Chapter 249: Do You Miss Me?

Jiang Ming smiled gently and kicked him, hitting the weak spot between his legs. He then punched him unconscious.

When Senior Lai saw Jiang Ming’s crazy actions, he wished he could rush forward and break his limbs.

“It has only been a short while since we last met, but this brat has actually become even more powerful than before,” muttered Senior Lai before giving his subordinate a look. “What are you all standing there for? Go.”

In the end, their target was Quan Jue. It didn’t matter if they couldn’t capture Jiang Ming.

Immediately, a few lackeys picked up the pipes on the ground and charged at Quan Jue.

A subordinate aimed at Quan Jue and raised the stick in his hand high in the air.

Quan Jue was expressionless. He turned around and kicked the lackey in the face, sending him a few meters away.

The underling didn’t even have the chance to grunt as his legs softened and he fell onto the ground. His eyes rolled back as he lost consciousness.

The remaining lackeys froze for a moment before das.h.i.+ng out with pipes in their hands.

Quan Jue’s eyes were expressionless. Just as he was waiting for these people to come over, his phone rang.

He dodged a steel pipe that was about to hit his head. Quan Jue took advantage of the moment when the steel pipe hit the ground to use his backhand strength to smash against the person’s spine.

There was a dull thud. Quan Jue didn’t hold back at all as he knocked the person to the ground. The man moved his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Quan Jue quickly took out his phone and looked at the caller ID.

Upon seeing Chi Jiao’s name, the coldness in Quan Jue’s eyes instantly dissipated. He answered the call. “Jiaojiao.”

As he spoke, two lackeys rushed over from either side of him. They smashed the steel pipes at him at the same time.

Quan Jue took a step back and continued to dodge their ferocious attacks.

On the other end of the line, Chi Jiao’s tone sounded particularly nervous. “Brother, where are you now?”

Quan Jue leaned back and watched as the steel pipes swept past his face.

With his phone in one hand, Quan Jue’s lower body sank, and he used the steel pipe in his other hand to break the thigh bone of a lackey.

Taking advantage of the lackey’s screams, Quan Jue expressionlessly smashed the steel pipe onto his head.

Blood flew everywhere and landed on Quan Jue’s face, making him look even more bloodthirsty. However, he seemed to think that it wasn’t enough as he raised the steel pipe again and hit the lackey once more.

The lackey’s body spasmed as he fell to the ground and pa.s.sed out.

Unlike his ruthless actions, Quan Jue’s tone was gentle. “I’m currently outside talking to a friend.”

As he spoke, a person lunged forward and grabbed his collar.

“Quan Jue, you f*cker…”

Quan Jue narrowed his eyes unhappily and smashed the man’s head with the pipe.

The pipe hit his neck and subdued him instantly.

However, just as the lackey fell, he tore Quan Jue’s collar. A few b.u.t.tons on his s.h.i.+rt flew out, revealing his perfect collarbone and firm chest muscles.

Quan Jue’s face was stained with blood, and his opened collar revealed his exquisite collar bone. He swung his pipe backward and broke another person’s shoulder.

The man screamed like a pig being slaughtered as he was knocked unconscious by him.

Quan Jue was ruthless. It would result in blood every time.

His hair and clothes were messy, and his usual coldness was completely replaced by bloodl.u.s.t. A bloodthirsty cold glint flashed across his eyes, but his voice remained gentle towards Chi Jiao. “Why are you calling me at this time? Do you miss me?”

The remaining lackeys felt their scalps tingle when they heard that.

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