Chapter 359: Who Bullied You?

Chi Jiao waited for about 40 minutes.

Then, Yan Qingqing sent a text over, saying that she was downstairs with the group of men.

Chi Jiao immediately went down.

“Jiaojiao~” Yan Qingqing immediately pounced on her the moment she saw her.

Chi Jiao quickly dodged to the side and avoided her bear hug.

Yan Qingqing looked at her aggrievedly and stomped her foot. “Why don’t you let me hug you?”

“Be more careful and reserved.” Chi Jiao gave her a very lady-like and sweet smile. “We’re on the streets. You don’t want others to misunderstand that the eldest daughter of the Yan family has a different s.e.xual orientation, right?”

“Hmph. After being with you for so long, isn’t it normal for my s.e.xual orientation to change?!” Yan Qingqing said faintly.

The men who had followed Yan Qingqing seemed to be used to it. All of them were like statues, expressionless.

“Are these your bodyguards?” Chi Jiao glanced at the men.

“That’s right. Didn’t you say that they have to be reliable? My family’s bodyguards are very reliable,” Yan Qingqing said with a smile.

Chi Jiao nodded. “Then, let’s go to He Tian Bar.”

Yan Qingqing’s eyes lit up. “Jiaojiao, are you going to kidnap a young man? You don’t like that Quan kid anymore?”

Chi Jiao glanced at her. “I’m not, and I still like him.”

Yan Qingqing was confused.

“We’re going to kidnap an old thing.” When Chi Jiao thought of Quan Liu, she had the urge to beat him up and throw him into the rubbish bin.

Yan Qingqing could see the coldness in Chi Jiao’s eyes, and the teasing expression on her face instantly disappeared. Instead, it was replaced with seriousness. “Who bullied you?”

Chi Jiao nodded pitifully. “He’s the Quan family’s bodyguard, Quan Liu.”

Yan Qingqing was furious when she heard that. “Quan Liu, is it? I’ve seen him before. He’s Quan Jingzhou’s bodyguard. How dare he bully you?!”

Chi Jiao thought for a moment. Bullying Quan Jue was the same as bullying her, so she nodded without any psychological burden.

“I’ve never liked that face of his!” Yan Qingqing said indignantly. “Let’s go teach him a lesson!”

With that, she pulled Chi Jiao towards the car.

At He Tian Bar.

Quan Liu’s work was usually very intense. During his spare time, he would come to the bar to listen to music and have a drink to relax.

Since he started from 9:00 PM and went at it until 11:30 PM, Quan Liu had drunk a little too much by that time. After paying the bill, he walked out of the bar alone on leisure steps.

It was snowing outside. He didn’t want to hitch a ride, so he decided to walk to his residence.

His place wasn’t far from He Tian Bar. It was in a neighborhood nearby.

This place was located in a remote area, belonging to the Five Rings Road.

A little tipsy, Quan Liu did not notice a few little tails following behind him.

When they pa.s.sed by the greenery in the district, Chi Jiao shot the bodyguards a look.

The bodyguards immediately quickened their steps.

When Quan Liu heard footsteps, he turned around abruptly and saw a gunny sack heading towards him.

He was instantly covered by the gunny sack.

Initially, with Quan Liu’s ability, he would have been able to escape as quickly as possible even with a gunny sack over his head.

After all, he was someone who had undergone strict professional training.

Chi Jiao had expected this, so she had applied some medicine on the gunny sack in advance.

The moment Quan Liu’s head was covered by the gunny sack, he smelled a strange fragrance.

Immediately after, his head started to spin even more uncontrollably.

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