Chapter 273: Quan Jue, You’re a Beast

Seeing how serious she was, Quan Jue couldn’t help but laugh. “Jiaojiao, those are just lies to scare children. Don’t believe them so easily.”

Chi Jiao pouted and said, “Isn’t there a saying that goes, ‘There is no smoke without fire’? If there isn’t, why make it up?”

With that, she took two steps forward and hugged his arm. “I don’t care. I’m afraid.”

The delicate bun was acting spoiled again.

Other than compromising, Quan Jue had no other choice. He pulled Chi Jiao with one hand and their luggage with the other as they entered the guesthouse.

A seventeen-year-old girl was sitting at the front desk, munching on melon seeds.

Seeing that there were guests, her eyes quickly left the Korean drama unfolding on her computer screen and smoothly said, “We only have the luxurious bedroom left. It’s 300 for one day. We support card payment.”

“We’ll pay by card.” Quan Jue took out his bank card and handed it to her.

After swiping the card, the young lady took a room card and handed it to Quan Jue along with his bank card.

“Room three on the second floor. There are free toiletries as well.” As the young lady spoke, she took out something and handed it to him. “This is a complimentary gift provided by our accommodation. When you check out, please leave a five-star review for us.”

Quan Jue looked at the item the lady handed him. It was actually a box of Durex.

Chi Jiao also wanted to see what she gave them. Just as she was about to crane her neck to take a look, Quan Jue reached out to cover her eyes and said to the young lady, “Thank you, but we don’t need it.”

With that, he put away the room card and bank card and dragged Chi Jiao away.

The young lady glanced at him, spat out the melon seeds in her mouth, and muttered, “He’s so good-looking, but he’s also an irresponsible b*stard.”

When Chi Jiao heard the young lady’s ridicule, she became even more curious about what she had given him. After entering the room, she couldn’t wait to ask him, “Brother Quan, what did the young lady at the front desk give you?”

Quan Jue glanced at her. “Children shouldn’t ask so many questions.”

Chi Jiao raised her eyebrows. “I want to know. Children have a desire for knowledge, too.”

Quan Jue smiled faintly. “Do you really want to know?”

Chi Jiao looked at him with sparkling eyes and nodded impatiently.

Quan Jue curled his finger at her, hinting for her to bring her ear closer to him.

Chi Jiao tip-toed obediently and leaned her pet.i.te face close to him.

Quan Jue bent down slightly and whispered a few words in her ear.

Chi Jiao’s pet.i.te face turned red instantly, feeling incredibly hot.

“I, I’m going to take a shower!” With that, Chi Jiao covered her face and slipped away.

Looking at her embarra.s.sed expression, Quan Jue couldn’t help but laugh softly.

Soon, the sound of water could be heard in the bathroom.

Quan Jue first checked the room to see if there were any pinhole cameras.

He had previously heard from Lin Ye that some hotels or guesthouses would secretly install pinhole cameras to capture people’s privacy.

According to the method Lin Ye had taught him, after Quan Jue had examined the place once, his gaze landed on the bathroom, the only place he hadn’t examined.

The bathroom door was made of gla.s.s, and a pet.i.te figure was faintly visible.

Although he couldn’t see clearly, the hazy vision made his imagination run wild.

Quan Jue started to uncontrollably imagine the scene in the bathroom, and his handsome face turned red.

“Quan Jue, you’re really a beast.” The young man lowered his head and slowly spat out.

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