Chapter 393: I’ve Never Managed Jiaojiao’s Studies

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Chi Jiao was chatting with Lu Xian when Quan Jue returned to the ward.

He had just pushed open the door when he heard their laughter.

“Brother Quan, you’re back,” Chi Jiao said with a smile when she heard the door open.

Quan Jue smiled and quickened his steps to the bed. “It’s getting late. We should leave.”

When Lu Xian heard that Chi Jiao was leaving, her expression revealed reluctance.

“Miss Lu, we’ll meet again in the future,” Chi Jiao said with a smile, sensing her reluctance.

“Then give me your contact number. You guys have done me a huge favor this time. After I’m discharged, I’ll treat you guys to a meal sometime,” Lu Xian said as she picked up her phone.

Chi Jiao quickly told Lu Xian her phone number.

After Lu Xian saved the phone number, she smiled. “I’ll give you a call.”

Chi Jiao nodded. “I’ll be waiting.”

When Quan Jue saw that she and Lu Xian had developed a “friends.h.i.+p” in such a short period of time, his thin lips curled into a fleeting smile.

After leaving the hospital, Quan Jue didn’t mention Lu Xian again for the next few days.

Chi Jiao knew that he had his own ideas, so she didn’t ask him about them.

However, for the past few days, other than accompanying her for dinner, Quan Jue had been too busy to see her.

Unknowingly, three days had pa.s.sed.

They were going back to White City tomorrow. Chi Mingwei decided to visit an old friend of his before leaving, and he planned to bring Chi Jiao along.

“Your Uncle Qin was originally from White City and was my cla.s.smate. However, due to his family and career, he stayed in Shang Jing to develop his business,” Chi Mingwei said with a smile as he sat in the backseat.

Chi Jiao looked at the scenery outside and nodded nonchalantly.

Ten minutes later, at the Qin residence.

The Qin family owned an entertainment company. Although it couldn’t compare to the rich families, it was still considered wealthy.

The Qin family’s residence was very grandiose. It had an attic and a pavilion, giving it an antique feel.

“Jiaojiao, let me introduce you. This is your Uncle Qin.” When he saw the person he was visiting today, Chi Mingwei greeted him before introducing him to Chi Jiao solemnly.

Chi Jiao looked at the plump and amiable middle-aged man in front of her and revealed her signature sweet smile. “h.e.l.lo, Uncle Qin. I’m Chi Jiao.”

“Jiaojiao has already grown up into such a big girl,” Qin Qingrong said with a bright smile.

“Yeah, time really flies.” Chi Mingwei sighed.

“That’s right. We’ve all become old fellows now.” Qin Qingrong sighed.

After that, Qin Qingrong and Chi Mingwei started to talk about some interesting things that happened when they were young.

Chi Jiao played with her fingers in boredom.

While Qin Qingrong was talking to Chi Mingwei, his gaze would occasionally land on Chi Jiao.

The young girl was wearing a simple white, knitted sweater. She was like a deer fairy that had intruded into the human world, pure and adorable.

She completely matched the image of a short video their company was preparing to release.

“Is Jiaojiao still in high school?” Qin Qingrong suddenly changed the topic.

Chi Mingwei nodded and said, “Yes, she’s in Grade 11 this year.”

“Your grades must be very good,” Qin Qingrong said with a smile.

“So-so. She got first place in cla.s.s for her end-of-term exams. I’ve never managed Jiaojiao’s studies. This child sure is capable,” Chi Mingwei said, beaming with joy.. The word “proud” was practically written on his face.

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