Chapter 354: It Seemed Like She’s Been Bullied Bad

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Without waiting for Chi Mingwei to flare up, Quan Jue immediately hung up the phone. He walked to the bed and bent down to pull her out of the covers.

Chi Jiao had the habit of taking an afternoon nap. In addition, she had been worried about Quan Jue and didn’t sleep for the whole night. Therefore, she couldn’t hold on any longer and went to bed in the afternoon.

Even now, she was still a little lazy and did not want to open her eyes.

Quan Jue carried Chi Jiao to the washroom and placed her there.

Then, he left the washroom, walked to the window, and drew open the curtains.

The curtains in this room blocked the sunlight very well. In addition, the lights were on in the room.. Only then did Quan Jue realize that it was already dark outside.

No wonder Chi Mingwei panicked.

Shortly after, Chi Jiao slowly walked out of the washroom like a snail. She then fumbled around the bed and laid down again.

When Quan Jue heard the commotion, he turned around and walked to the bed, lying down beside her.

“It’s time to get up,” he said as he lay on his side and supported his head with one hand.

“Let me sleep a little longer.” Chi Jiao buried her face in the soft blanket, her voice sounding a little stuffy.

“Your dad just called. He’s a little anxious.” Quan Jue leaned into her ear and continued softly, “Are you sure you don’t want to get up?”

Chi Jiao’s drowsiness instantly left her as she looked up abruptly. “Did my dad really call just now?”

In her half-asleep state earlier, she seemed to have heard Quan Jue talking on the phone with someone. She thought that she was dreaming and hallucinating.

Quan Jue gave a faint sound of acknowledgment.

“Oh no.” Chi Jiao rolled over and slapped her forehead.

She had actually forgotten about her father.

Quan Jue brought his face close to hers. His thin lips landed on hers as he gently kissed her.

“Sleeping Beauty, it’s time to wake up.”

His deep voice was filled with a gentleness that could drown people.

Chi Jiao was being teased again.

She realized that Quan Jue’s voice was particularly alluring when he said those gentle words. It was enough to make one’s ears pregnant.

Who could resist it?

Since she couldn’t resist it, then…

In the next moment, Chi Jiao boldly reached out and wrapped her arms around Quan Jue’s neck. She pulled him down and took the initiative to seal his lips with hers.

It was rare for her to take the initiative.

Chi Jiao imitated the way Quan Jue had kissed her previously, albeit clumsily.

Sensing the girl’s clumsy and careful movements, Quan Jue felt as if all the nerves in his body had opened up at that moment as his throat tightened.

He didn’t move, letting the girl please him as she liked.

Their bodies were so close that they could feel each other’s warmth.

When Chi Jiao was a little tired and wanted to let go of him, Quan Jue flipped over and pressed against her, instantly taking back his sovereignty.

Chi Jiao gave a soft grunt in response to the pa.s.sionate kiss. In an instant, it almost destroyed Quan Jue’s rationality.

He increased his strength as a form of punishment.

This delicate b.u.mpkin only knew how to seduce him.

He would punish her properly.

Just as the atmosphere was heating up, someone’s phone rang again.

Quan Jue’s rationality instantly returned as he immediately let go of her.

Chi Jiao’s porcelain face was flushed red, and her dark doe eyes were misty. She looked at Quan Jue pitifully as if she was about to cry from being bullied.

“Brother Quan, it’s your phone.” The girl’s originally sweet voice was now tinged with a hint of hoa.r.s.eness.

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