Chapter 402: Most Importantly, She Had No Objections If Jiaojiao Liked Him

Yan Zhengchen reached out to pat Gong Lu’s shoulder and said meaningfully, “He thinks we’re a couple.”

Gong Lu almost bit his tongue as his earlobes turned red.

“My father would never think that way. You’ve misunderstood him,” Gong Lu said without hesitation.

Yan Zhengchen shrugged, implying that he was helpless as well.

Gong Lu didn’t want to continue on this topic and looked at the cute little puppy again.

It was a black Labrador that looked like a black chunk of coal.

“Have you thought of a name for it?” Yan Zhengchen asked.

“Let’s call it Charcoal,” Gong Lu said casually.

“This name is not bad. It’s high-end,, and suits its image very well. We’ll name it Charcoal,” Yan Zhengchen said seriously.

The casually joking Gong Lu was speechless.

Yan Qingqing was stunned, too.

She couldn’t see how the name “Charcoal” was high-end and

The cute little dog still didn’t know that it had been casually named. It was trying its best to bite the ball that was bigger than its head, wagging its tail happily.

Gong Lu went forward to pick it up and held him in his embrace before sitting back down on the sofa.

Charcoal seemed to like his smell as it licked his hand.

Lowering his head to look at Charcoal, Gong Lu’s thin lips curled into a gentle and happy smile.

Yan Zhengchen looked sideways at him with a faint smile on his thin lips.

He had rarely seen Gong Lu smile so relaxedly.

The Gong family’s rules were even stricter than ordinary n.o.ble families. Therefore, Gong Lu had grown up in a very stern environment.

His words and actions had to be appropriate.

Therefore, Gong Lu had cultivated the habit of not showing his emotions since he was young. He wrapped himself up with a gentle and calm appearance, rarely revealing his true emotions.

After staring at him, Yan Zhengchen snapped out of his daze and aimed his phone at him to take a photo.

When he heard the sound, Gong Lu looked up at him. The smile on his lips subconsciously faded, and he returned to his calm and gentle self. “What were you doing just now?”

“I found Charcoal very cute and took a photo,” Yan Zhengchen said indifferently as he saved the photo.

Gong Lu gently poked Charcoal’s head with his slender fingers and said, “It looks a little like you.”

Yan Zhengchen was confused.

“Both of you are rather clingy,” Gong Lu said indifferently.

Yan Qingqing glanced at him meaningfully when she heard this.

Only Gong Lu would say that her brother was clingy.

Yan Zhengchen touched his tall nose, speechless at his words.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

“I’ll open it.” Yan Qingqing guessed that it was Chi Jiao, so she stood up clumsily and ran to open the door.

Chi Jiao had arrived with Quan Jue.

Quan Jue went to the hotel to look for her tonight. She said that she was going to meet Yan Zhengchen and Gong Lu. She asked if he wanted to come with her, and he agreed.

Therefore, when Yan Qingqing opened the door and saw them standing side by side, her eyes were filled with astonishment.

“I brought Brother Quan here for a free meal,” Chi Jiao said with a smile, her pet.i.te hand still holding Quan Jue’s.

“h.e.l.lo, Quan Jue. I didn’t have the chance to introduce myself last time. I’m Yan Qingqing,” Yan Qingqing said with a smile.

She was quite satisfied with Quan Jue.

Most importantly, she had no objections if Jiaojiao liked him.

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