Chapter 395: I Want to Be the Female Lead

Qin Qingrong had married Huo Wanwan’s eldest aunt. This could be considered high status.

He originally felt that Huo Wanwan looked down on him sometimes. The last time, she rejected his invitation on the spot without hesitation, which further confirmed his inner thoughts.

Chi Jiao didn’t expect to meet Huo Wanwan here again.

However, the wealthy social circles in Shang Jing were only so big. Such a coincidence was nothing strange.

Therefore, Chi Jiao still maintained a calm expression.

Chi Mingwei didn’t know her. He looked at Qin Qingrong.

“Mingwei, this is the eldest daughter of the Huo family, Huo Wanwan,” Qin Qingrong introduced her indifferently.

From the way Qin Qingrong introduced Huo Wanwan, Chi Mingwei could tell that he didn’t like her.

He smiled and nodded at her.

Huo Wanwan didn’t notice Chi Mingwei at all. She had already walked to the sofa and was stunned the moment she saw Chi Jiao.

Why was she here?

No, her uncle was talking to Chi Jiao earlier.

So, her uncle wanted Chi Jiao to be the female lead in that public service short film?!

No way!

Quickly coming back to her senses, she placed the gift bag on the coffee table and said to Qin Qingrong, “Uncle, I’ve been too busy these few days. I haven’t had the time to visit you and First Aunt. Is she home?”

“No. If you have anything to say to your aunt, you can call her.”

When she saw his indifferent att.i.tude towards her, displeasure flashed across Huo Wanwan’s eyes.

Didn’t she just reject him once previously? Did this old man have to be so vengeful?

The dissatisfaction in her heart was not shown on the surface. Huo Wanwan smiled and said, “Uncle, you’ve misunderstood. I’m not here to find my aunt. I’m here to find you.”

After speaking, she looked at her uncle, antic.i.p.ating a look of surprise.

In the Huo family, other than her eldest aunt, not many people liked Qin Qingrong.

In their eyes, Qin Qingrong relied on them to achieve what he had today.

Of course, she thought so too.

Therefore, he should be very happy that she took the initiative to say that she was looking for him.

There was no special expression on Qin Qingrong’s face. His gaze was still as cold as before. “Oh? Why are you looking for me? Hurry up and tell me. I still have guests to entertain.”

Her eyes trembled when Huo Wanwan saw him speaking to her in such an impatient tone.

Chi Jiao was also here.

Was this old man deliberately trying to embarra.s.s her in front of Chi Jiao?

“Uncle, it just so happens that I don’t like to beat around the bush either,” Huo Wanwan said as she sat down on another empty armchair and looked at Qin Qingrong. “I’ve thought about the public service short film you mentioned previously. I want to be the female lead.”

With that, she looked at Chi Jiao provocatively.

Ignoring everything else, Chi Jiao would definitely not be able to get this role over her!

She didn’t believe that Qin Qingrong would dare to reject her request.

When he heard Huo Wanwan speaking to Qin Qingrong in such a commanding and domineering tone, Chi Mingwei frowned slightly, his eyes revealing his disdain.

This girl didn’t seem to know how to respect her elders.

Chi Jiao was already used to Huo Wanwan’s actions.

She was just a spoiled rich missy.

She was a cla.s.sic example of someone who had no brains yet still tried to be frank.

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