Chapter 405: If It Were Him, He Would Have Rejected as Well

Gong Lu nodded with approval and smiled. “Jiaojiao indeed didn’t misjudge you.”

“What project were you working on with him?” Yan Zhengchen asked.

Quan Jue briefly told him about setting up a company.

“Yan Zhengchen and I can invest as well,” Gong Lu said with a smile.

Yan Zhengchen nodded in agreement. “We’re all family. We can double what Huo Chongjin agreed to when you collaborated with him.”

Initially, Yan Zhengchen and Gong Lu thought that Quan Jue would agree without hesitation if they took the initiative to offer such beneficial help.

Unexpectedly, Quan Jue rejected them decisively.

“Thank you for your kind intentions, but there’s no need.”

The young man’s tone was still indifferent and emotionless.

Yan Zhengchen and Gong Lu could feel that with Jiaojiao not present, Quan Jue seemed to have lost his soul. He had completely become an emotionless machine, and his entire body emitted a coldness that kept people a thousand miles away.

Yan Zhengchen frowned. He was unhappy with Quan Jue’s rejection.

He was doing this for Jiaojiao.

“Can I ask the reason behind your rejection?” Gong Lu elegantly pushed his up the bridge of his nose and asked with a smile.

“If our positions were swapped, would you accept it?” Quan Jue raised his eyebrows and asked in return.

Gong Lu immediately understood what he meant and smiled gently.


If it were him, he would have rejected as well.

There was nothing more satisfying than working hard to build a career for the person you loved.

It was because of this that Quan Jue refused to become the successor of the Quan family and chose to start his own business.

This young man’s strength of character was indeed admirable.

At this thought, Gong Lu looked at Quan Jue with genuine appreciation.

“We were rude, but if you need our help in any way, feel free to let us know,” he said with a smile.

Quan Jue nodded indifferently.

When Yan Zhengchen saw that he didn’t back down, he suddenly understood why Quan Jingzhou wanted him as his successor.

Quan Jue was ambitious, proud, and smart. He was much better than his peers in the Quan family.

“You guys seem to be having a good chat.” Chi Jiao walked down the stairs after changing her clothes. She was very happy to see Quan Jue, Gong Lu, and Yan Zhengchen getting along harmoniously.

The reason why she brought Quan Jue to Mount Li and to see Yan Zhengchen and Gong Lu was that she hoped that he could integrate into her social circle.

She wanted Quan Jue to slowly understand and accept everything about her.

Quan Jue turned around and saw that Chi Jiao had changed into a large black sweater.

It was obvious that the sweater did not fit her body. The slightly big collar was tilted to the side, revealing the exquisite left collarbone and half of her fair and tender shoulder.

Actually seeing a lazy s.e.xiness from Chi Jiao, the young man’s eyes darkened.

He got up and walked quickly to her and pulled up her collar to cover her shoulders.

Yan Qingqing followed Chi Jiao from behind and rubbed her stomach. “I’m so hungry. Let’s eat. I’ve already prepared the ingredients for tonight. We’re having seafood hotpot.”

Only Yan Qingqing and Yan Zhengchen lived in this house. Both of them liked peace and quiet, so they only had part-time workers to clean the house every day instead of hiring servants.

Because of this, Yan Qingqing had trained herself to be a good cook and conquered Chi Jiao’s delicate stomach.

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