Chapter 401: What Do You Mean by Not Being Pure?

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After leaving Old Master Huo’s room, Huo Chen and Huo Wanwan chatted in the corridor on the second floor.

Under Huo Chen’s interrogation, Huo Wanwan honestly told him everything that happened at the Qin household. She didn’t dare to hide anything.

After telling him the truth, Huo Wanwan lowered her head and stood rooted to the ground.

“Have you ever thought that since Chi Jiao said that, it proves that she has the ability to do it?” Huo Chen asked coldly.

Huo Wanwan bit her lower lip and remained silent.

She didn’t think about this carefully. She only knew that Chi Jiao had wronged her and made her suffer, so she didn’t want her to have an easy time either.

“I’ve told you before that there will always be someone better than you. Other people might not take the Huo family seriously because they have the capability to.” Huo Chen narrowed his hawk-like eyes and stared straight at her. “Tell me, what else happened between you and Chi Jiao?”

Huo Wanwan didn’t expect him to ask such a question and looked up in confusion.

“Tell me,” Huo Chen spat out coldly.

From the way Huo Wanwan mentioned Chi Jiao earlier, he could tell that she was very, very dissatisfied with her.

That was why he was certain that something unpleasant had happened between them previously.

Under Huo Chen’s cold gaze, Huo Wanwan had nowhere to escape.

She had no choice but to tell him about what happened at the Meng family’s banquet.

“Little Uncle, you can’t blame me for this! If you didn’t see it with your own eyes, would you believe that a seventeen-year-old girl has such superb medical skills?” Towards the end, Huo Wanwan’s voice became softer and softer.

“Go apologize to your Uncle Qin tomorrow,” Huo Chen said slowly.

“Why?” Huo Wanwan looked at him in disbelief.

“This is your fault. You have to apologize.” Huo Chen’s tone left no room for negotiation. “If you don’t apologize, I’ll teach you a lesson. We’ll see who dares to stop me, then.”

With that, Huo Chen turned around and left, leaving the indignant Huo Wanwan behind.

That night, at the Yan Residence.

“Jiaojiao, when are you arriving? We’ve already prepared dinner. I’ve made a lot of your favorite dishes.” Yan Qingqing teased the cute little puppy in front of her as she spoke on the phone.

Yan Zhengchen and Gong Lu sat on the sofa and watched the cute little puppy play with her.

“Give that little fellow a name,” Yan Zhengchen suddenly said to Gong Lu.

“Why should I? This is clearly your dog,” Gong Lu said.

Yan Zhengchen glanced sideways at him and sneered. “You’re quite polite now, aren’t you? Why weren’t you polite at all when you pulled me to protect you?”

On the other end, Yan Qingqing had just ended the call with Chi Jiao when she heard what he said. Her gossipy soul was immediately ignited as she looked at him and asked, “Big Brother, what bullet did you take for Brother Lu again?”

“Your Uncle Gong asked Brother Lu to go on a blind date. He said he would ask for my opinion, and he would go if I asked him to.” When Yan Zhengchen mentioned this, the corners of his lips unconsciously curled up. He looked sideways at Gong Lu and continued, “Gong Lu, what on earth were you thinking? Do you know how your father stared at me when he came looking for me today? It was as if we were not pure.”

Gong Lu raised his good-looking eyebrows. “What do you mean by not being pure?”

Yan Qingqing looked at them, and her desire for boys’ love burned fiercely.

Actually, it wasn’t just Gong Lu’s father who thought so. She thought so, too!


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