Chapter 259: Let’s Sterilize Him

It wasn’t like Quan Yan had never investigated Chi Jiao before.

That Chi Jiao was just a little girl who lived in the mountains. She was young and inexperienced, so how could she have a close relations.h.i.+p with Gong Lu and Yan Zhengchen?

Quan Yan was shocked and became even more curious about Chi Jiao’s background.

When Gong Lu saw that Quan Yan had remembered, he clenched his fists and wanted to hit him again.

“Alright, stop being so ruthless. I know that you don’t like to do such things, so stop. Don’t tire yourself out. Leave such manual beating to me.” With that, Yan Zhengchen pulled Gong Lu over and helped him wear his

Gong Lu adjusted his and nodded. “Use more strength when you hit him. Count my portion in as well and help Jiaojiao vent her anger.”

“Okay.” Yan Zhengchen nodded and hummed a tune as he walked towards Quan Yan.

Quan Yan was utterly terrified as he waved his hand at him. “Wait a minute! Young Master Yan, this is a misunderstanding. I really didn’t know that Chi Jiao was your younger sister. If I had known in advance, I wouldn’t have dared to do so even if you guys beat me to death!”

Yan Zhengchen narrowed his eyes coldly and punched Quan Yan without hesitation, causing him to instantly fall to the ground. “Sc.u.mbag. Are you saying that if the other party wasn’t Jiaojiao but an ordinary girl, you would dare to do it? Quan Yan, you’re really gutsy. I should dig out your guts and see what made you dare to hide so many filthy and despicable thoughts.”

After being exposed by him, Quan Yan pretended to be innocent and shook his head repeatedly. “It’s not like that. You’ve really misunderstood me! I’m actually a good person. I did it for my younger brother…”

Yan Zhengchen punched him in the face again. “I’m too lazy to listen to your nonsense. Just take the beating obediently. Why do you have to say so much?”

Quan Yan had already acquired panda eyes from his punches. He was in so much pain that he screamed like a pig being slaughtered and started to bawl. “Don’t! You can’t hit people in the face when you beat them up!

“You’re not considered human. People like you are at most called sc.u.m.”

Yan Zhengchen did not stand on ceremony with Quan Yan at all. In no time, he had beaten him up until his face was swollen and blood flowed from his nose.

“Since he can’t control his lower body, why don’t we sterilize him so that he won’t be able to harm other innocent girls in the future?” Gong Lu stood by the side and watched the show as he smiled calmly. “Coincidentally, the hospital is upstairs, so it’s more convenient to perform surgeries.”

Yan Zhengchen’s eyes lit up, and he nodded in agreement. “That’s a good idea. Quan Yan, we grew up together, after all. I’ll get the doctor to administer more anesthesia. I guarantee that everything will be settled by the time you wake up.”

Anyone with a brain would know that Gong Lu and Yan Zhengchen were joking. Although they wanted to teach Quan Yan a lesson, they would only beat him up and give him a warning. As for destroying his s.e.xual happiness, they would not really do it.

However, when the two of them echoed each other, it sounded as if they were really going to do it. Quan Yan was utterly terrified.

He subconsciously released his bladder. Immediately after, the pungent smell of urine wafted over.

Hearing the sound of flowing water, Yan Zhengchen looked down, only to see that Quan Yan’s suit pants were a mess.

His expression twisting, Yan Zhengchen retreated in disdain and distanced himself from Quan Yan.

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