Chapter 388: Actually, He Wasn’t Omnipotent

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Quan Jue felt the warmth from the girl behind him, and his eyes rippled slightly.

Thankfully, she was still by his side.

Actually, he wasn’t omnipotent.

Only with her by his side could he be that invincible Quan Jue.

“Brother Quan, I have something to tell you about Auntie. Do you want to hear it?” Chi Jiao asked.

“Tell me about it,” Quan Jue said slowly.

Chi Jiao knew that it was impossible for him to not care about Lu Xian at all.

No one knew Quan Jue better than her.

This young man was proud and cold-blooded. But deep down, he valued relations.h.i.+ps very much.

If he was really as cold-blooded and heartless as he seemed, why would he be willing to die for her?

Chi Jiao moved to sit on the bed and faced him.

Then, she told Quan Jue in detail what Yu Min had just told.

“The man with Auntie is not a kind person.” Towards the end, Chi Jiao’s tone gradually darkened. “Brother Quan, do you plan to let Auntie return to that man’s side?”

Quan Jue was silent for a moment before saying slowly, “She doesn’t remember me anymore.”

His tone was calm.

“It’s also possible that it’s because of the medicine that she forgot about you.” Chi Jiao stared straight at him. “Brother Quan, since that person gave Auntie HAG132, it’s obvious that he doesn’t really love her.”

Turning a living person into a mindless puppet was a very cruel method.

Anyone with a little dignity wouldn’t be willing to be a puppet controlled by anyone.

Quan Jue turned to look at his mother.

Lu Xian looked gentle and quiet as she slept.

Like an innocent young lady.

After staring at her for a long time, Quan Jue said slowly, “She might not be willing to leave that man.”

He recalled how Lu Xian looked at Ye Yichen with reliance when they were together.

It was a kind of reliance that couldn’t be faked.

Quan Jue felt that Lu Xian right now wouldn’t be able to leave Ye Yichen at all.

He couldn’t force her to leave him, either.

After all, legally, his mother was no longer alive.

He had nothing to do with her ident.i.ty as Lu Xian.

“Jiaojiao, you don’t have to worry about this,” Quan Jue continued. He turned to look at her and said, “I’ll settle it.”

“But I want to help.” Chi Jiao took the initiative to grab his hand and interlocked her fingers with his. “Brother Quan, if you need my help, you have to tell me.”

Quan Jue nodded.

Vrrr! Vrrr! Vrrr!

Just then, a phone vibrated in a bag by the bed.

That bag belonged to Lu Xian.

Quan Jue opened the bag calmly and took out the phone. The caller ID showed Ye Yichen’s name.

He answered the call without hesitation.

“h.e.l.lo, Honey. Are you home?” Ye Yichen’s gentle voice was heard from the other end of the line.

“Lin Yue is in the hospital,” Quan Jue said indifferently.

He deliberately used the name “Lin Yue”.

On the other end of the line, Ye Yichen immediately fell silent as if he was being strangled.

His breathing instantly became heavy.

Quan Jue held the phone and smiled faintly.

Chi Jiao looked at him, her dark and bright eyes s.h.i.+ning like stars.

Brother Quan was declaring war on Ye Yichen. He was too handsome.

It took Ye Yichen a full two minutes to calm down.

“Which hospital is Lu Xian at?” Ye Yichen asked word for word.

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