He lowered his head and looked at her. “What are you thinking about? Are you frightened?”

He saw that many of the girls present were crying from fright.

His delicate girl was also very timid.

“Brother Quan, I don’t think Xu Ye fell down by himself.” Chi Jiao looked up at the railing on the second floor.

The railing was more than a meter tall. Either Xu Ye took things too hard and deliberately jumped over the railing, or someone pushed him down.

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