Chapter 324: I’ll Support You in Whatever Decision You Make

Chi Jiao was eating and drinking downstairs.

When she heard footsteps, she turned and saw Quan Jue coming down the stairs. Her mouth was stuffed with the jelly she had just found, so her cheeks were puffy and she looked like a little hamster.

“Frober Juan (Brother Quan)…” She mumbled with her eyes curved into crescents.

Quan Jue walked to the sofa, placed the amulet on the table, and looked at her with furrowed brows. “You’re still eating jelly on such a cold day?”

Chi Jiao swallowed the jelly and looked at him innocently. “I haven’t eaten it in a long time.”

“It’s cold. You’re not allowed to eat cold food,” Quan Jue said in a low voice.

Seeing how serious he was, Chi Jiao could only nod obediently. Then, her gaze swept across the room and landed on the amulet on the table. “Is there something wrong with this item?”

“When the detector scanned the amulet, an alarm went off.”

Hearing this, Chi Jiao reached for the amulet.

However, Quan Jue was faster than her and grabbed her wrist.

Chi Jiao blinked at him in confusion. “Brother Quan, what’s wrong?”

“Doesn’t this thing corrupt the mind? I’ll hold it while you take a look.” As Quan Jue spoke, he picked up the amulet with his other hand and placed it in front of Chi Jiao so that she could look at it up close.

Chi Jiao finally understood that he was concerned about her.

Her heart warmed.

Although her Brother Quan looked cold on the outside, he was actually more meticulous than anyone else.

“It’s okay, Brother Quan. This thing can only affect a person’s mental state when they are mentally weak. I’m not fragile at all right now. Besides, mental corruption is not something that can happen in a short period of time. It will take at least two days to be corrupted by this item.” As Chi Jiao spoke, she took the amulet from Quan Jue’s hands.

Quan Jue relaxed a little and looked at the amulet. “Your father is an atheist. Everyone in the family knows that. This is a gift from someone who doesn’t know your father well.”

Chi Jiao nodded.

From an outsider’s point of view, her father was indeed an atheist. This could be seen from the fact that her family did not care about feng shui at all.

However, at this thought, she felt that there was something new on her agenda.

It was just that their house’s feng shui layout had to be modified.

A feng shui layout could create a unique magnetic field that indirectly affected one’s luck.

This was the wisdom left behind by the ancestors in ancient times.

“This thing has a magnetic field mark on it. As long as we follow this mark, we can find the mastermind,” Chi Jiao said with a smile.

“Are you going to settle this privately?” Quan Jue asked.

Chi Jiao nodded and looked directly at him. “Brother Quan, I have to keep this matter to myself. Since my dad accepted this item, it means that the other party is someone important to him.”

She knew her father too well. If the other party wasn’t someone important to him, he would never accept someone else’s items so easily.

Giving that person an opportunity.

“I’ll support you in whatever decision you make,” Quan Jue said slowly.

Chi Jiao smiled. All of a sudden, she changed the topic. “Brother Quan, I’m still hungry.”

To her, snacks were not enough. She had to eat proper food to be full.

Quan Jue looked up at the clock. It was already six in the evening.

“I’ll make some food.” Quan Jue got up and walked to the kitchen.

Chi Jiao watched him enter the kitchen and then looked back at the amulet in her hand.

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