Chapter 362: h.e.l.lo, Young Master Quan

Huo Wanwan’s appearance attracted many reporters to take pictures of her.

She was very active in the socialite circles of Shang Jing. Because she was very pretty and knew how to dress, she was a Weibo VIP with a million fans. In addition, she was preparing to enter the entertainment industry to develop her career, so she was very popular.

She enjoyed the feeling of being under the spotlight very much. A faint smile hung on Huo Wanwan’s face as she greeted the reporters taking pictures of her. She walked towards Huo Chongjin.

“Wanwan’s indeed a sweetheart. She’s so sweet!”

“I’ve seen many socialites before, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone as in touch with the people as Wanwan!”

“She’s really too sweet! Take more pictures!”


The reporters were all captivated by the sweet and approachable person Huo Wanwan presented herself as.

“Why are you here so late?” Huo Chongjin took a few steps forward and asked her.

“Sorry, Daddy. There was a traffic jam on the way,” Huo Wanwan said with a smile.

Huo Chongjin coughed dryly and leaned a little closer to her. “Have you considered the matter that I’ve arranged for you previously?”

“Is the person you were talking about here? I have to see what he looks like first,” Huo Wanwan said, raising her eyebrows.

“He’s standing by the window,” Huo Chongjin said.

Huo Wanwan immediately turned to look at the window.

Her gaze landed on Quan Jue.

Astonishment flashed across her eyes.

“Dad, you have good taste this time,” Huo Wanwan said very bluntly.

This wasn’t the first time her father had tried to matchmake her. She was clearly only nineteen years old, but her father couldn’t wait to find her a husband.

However, the people her father had introduced to her had always been three or four years older than her. He had never introduced anyone around her age.

In other words, what her father meant was that the young and promising men around her age would definitely be a few years older than her. It was too difficult to find someone of the same age.

She didn’t expect to be introduced to someone who looked about her age and was so good-looking as well.

Seeing her staring at Quan Jue, Huo Chongjin smiled and said, “Go greet Quan Jue.”

“Okay.” Huo Wanwan smiled and nodded. Then, she walked elegantly towards Quan Jue.

Quan Jue stood by the window alone, enjoying the peace and quiet.

It was only when Huo Wanwan’s voice entered his ears that he realized that someone had walked up to him.

“h.e.l.lo, Young Master Quan.”

Quan Jue frowned.

He didn’t like being called “Young Master Quan” or “Master Quan”.

This made him feel like he was tied to the Quan family.

He didn’t want to have anything to do with his family for the time being.

“I’m Huo Wanwan. Huo Chongjin is my father.” Huo Wanwan smiled and reached out to him. “I heard from my father that you’re his youngest business partner, so I would like to get to know you better.”

At this moment, the reporters realized that Huo Wanwan had gone to greet Quan Jue and immediately aimed their cameras at them.

The reporters were not surprised at all by how frank Huo Wanwan was.

She usually had an honest and just character. She said whatever was on her mind and never hesitated.

Quan Jue glanced at her outstretched hand indifferently and spat out softly.

“I’m not interested.”

Huo Wanwan was taken aback.

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