Chapter 292: One’s Family Condition Could Determine One’s Future

Although Liu Ruhua was old, the sharpness that had been carved into her bones when she was young had not weakened with time. She was still very terrifying when she got angry.

Even Jiang Shen’s heart trembled at the anger shown by Liu Ruhua.

“Old Madam, please don’t be angry. Xiaoli is young and insensible. It’s my fault as her eldest uncle for not disciplining her well. Let me apologize to you all on her behalf,” Jiang Shen immediately said to her with a smile.

However, Liu Ruhua didn’t buy it. She sneered and said, “Our Jiaojiao isn’t even eighteen years old this year, but she’s already much more sensible than your niece. Jiang Shen, being sensible has nothing to do with age. It’s only related to one’s upbringing.”

The meaning behind her words was too obvious. She was implying that Jiang Xiaoli lacked manners.

When had Jiang Xiaoli ever felt so wronged and embarra.s.sed before?

Her expression turned even uglier as if she had just returned from a grave.

However, she didn’t dare to say anything else. Liu Ruhua’s aura was too terrifying.

Chi Jiao and Ou Zhenglin glanced at Liu Ruhua sideways, their eyes filled with wors.h.i.+p.

No matter how many years had pa.s.sed, Madam (Grandma) was always good at dissing people.

“You’re right. I will definitely discipline Xiaoli well when we return.” Jiang Shen still smiled apologetically at Liu Ruhua. “It’s just that, Old Madam, what Xiao Li said earlier is correct. The rule of 117 is that you can’t easily expose your ident.i.ty as an agent, especially when you’re a high-level manager. I can understand why you two are biased towards your granddaughter, but…”

Without waiting for him to finish, Ou Zhenglin raised his hand, indicating for him to stop.

Jiang Shen immediately stopped talking and looked at him.

Jiang Xiaoli looked at Ou Zhenglin unhappily as well.

She wanted to see what reason this old man could come up with to break the rules of 117.

That girl looked like an innocent student. Was she sure she could keep her mouth shut and not leak any information about 117?

Ou Zhenglin coughed twice to clear his throat. Then, he looked at Jiang Shen and said, “There’s something I forgot to tell you. Jiang Shen, Jiaojiao is my successor. She has been nurtured as my successor since she was young. In the future, Jiaojiao will replace me and my wife as the supreme commander of Organization 117.”

Jiang Shen and Jiang Xiaoli were dumbfounded as he finished speaking.

The two of them looked at Chi Jiao in a daze. They couldn’t tell what was special about this slender, fair-skinned, doll-like girl in front of them.

Chi Jiao could tell that Jiang Shen and Jiang Xiaoli were shocked, but she was also feeling very helpless.

She knew that she looked like the type who had no attacking power. Since she was young, many people had liked her and treated her as a little girl.

Some people also hated her and felt that she was easy to bully.

“You’re not joking with me, right?” Jiang Shen was stunned for a long while before asking Ou Zhenglin.

Standing beside him, Jiang Xiaoli looked at Chi Jiao with eyes filled with jealousy.

Indeed, one’s family condition could determine one’s future.

Before she came, she had heard from her uncle that Ou Zhenglin and Liu Ruhua had been raising a little girl by their side. She was their G.o.d granddaughter.

There was indeed nothing wrong with handing over the position to their G.o.d granddaughter.

However, it was still very unbelievable.

“Jiang Shen, do you think the two of us will joke about such a big thing?” Liu Ruhua looked at him discontentedly. “Do you think Old Ou and I are old and our brains are muddled, which is why we would make such a decision?”

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