Chapter 397: Hmph! This d.a.m.n Girl Wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h Something From Her?

“Huo Wanwan, don’t go overboard.” The veins on Qin Qingrong’s forehead were bulging.

Even if he had a good temper, he couldn’t let Huo Wanwan embarra.s.s him like this in front of the friend he grew up with.

“Uncle Qin, you’re the one who’s clearly overboard. Initially, you said that you would give me the female lead role, but now, you’re giving it to someone else. Don’t forget that without our family, your small, lousy company wouldn’t have been able to achieve what it has today.” Huo Wan wasn’t afraid of Qin Qingrong at all. Her tone was filled with pride. “If you don’t give this role to me, I’ll go back and tell Grandpa and my father to get the Huo Corporation to withdraw their investments from your company!”

She, Huo Wanwan, was the little princess of the Huo family and the only girl in this generation. Every elder in the family treated her like a treasure and doted on her. She wasn’t afraid of him!

As long as he didn’t let her have her way, she would make him feel even worse!

“You!” Qin Qingrong was utterly furious.

He also knew about the scandal that Huo Wanwan had caused in the past two days, as well as the collapse of her image.

Putting everything else aside, if they really chose Huo Wanwan to be the female lead in the public service film at this moment, they would just be looking for trouble.

However, if what she said was true and the Huo Corporation withdrew their investments, it would be a huge blow to his company!

Huo Wanwan leaned back comfortably on the sofa and looked at Qin Qingrong’s livid expression. “Uncle, we’re family. Why must we make things so unpleasant? If you give me this role, I will cherish this opportunity and not disappoint you.”

With that, she even glanced at Chi Jiao smugly.

Hmph! This d.a.m.n girl wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h something from her? Dream on!

“Old Qin, why don’t…” Chi Mingwei saw that Qin Qingrong was in a difficult position and was about to advise him to give this role to Huo Wanwan so that she could give him a way out.

However, just as he started speaking, the girl sitting beside him interrupted him softly.

“Uncle Qin, my father came this time to talk to you about investing in your company. How about this? I’ll help my father decide. Isn’t the Huo Corporation withdrawing their investments? We’ll double the amount they withdraw. What do you think?” Chi Jiao blinked her clear doe eyes and smiled at Qin Qingrong.

The entire living room fell silent at her words.

Qin Qingrong, Huo Wanwan, and Chi Mingwei all looked at Chi Jiao.

Their gazes were identical and filled with disbelief.

Especially Chi Mingwei, whose heart was trembling.

He had never told Chi Jiao that he wanted to invest in Qin Qingrong’s company. He knew that with the Chi family’s current power, there was no way they could go against the Huo family.

However, Jiaojiao’s words sounded like she was just finding trouble with the Huo family.

Chi Jiao winked at him, indicating for him to be at ease.

Seeing the sly confidence in her eyes, Chi Mingwei suddenly felt relieved.

Jiaojiao wouldn’t be so unreasonable at such a time. Since she said that, she must have her own plans.

“Do you know how much money my family invested?” Huo Wanwan recovered from her shock and looked at her mockingly.

“Don’t worry. No matter how much you invested, we’ll double it,” Chi Jiao said with a smile.

“Chi Jiao, are you trying to go against our family?” Huo Wanwan’s tone darkened.

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