Chapter 384: Divorce in Ten Years

Chi Jiao looked at her with interest.

She felt that Lu Xian was completely different from what she had found out about her.

Na Yankun had previously helped her investigate Lu Xian.

The result of the investigation was that this woman had severe mania and a strange temper.

But the Lu Xian before her looked like she had lived a peaceful life. She didn’t look like someone with mania at all.

She was indeed Quan Jue’s mother.

Chi Jiao was filled with curiosity about her.

Firstly, she wondered how Lu Xian could maintain such a young state.

Secondly, she was curious as to how Lu Xian’s mania had been treated.

After all, it was very difficult to cure someone at that level of illness.

Just then, Quan Jue walked out of the fitting room after changing his clothes.

His attention was focused on Chi Jiao, so he didn’t notice Lu Xian choosing clothes in front of the clothes rack.

He strode forward and stood in front of her.

Chi Jiao’s gaze immediately landed on the young man, and surprise flashed across her eyes.

The simple red sweater accentuated the young man’s fair skin. He was so handsome that he looked like a little prince who had walked out of a fairytale. His entire body seemed to be glowing.

“So handsome,” the female staff standing beside Chi Jiao exclaimed.

Her exclamation immediately attracted the attention of another female shop a.s.sistant and Lu Xian.

The two of them looked towards the couch together.

She was stunned the moment Lu Xian saw Quan Jue.

Seeing the young man wearing a red sweater, her originally calm eyes immediately stirred.

Immediately after, distant and unfamiliar memories frantically drilled out of the depths of her mind.

“Xiao Yue, I have no feelings for that woman at all. Our marriage is arranged. She followed me when she was eighteen. We agreed that we would get a divorce in ten years.” The man’s face was blurry, and his voice sounded like a curse.

But the red sweater he was wearing was very glaring.

“Xiao Yue, you have to believe me. I love you…”

“Xiao Yue, you have to believe me. I love you…”

“Xiao Yue, you have to believe me. I…”


The man’s voice kept echoing in her mind. Lu Xian felt a headache coming on. It was so painful that she felt her head was about to explode.

She looked at Quan Jue with a pale face and gradually merged him with the man torturing her in her mind.

“Miss Lu, what’s wrong?” The female staff standing beside Lu Xian finally noticed her abnormality.

Lu Xian’s face was pale, and cold sweat rolled down her forehead.

She glared at Quan Jue with a crazy and hateful gaze.



Lu Xian let out a hysterical scream before squatting down holding her head.

“Stop talking! Stop talking!” She shouted crazily as she pounded her head repeatedly with her hands, as if she wanted to chase that voice out.

The moment Lu Xian screamed, everyone’s attention was attracted to her, including Chi Jiao and Quan Jue.

Quan Jue didn’t expect to see Lu Xian here. When he saw her crazy appearance, he frowned deeply.

Chi Jiao had already stood up and walked towards her.

“Miss Lu! Calm down!” The female shop a.s.sistant standing beside Lu Xian was frightened and was about to reach out to her when she was suddenly flung away.

“Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!” Lu Xian waved her hands wildly and shouted hysterically.

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