Chapter 385: Don’t Touch Her

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The saleswoman almost stumbled from Lu Xian’s throw and looked at her as if she was a lunatic.

At this moment, Lu Xian indeed looked no different from a lunatic.

Chi Jiao quickly walked up to her. Before she could extend her hand, Quan Jue had already followed after and grabbed her wrist.

“Brother Quan?” Chi Jiao turned around and looked at him in confusion.

“Don’t touch her.” Quan Jue’s expression was sinister. If one looked closely, it was not difficult to notice the hidden nervousness in his eyes. He stared at Chi Jiao intently and said clearly, “Don’t touch her! She will hurt you.”

This was the first time Chi Jiao had seen such a terrifying expression on his face. She felt like her heart was being pierced by something.

At that moment, she suddenly thought of some things that Na Yankun had said.

At that time, Na Yankun had especially investigated her in detail, and he had also investigated Quan Jue’s life before he came to the Chi family.

Before Lu Xian’s accident, Quan Jue was still young.

According to the neighbor who lived near Quan Jue’s house at that time, Lu Xian had very serious mania and was rarely lucid.

She was more normal when she was sober, and she treated Quan Jue’s grandmother quite well.

However, Lu Xian was in a berserk state for at least twenty days in a month. Quan Jue was still young at that time. It was normal for boys to be more mischievous when they were young. However, the slightest commotion he made could cause Lu Xian to flare up.

Every time Lu Xian flew into a rage, she would throw things at home and curse. She seemed like a completely different person from her usual gentle self.

She would even hit Quan Jue.

If Quan Jue’s grandmother dared to stop her, she would hit the old lady as well.

Chi Jiao almost cried after reading the investigation report.

She didn’t dare to imagine how much fear and torture Quan Jue had to experience back then.

She used to think that she was very unlucky to have lost her mother not long after she was born.

But her childhood was still blissful. Many people doted on her.

Especially her G.o.d grandfather and G.o.d grandmother, who treated her like their biological granddaughter. They would cradle her in their mouths if not for the fear that she would melt, or break if they held her in their hands.

In comparison, she was more fortunate than Quan Jue.

However, in her previous life, she didn’t realize that Quan Jue had experienced this.

She didn’t even know that he was humbly loving her secretly. In the end, he even sacrificed his life for her.

Looking at Quan Jue’s reaction, it wasn’t difficult for Chi Jiao to guess what he was thinking.

It looked like Lu Xian’s mental illness had flared up. He must have been reminded of unpleasant memories by her.

Chi Jiao held Quan Jue’s hand tightly instead and stared at him with her clear and pure eyes. “Brother Quan, it’s alright. Believe me, I have a way to help her. This is a public place. We can’t let her continue like this.”

Quan Jue looked straight into her eyes.

From those dark eyes, he saw his sinister self.

But she wasn’t afraid of him and was still trying her best to comfort him.

It was as if his heart had been gently caressed by a warm hand, and the turmoil in his heart was instantly soothed.

A few seconds later, Quan Jue nodded slowly.

Chi Jiao let go of his hand and slowly walked to Lu Xian’s side.

At that moment, the commotion attracted the attention of many pa.s.sers-by outside the store.

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