Chapter 408: Little Guy, I Have a Way to Resolve Your Pain

Yun Mei saw a cold glint flash across Quan Jue’s dark eyes.

But it was already too late.

Quan Jue’s hand had already grabbed her neck harshly.

Yun Mei couldn’t breathe freely in an instant as she stared at him in surprise.

However, she suddenly laughed.

The exaggerated and strange laughter echoed in the alley.

Quan Jue looked at Yun Mei indifferently as if he wasn’t surprised by her craziness.

The strange laughter lasted for more than ten seconds before stopping. Yun Mei was being strangled, but she was not afraid at all. She tilted her head and stared at Quan Jue with indescribable excitement in her eyes. “You deliberately lured me out?”

“Who is your master?” Quan Jue asked coldly instead of answering her question.

“If you want to know,” Yun Mei smiled and tapped her lips, “kiss me and I’ll tell you.”

Disgust flashed across Quan Jue’s eyes. His grip on Yun Mei’s neck tightened as he lifted her off the ground.

Yun Mei’s breathing became more and more hurried, but her lips still curled into an exaggerated smile.

“If you strangle me to death he-here, you’re finished. Hahaha…” Yun Mei laughed until her tears spilled from her eyes.” Li-little boy, accompany me obediently for a night and I’ll tell you who sent me to find you. Don’t force yourself anymore. Aren’t you feeling uncomfortable now?”

Quan Jue didn’t speak. Instead, he tightened his grip again.

Yun Mei immediately felt like a chicken that had its neck grabbed. She could only make gurgling noises.

Because of the lack of oxygen, her face quickly turned red and her eyeb.a.l.l.s protruded slightly. Quan Jue’s cold face was reflected in her eyes.

Seeing his icy gaze that was no different from a wild beast, Yun Mei immediately understood.

He wasn’t scaring her. He really dared to kill her.

She had never been so close to death before. Yun Mei began to struggle with all her might. Her hand kept scratching the back of Quan Jue’s hand, and her long nails left traces of blood on his fair hand.

However, Quan Jue didn’t seem to feel it. Seeing that she was finally showing fear, he asked indifferently, “Are you willing to tell me now?”

“I, I’m willing…” Yun Mei struggled to squeeze out a sentence.

Only then did Quan Jue let go of her and throw her to the ground like trash.

Yun Mei was dizzy from lack of oxygen. She lay on the ground and panted heavily.

“Speak.” The young man’s cold voice was heard again, like an Asura demanding for her life.

“It’s… Madam Quan,” Yun Mei said with much effort. “You… can’t win against her. You’re still…”

Before she could finish, Quan Jue had already turned around and walked towards the alley’s exit.

Yun Mei looked at his back view as he left, her eyes filled with fear as if she was looking at a monster.

How did this young man do it?

How was he able to maintain his calm mind even after being hit by a high concentration of Mesmerizing Fragrance?

When Quan Jue strangled her earlier, she could clearly feel the shocking temperature of his hand.

This proved that the Mesmerizing Fragrance had begun to work.

Her special ability as an Esper was to release Mesmerizing Fragrance, which could cause the other party to lose control of their emotions.

This was the first time in so many years that Yun Mei had met someone who could still remain conscious despite being under her spell.

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