Chapter 264: Do You Like the Child in Your Tummy Very Much?

“Chi Yan, I’ll ask you again. How did you get into the S911 laboratory?” Chi Jiao asked slowly as she stared at Chi Yan.

In her previous life, Chi Yan did not defeat her with her own strength. She knew this.

There was still one more person. She was currently overseas, and it was not her turn to appear yet.

That person was the mastermind behind her death, and Chi Yan was an accomplice.

It was only in this life that she realized how stupid Chi Yan was.

If she had really relied on her own abilities to enter the S911 laboratory, how could she not know the side effects of the Mesmerizing Water?

If she knew what the side effect was, she would never have used it.

Logically speaking, Chi Yan had to take a test before entering the S911 laboratory. Therefore, she could only take the test herself. No one could help her, much less think of cheating.

Chi Jiao felt that something was wrong with Chi Yan. She had to get to the bottom of this.

Under Chi Jiao’s sharp gaze, Chi Yan couldn’t help but panic, but she still insisted. “Of course I got in with my own abilities. The requirements for admission to the S911 laboratory are very strict. Do you think I can cheat?”

Chi Jiao chuckled and reached out to place her hand on Chi Yan’s stomach.

Chi Yan instantly got nervous. She slapped Chi Jiao’s hand aside and protected her stomach with her hands as if she was protecting an exceptional treasure.

“Do you like the child in your tummy very much?” Chi Jiao asked with a smile.

“Of course! You’ll know how it feels when you become a mother.” Chi Yan smiled.

She liked this child, but what she liked more was that this child was Quan Yan’s.

A mother’s status was determined by her son. Quan Yan would never be able to get rid of her in this life.

“Then, do you know the side effects of the Mesmerizing Water on your body?” The sentence floated lightly out of Chi Jiao’s mouth.

The smile on Chi Yan’s face froze instantly. She looked up and stared at Chi Jiao in surprise and doubt. “What did you say? Why would the Mesmerizing Water have side effects?”

First Miss, who had been hiding in Chi Yan’s body and watching the show, panicked the moment she heard that.

“Don’t listen to her!” First Miss said in a panic.

This was the first time Chi Yan had heard First Miss speak to her in such a panic-stricken tone.

Usually, First Miss was cold and considered herself unopposed in this world, as if nothing could ever faze her.

Therefore, it was also because of First Miss’s reaction that Chi Yan began to doubt if the Mesmerizing Water really did have any side effects.

She ignored First Miss and instead asked Chi Jiao, “Tell me, what side effects does the Mesmerizing Water have?”

Chi Jiao turned around and walked to the chair to sit down. Only then did she say to Chi Yan unhurriedly, “There’s a medicinal herb in the Mesmerizing Water called Zhutuo Flower. Did you know that?”

Chi Yan nodded silently.

“The Zhutuo Flower’s nectar can give birth to joy, but it’s actually poisonous. It can affect a person’s fertility over a long period of time. If it’s serious, it will result in infertility. If your skin is contaminated with it during pregnancy, it will result in a fetal deformity. If you use the Mesmerizing Water when you are preparing for pregnancy, then you won’t be able to carry the child to term. The fetus won’t last for a full month before it dies in your stomach,” Chi Jiao explained clearly.

“No, no, you’re lying to me…” Chi Yan’s face had already turned completely pale. She kept shaking her head, not wanting to believe what Chi Jiao said.

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