Chapter 238: Little Ze Is Not My Son

After a tough battle between the police and the organization on the Forbidden Island, they destroyed that organization.

“Shouldn’t you know very well about where you went?” Chi Mingwei asked with a cold smile.

This was the first time Zhu Limin had seen Chi Mingwei smile at her in such a terrifying manner. Her heart skipped a beat as she suddenly had a bad feeling about this.

“Dad, Mom and I were kidnapped. Were you not anxious at all?” Chi Yan was very dissatisfied with his att.i.tude as she frowned and looked at him.

“Don’t call me Dad.” Chi Mingwei gave her a disgusted look. “I’m not your father.”

At this point, he picked up the paternity test on the table and threw it at Zhu Limin. “Take a look at this first before talking to me.”

Zhu Limin’s face turned pale the moment she read the doc.u.ment.

Zhu Limin’s hand that was holding the doc.u.ment trembled uncontrollably as she looked at Chi Mingwei. “I-I can explain everything, Hubby…”

“What’s there to explain?” Chi Mingwei laughed mockingly. “Little Ze isn’t my biological son, and that’s the truth. You don’t have to explain anything. Let’s get a divorce. The doc.u.ment on the coffee table is the divorce agreement. Sign it.”

Zhu Limin shook her head frantically. “I’m not signing it.”

Chi Yan, sitting beside her, was completely stunned.

She knew that her mother was fooling around outside, but she didn’t expect her to have a child with another man. Chi Ze was actually not a biological member of the Chi family?!

“If you don’t want to sign it, I’ll see you in court.” Chi Mingwei’s tone no longer held any emotions as he looked at Zhu Limin with hatred.

He really felt that this woman was very disgusting.

“Chi Mingwei, do you really have to be so heartless?” Zhu Limin looked at him with tears in her eyes.

It was a pity that Chi Mingwei no longer felt any sympathy for her tears. His expression remained cold and gloomy. “You were the one who caused all of this. Don’t you know the reason why you were kidnapped to the Forbidden Island? If you hadn’t colluded with Shen Wu and wanted to sell Jiaojiao there, how could you and Chi Yan have been captured?”

When Zhu Limin heard what Chi Mingwei said, the blood in her body seemed to flow in reverse as she almost fainted.

He actually knew about this, too.

Now that things had come to this, there was really no turning back.

Chi Yan turned to look at her. “Mom, so you’re the one who found Shen Wu.”

Zhu Limin sensed her resentful gaze. Her mouth moved, but she didn’t know what to say.

“I really hate you to death!” Chi Yan stood up abruptly and shouted at her. “How did I end up with a mother like you! I hate you!!”

With that said, Chi Yan covered her face and ran out of the house like a madwoman.

“You should leave, too.” Chi Mingwei looked at her coldly. “From now on, we have nothing to do with each other. The police know what you’ve done. You’d better go to the police station and surrender yourself now. If they come looking for you instead, you’ll lose a chance to reduce your sentence.”

Zhu Limin seemed to have lost her soul as she sat on the sofa in a daze. It was as if she had not heard what Chi Mingwei said.

“Auntie Liu, send her out,” Chi Mingwei said to her.

Auntie Liu, who had just witnessed the huge scene, hurriedly walked over. She helped the lifeless Zhu Limin up and brought her towards the entrance of the living room.

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