Chapter 283: They Really Want to Kick Quan Jue Away

Ding Fu couldn’t help but s.h.i.+ver.

When he focused his gaze again, Chi Jiao’s pet.i.te face had changed to a delicate and weak expression. She looked as fragile as a gla.s.s doll.

He couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.

He knew it. Why would such a terrifying demon-like smile appear on Chi Jiao’s face?

It was just his imagination.

Shen Liao and Gu Xia were a little frustrated when they saw Ding Fu staring at Chi Jiao. Shen Liao, who was closer to Chi Jiao, was about to reach out and pull her into his arms to protect her when another hand s.n.a.t.c.hed her away first.

Quan Jue pulled Chi Jiao behind him and whispered to her, “Hide behind me. Don’t be afraid.”

Chi Jiao nodded her head vigorously and looked at him with a burning gaze filled with admiration. “Brother Quan, that man is the bad guy who once kidnapped me. He’s very fierce. You have to be careful!”

Shen Liao and Gu Xia were caught off guard by the loving scene thrown right at their faces, stuffing their faces with dog food.

They really wanted to kick Quan Jue away. Oh, no, more like he was a bowl of dog food.

Quan Jue turned to look at Ding Fu, his gaze even colder than before.

“Big Bro, they only have a few lousy bows. We have guns. Kill these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds first and then take that woman away.” Ding Yuan covered his injured shoulder and stared fixedly at Quan Jue, who had injured him. He wished he could kill him with his gaze.

“You guys sure are forward with your words. You’re gonna make me puke.” Gu Xia smiled nonchalantly. The way he looked at Ding Fu and Ding Yuan was as if he was looking at ants on the streets. “Ding Fu, we were just about to look for you when you came knocking on our door. You’re so f*cking clever.”

Upon hearing that, Ding Fu’s expression twisted. “Why are you looking for me?”

“We want your life,” Shen Liao replied expressionlessly.

“Hahahaha! Big Bro, did you hear what this reckless brat said? He wants our lives!” Ding Yuan also pointed his gun at Quan Jue and the others. Gu Xia’s words really amused him.

“If the few of you don’t want to die, put down your weapons.” Ding Fu didn’t dare to underestimate the three youths in front of him and said coldly.

Quan Jue didn’t move, neither did Shen Liao and Gu Xia.

The three youths looked at Ding Fu and Ding Yuan coldly as if they were just clowns not worth fearing.

The atmosphere instantly turned tense.

Ding Fu looked at the three youngsters in front of him and felt a little uncertain.

The reason was simple.

They were holding guns, and the three of them were holding bows.

The lethality of arrows was definitely not comparable to the lethality of bullets.

In that case, why weren’t the three of them afraid at all?

Could it be that they still had some trump cards?

Also, the words of the youngster who looked even cuter than a girl earlier were very strange.

They wanted to find him and kill him.

Why did this sound like they already knew that they had escaped beforehand?

Just as Ding Fu was feeling uneasy, Ding Yuan lost his patience and shot at Quan Jue. “My boss asked you to put your weapons down. Are you deaf?”

A gunshot was heard as the bullet flew towards Quan Jue.

Ding Fu was taken aback.

The moment Chi Jiao heard the gunshot, her heart almost skipped a beat.

Everything happened in a split second. She fell into an embrace first, then the scene before her moved quickly. Because it was too fast, everything before her eyes became blurry.

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