Chapter 394: Since They Called Chi Jiao a Beautiful and Kind Lady, It Meant They Had Become Chi Jiao’s Fans

Qin Qingrong glanced at him faintly.

Was this fellow stabbing his heart?

His son, who was the same age as Chi Jiao, came in last.

There was really no harm if there was no comparison.

Chi Jiao looked at her father helplessly.

He said she was so-so, but he still praised her in the end.

Wasn’t he clearly showing off?

Chi Mingwei just wanted to boast about his daughter. In his eyes, Jiaojiao was the best and most obedient child in the world.

“Jiaojiao, I have a project in my company where we have to shoot a public service video. It’s about a girl who left the mountains and fulfilled her dreams with her own efforts. I think you’re very suitable for this role. I wonder if you’re interested?” Qin Qingrong had always been a straightforward person, so he went straight to the point.

Of course, he didn’t invite Chi Jiao because she grew up in the mountains.

His vision wasn’t that shallow. He wouldn’t discriminate against children who grew up in the mountains.

It was all because Chi Jiao’s aura was too pure. Moreover, her eyes were bright and confident, completely matching the female lead role in the short story.

Huo Wanwan had just entered the residence when she heard her uncle’s voice. She was stunned.

She hurriedly looked towards the sofa and saw her uncle, Qin Qingrong, smiling at the person sitting opposite him.

That person happened to have her back facing her. Huo Wanwan could only see that she had thick, soft, and slightly curly hair.

Her grip on the gift bag tightened.

The reason why she came to visit Qin Qingrong today was because of the female lead role he mentioned earlier!

Initially, she didn’t care much about that role.

However, after the Meng family’s banquet ended, she had to pay the media reporters’ hush money to buy their videos and photos in order to maintain her image.

But for some reason, she received the hush money back the next day. Moreover, her aggressive video and photos at the banquet were exposed. Her fairy-like persona collapsed with a bang, and her image was greatly damaged.

From that day on, she would receive many private messages from netizens scolding her every day.

What made Huo Wanwan even angrier was that Chi Jiao’s face had been censored. No one had exposed her ident.i.ty. The netizens only knew that she had bullied a girl with excellent medical skills. The people who scolded her expressed good feelings towards Chi Jiao, who didn’t even show her face or reveal her name.

Since they called Chi Jiao a beautiful and kind lady, it meant they had become Chi Jiao’s fans.

Huo Wanwan had never been scolded by so many people before. She urgently needed a chance to clear her name, and filming a public service short film was the first step she had chosen.

Therefore, she specially bought a gift today and visited Qin Qingrong.

However, just as she entered, she heard him talking to someone about the role she had her eye on.

She would never give this opportunity to anyone else. As Huo Wanwan walked towards the sofa in her high heels, she called out, “Uncle.”

Although he was her aunt’s husband, their family called him “uncle”.

Hearing Huo Wanwan’s voice, Qin Qingrong turned around and saw her. The smile on his face couldn’t help but fade.

“Wanwan, why are you here at this time?” Qin Qingrong still remembered how Huo Wanwan had rejected him outright the last time he wanted her to act as the female lead in the public service film.

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