Chapter 250: Young Master Quan Is Really Capable

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Was this young man even human? He was so ruthless, and yet he could still flirt with women without batting an eyelid!

On Chi Jiao’s end, the m.u.f.fled sound of flesh being hit could be heard through the phone.

Her eyes darkened. She was sure that Quan Jue was not telling the truth.

“Since you’re busy, then go ahead.” With that, Chi Jiao hung up the phone. She hurriedly put down her black brick-like phone and saw Quan Jue’s location on the screen.

Her phone had a tracking system. Once she spoke to a certain person, she could check the location of the caller in ten minutes.

Quan Jue wasn’t far from her current location. If she ran over, it would take at most five minutes.

Chi Jiao grabbed her phone and ran to where Quan Jue was.

On this end, Quan Jue stopped his attacks and looked at his phone longingly.

He originally wanted to chat a little more with Jiaojiao. Such a pity.

Quan Jue was looking at his phone seriously with his head lowered. One of the underlings saw an opportunity and approached him from behind with a hemp rope in his hands, wanting to tie him up.

Quan Jue did not move. Just as the man was about to succeed, he suddenly stepped on the rubbish bin beside him. Quan Jue kicked the wall with his long leg, and his body soared into the air. In an instant, he was behind the man.

Gripping the steel pipe tightly, Quan Jue’s pipe landed heavily on the person’s back.

A dull painful sound rang out as the man fell to the ground, convulsing.

Quan Jue looked up indifferently under everyone’s shocked gazes.

His ferocious gaze, like that of a wild beast, sent chills down their spines. Quan Jue’s sweat dampened the loose hair on his forehead. His Adam’s apple bobbed as he raised his hand and curled his finger contemptuously. “There’s no need to trouble yourself. You can all attack together.”

The lackeys felt like they had been utterly humiliated. Some pulled out knives from their waists, while others held steel pipes as they charged at Quan Jue.

On the other hand, Jiang Ming wasn’t someone to be trifled with either. Five minutes later, when Chi Jiao had arrived, all the lackeys had already been beaten to the ground. Those in better condition were groaning on the ground, while most of them were covered in blood and unconscious.

However, as they were surrounded by so many people, Jiang Ming and Quan Jue were still injured.

At that moment, Jiang Ming and Quan Jue were leaning against the wall behind them as they looked at Senior Lai standing in front of them.

Senior Lai hadn’t moved at all. Up until now, he had been looking at Quan Jue as if he was staring at a monster.

He wouldn’t talk about Jiang Ming for the time being. After all, the two of them were old acquaintances. He had long known that Jiang Ming was a trained fighter, so he was not surprised by his strength.

However, Quan Jue was just a high school student. He was actually so good at fighting that his strength was comparable to Jiang Ming’s.

Senior Lai looked at Quan Jue and suspected for a moment that this young man was a monster, a terrifyingly powerful monster!

At this moment, Chi Jiao had also arrived at the alley. When she saw Quan Jue, her lips curled into a brilliant smile. Just as she was about to call out to him, she saw the burly man in black facing Quan Jue raise a gun.

The black gun was aimed at Quan Jue. Senior Lai was so angry that he laughed instead. “I’ve really underestimated you. Young Master Quan is really capable.”

The smile on Chi Jiao’s face disappeared in an instant. Her gaze was filled with killing intent as she looked at him.

Pursing her thin lips, Chi Jiao quietly approached Senior Lai.

Quan Jue looked at the gun’s black muzzle without moving.

It was as if the pistol was nothing to him. It couldn’t stir his emotions.

“Young Master Quan, my patience is limited. Follow me, and I’ll spare Jiang Ming’s life,” Senior Lai said politely.

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