Chapter 403: Don’t Worry. After All, This Is Our First Dog

The injuries on Quan Jue’s face had already healed completely. There were no traces of them at all. He looked even more like a flower on a high mountain. He was as handsome as ever, but he also had an indifference that kept people a thousand miles away.

He glanced at Yan Qingqing indifferently and revealed a cold but still polite smile as a greeting.

Yan Qingqing could tell that he had a cold personality, but she didn’t mind his silence. She turned sideways and let them into the house. “Come in quickly. It’s cold outside.”

When Gong Lu and Yan Zhengchen saw Quan Jue, they were only a little surprised.

They already knew that Chi Jiao had brought Quan Jue to visit 007. Therefore, it wasn’t surprising for her to bring him here to see them.

The two of them were a little bitter.

In their eyes, Jiaojiao was no different from their biological sister.

They had never thought that she would fall in love so early.

They had always felt that with them doting on Jiaojiao, it wouldn’t be too late even if she fell in love in her thirties.

After all, their Little Jiaojiao was so outstanding and likable. As her maternal family, they naturally hoped that she would stay longer.

But now, Jiaojiao had brought Quan Jue back to Mount Li and even visited 007 Laboratory with him. All these signs were enough to prove that she planned to marry him.

At the thought that Jiaojiao would marry Quan Jue in the future, Gong Lu and Yan Zhengchen felt as if their cabbage had been eaten by a pig.

“Brother Chen, Brother Lu.” Chi Jiao smiled obediently and greeted them.

Yan Zhengchen and Gong Lu nodded in unison before looking at Quan Jue.

Clearly, they were waiting for him to greet them as well.

Seeing that the two of them were staring at him, Quan Jue nodded indifferently as a form of greeting.

For some reason, Yan Zhengchen and Gong Lu felt the aura of a big shot from him.

However, when they thought of Quan Jue’s actions over the past few days, Yan Zhengchen and Gong Lu felt that this young man before them would definitely not be an ordinary person in the future.

“Take a seat,” Yan Zhengchen said indifferently.

Chi Jiao pulled Quan Jue to sit on the sofa. Then, her attention was attracted to Charcoal in Gong Lu’s arms.

Charcoal had curled into a ball in Gong Lu’s arms and fallen asleep.

“Brother Lu, is that your puppy?” Chi Jiao asked as her eyes lit up.

“Your Brother Chen is raising it,” Gong Lu said as he handed Charcoal to her. “Do you want to carry it?”

Chi Jiao quickly took it. Charcoal opened its eyes and stared at her with its round eyes. Then, it happily rubbed its head against her hand. It didn’t look awkward with strangers at all.

Feeling that Little Charcoal was too cute, Chi Jiao patted its head and said in surprise, “I didn’t expect to see Brother Chen raising a pet in my life.”

She remembered very clearly that Brother Chen had once said that kittens and puppies were too delicate and annoying.

Yan Zhengchen also remembered what he had said to Chi Jiao and Gong Lu before about not knowing how to raise pets. He felt that the current situation was a little embarra.s.sing, so he coughed unnaturally and said, “People will always change.”

“But since you’re taking care of it, you have to be responsible,” Gong Lu said indifferently.

Yan Zhengchen glanced at him sideways and smiled. “That’s for sure. Don’t worry. After all, this is our first dog.”

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