Chapter 387: How Old Is She?

HAG132 also had a very unique name: Smiley Puppet.

Taking this medicine for a long time could harm the brain, causing one’s nerves to become numb and their actions to be slow. After a long time, they would become emotionless puppets.

They would become puppets who would know nothing but eating and drinking and could be manipulated by others at will.

That was why this medicine had such a name.

“Is the concentration of HAG in her blood high?” Chi Jiao asked after a full minute of silence.

The side effects of this drug were irreversible.

Once it caused damage to the brain, it would be irreversible.

The degree of damage depended on the concentration of HAG in the blood.

“Fortunately, the concentration in her blood isn’t that high. She probably just started taking it not long ago.” When Yu Min said this, she sighed. “Since HAG132 is listed as a forbidden medicine, it must be too dangerous. There are many ways to treat mental illnesses, but there are no shortcuts. Although the effects of HAG132 are obvious, it can’t be used.”

“I understand, Sister Yu. It’s been hard on you,” Chi Jiao said with a sweet smile.

Yu Min shook her head. “You’re too polite. Oh, right. When I was checking her body earlier, I noticed something strange.”

“What’s strange?”

“The patient looks to be in her twenties at most, but her organs don’t seem to be in the state that a young person in their twenties should have. They seem more like the state a person in their thirties or forties should have,” Yu Min said with an incredulous expression. “I even specially checked her bone condition. It doesn’t seem to be the state a young person should be in. How old is she?”

Chi Jiao guessed that Yu Min would find out about this. Not looking surprised, she said indifferently, “Sister Yu, I can’t tell you about this in detail now, but I have a request.”

“Tell me.”

“I would like to ask you to help me keep this patient’s condition a secret for the time being,” Chi Jiao said slowly to her.

“Don’t worry about that. It’s my responsibility to protect the patient’s privacy,” Yu Min said with a smile.

“Thank you, Sister Yu.” Chi Jiao smiled as well.

“Oh, right. I also found some wounds on the patient’s body. Some of them were scars from a long time ago, and there are also recent injuries.” Yu Min suddenly thought of something and said, “If HAG132 becomes intolerable, the patient will self-harm.”

“I understand,” Chi Jiao said.

Yu Min reached out and pinched her cheek. “If you’re staying longer in Shang Jing this time, you can visit my house if there’s nothing else.”

She really liked to pinch Jiaojiao’s face too much. It felt too nice in her hands.

Chi Jiao was also used to others pinching her cheeks. She smiled and nodded.

After watching Yu Min leave, Chi Jiao turned around and walked into the ward.

Quan Jue was still sitting by the bed as if he had turned into a statue.

Lying on the bed, Lu Xian was sleeping particularly soundly because she had been given a sedative. She showed no signs of waking up soon.

Sensing that someone was approaching, Quan Jue suddenly laughed.

His deep and hoa.r.s.e laughter was filled with faint mockery.

“Jiaojiao, look. Isn’t it very interesting?”

Chi Jiao stood behind him and bent down to hug him.

Without any words, her actions proved everything.

No matter what happened, she would always be by his side.

Until death.

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