Chapter 399: You Have to Stick Up for Me

Since Chi Jiao had said that, Chi Mingwei naturally believed her.

Taking a deep breath and slowly exhaling, Chi Mingwei tried his best to control the complicated emotions in his heart as he looked deeply at Chi Jiao and said, “Jiaojiao, you have to remember not to show your wealth. You have to keep a low profile and try your best not to get into trouble.”

His precious daughter was actually so rich.

Since she could buy the entire Huo family, her a.s.sets would definitely be several times that of the Chi family.

At the thought that his precious daughter was as innocent as a blank piece of paper, Chi Mingwei couldn’t stand it.

What if someone with ulterior motives found out about this and did something bad to her?

When he thought of the kidnapping case Chi Jiao had encountered previously, Chi Mingwei felt uncomfortable.

That was why he warned Jiaojiao solemnly.

Chi Jiao could tell what her father was worried about. Thus, she nodded cooperatively. “I know, Daddy. This is our little secret. I won’t tell anyone.”

With that, she extended her pinky.

Chi Mingwei looked at her childish actions and cooperatively hooked his pinky with hers. He couldn’t help but smile. “Then, we’ve made a deal. Don’t let anyone know, including Quan Jue.”

Chi Jiao’s lips twitched silently at that.

She didn’t dare to imagine her father’s expression if he knew that she had already brought Quan Jue to visit 007 Laboratory without telling him about it.

At the Huo residence.

After Huo Wanwan returned home, the more she thought about what had happened at the Qin Residence today, the angrier she became. Then, she went straight to her grandfather’s room.

Just as she pushed the door open, Huo Wanwan saw her uncle, Huo Chen, who had not been home for a long time.

Huo Chen was chatting with Old Master Huo when he saw Huo Wanwan barging in without knocking. His handsome face darkened slightly.

He had a cold and abstinent look, to begin with. But when his expression darkened, he looked threatening.

When Huo Wanwan saw the displeasure on his face, her heart skipped a beat.

“Little Uncle, when did you come back?” Huo Wanwan smiled guiltily.

“I just returned today,” Huo Chen said coldly.

“Wanwan, why did you barge in so angrily like this?” Old Master Huo asked as he pushed his reading up his nose.

Huo Wanwan walked to Old Master Huo’s side and sat down. She hugged his arm and said pitifully, “Grandpa, you have to stick up for me. Qin Qingrong bullied me!”

When he heard Huo Wanwan calling Qin Qingrong by his name, Huo Chen frowned slightly. He looked at her with even more displeasure and said sternly, “Wanwan, how can you call your elder by his name?”

Old Master Huo was already used to Huo Wanwan’s straightforwardness. He was worried that Huo Chen’s sternness would scare her and immediately looked up and glared at him. “Our Wanwan received western education. The West doesn’t care about such things.”

Huo Chen knew that Old Master Huo was being protective of his grandchildren again, but he didn’t intend to compromise at all. He continued to stare at Huo Wanwan coldly and harshly. “Even if you’ve received Western education, you’re a citizen of Country Hua. Therefore, you have to follow our country’s etiquette. From now on, I don’t want to hear you calling your elders by name.”

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