Chapter 400: Sooner or Later, You’ll Completely Spoil Her

Huo Wanwan was fearless in the Huo family, but she was afraid of Huo Chen.

Actually, Huo Chen usually treated her well, but he would never spoil her like the rest of the family.

“I understand, Little Uncle,” Huo Wanwan said weakly.

Old Master Huo asked, “How did Qin Qingrong bully you? Tell me about it.”

At the mention of this, Huo Wanwan felt really aggrieved.

“Grandpa, you don’t know how much Qin Qing—I mean, Uncle Qin, has gone overboard!” Huo Wanwan’s eyes quickly turned red as she looked at Old Master Huo pitifully. “Uncle Qin’s company has a project to shoot a public service short film. Previously, he invited me to act as the female lead. I was busy at that time, so I rejected him. Then, I’ve had some time on my hands recently, and coincidentally, the female lead in that short film hasn’t been confirmed yet. So, I wanted to help out Uncle Qin. I took the initiative to visit him today and told him that I was willing to act as the female lead, but he rejected me. Not only did he reject me, but he also plans to give this role to his friend’s daughter, Chi Jiao. That girl was especially arrogant and said that if our Huo family were to withdraw our investment from Uncle Qin’s company, they would prepare to double the investment. Isn’t this not taking us seriously?!”

She rambled on as if she was pouring beans.

Huo Chen’s eyes rippled briefly when he heard Chi Jiao’s name.

However, Old Master Huo was furious. His heart ached as he watched Huo Wanwan cry as she spoke.

“What a good Qin Qingrong! He actually dared to bully my precious granddaughter! Wanwan, don’t worry. Grandpa is here. Grandpa will go find Qin Qingrong and demand an explanation!” As Old Master Huo spoke, he was about to press the bell by the bed to call for his nanny.

It was inconvenient for him to move now. He had to sit in the wheelchair, and he couldn’t leave the nanny if he headed out.

Huo Chen reached out and held Old Master Huo’s arm. He looked at him and said, “Dad, this isn’t Brother Qin’s fault.”

“Little Uncle, how can you speak for an outsider?” Huo Wanwan looked at him with red eyes and questioned him.

Huo Chen glanced at her coldly. “Can you guarantee that you’re completely the victim in this matter and that you didn’t do anything wrong?”

Huo Wanwan felt as if she had fallen into an icehouse from his icy gaze. She was instantly speechless.

She didn’t dare to lie in front of him.

“Dad, you’re always spoiling Wanwan like this. Sooner or later, you’ll completely spoil her.” Huo Chen looked at Old Master Huo and said, “We haven’t even gotten to the bottom of this matter yet. It’s not fair to Brother Qin at all for you to look for him like this. Even if you don’t agree with his feelings, you have to consider my sister’s feelings at least, right?”

Old Master Huo was also rendered speechless by his question.

He really didn’t think that much.

“Leave this matter to me. Don’t bother yourself with it,” Huo Chen said as he stood up. He then said to Wanwan, “Huo Wanwan, come out with me.”

Huo Wanwan glanced at Old Master Huo and looked at him for help.

She didn’t want to go out with him at all.

Old Master Huo waved at her, indicating that he couldn’t do anything about it.

Not to mention Huo Wanwan, even he was also a little afraid of his youngest son.

In the past, he had raised Huo Chen as the heir of the Huo family, but who knew that Huo Chen’s ambition was not to inherit the family business but to become a police officer?

But he couldn’t do anything about him.

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