Chapter 410: He Wasn’t Sure If He Could Wait for Chi Jiao Today

After a night, the road was covered in ice.

Chi Jiao was going to take an afternoon flight.

After waking up early in the morning, Chi Mingwei pulled her to the hotel’s restaurant for breakfast.

The breakfast in this five-star hotel was a buffet.

They casually took some food and found empty seats.

Chi Mingwei helped her insert a straw into her carton of yogurt before handing it back to her.

Chi Jiao took the yogurt with one hand and thanked him.

Seeing that her eyes were still on her phone, Chi Mingwei thought that she was texting Quan Jue. “Jiaojiao, are you going to find Quan Jue later?” he asked.

“I want to say goodbye to Brother Quan,” Chi Jiao said as she looked at her phone.

At this moment, her phone screen was displaying a complicated stock market trend.

It was the Huo Corporation’s stock price.

Yesterday, the Huo Corporation was attacked by a hacker, causing the engine room to be paralyzed for ten hours. It had an indelible impact and caused a huge loss for them.

This morning, the Yan family, who originally had a collaboration with the Huo Corporation, announced that their collaboration with the Huo Corporation had been terminated. They would rather compensate the Huo Corporation for the high penalty fee than cooperate with them again. This was a huge blow to the Huo Corporation.

Their shares had started falling this morning.

Chi Jiao took a sip of yogurt. She still felt that the Huo Corporation’s shares hadn’t fallen enough.

Of course, this current storm wasn’t enough to make the Huo Corporation collapse. In fact, it didn’t even cause them to suffer heavy losses.

What she wanted was to make the Huo Corporation completely bankrupt.

If Quan Jue wanted to develop his business in Shang Jing, Huo Chongjin would definitely become a stumbling block.

But wasn’t Huo Chongjin relying on the Huo family as his backing?

If the Huo family behind him collapsed, Huo Chongjin would be nothing.

Chi Mingwei peeled an egg and placed it on her plate. “Daddy will go with you.”

Only then did Chi Jiao look up at him. “Daddy, you want to say goodbye to Brother Quan too?”

Chi Mingwei stopped his actions and said without looking up, “You’re thinking too much. I just have nothing to do.”

Chi Jiao hummed in acknowledgment.

After dinner, they walked towards the lobby together.

Just as she reached the lobby, Chi Jiao saw a familiar person.

Huo Chongjin had been waiting in the lobby for 20 minutes to see her.

He wasn’t sure if he could wait for Chi Jiao today, but for the sake of his grandfather, he decided to give it a try and wait here.

However, he didn’t expect to really into her.

The moment Chi Jiao saw Huo Chongjin, he saw her as well.

He immediately walked towards her in surprise.

“President Chi, Miss Chi.” Huo Chongjin stood in front of them and greeted them with a smile.

Chi Mingwei had never seen Huo Chongjin before, so he didn’t recognize this person. He looked at him in confusion. “Who are you?”

“This is my name card,” Huo Chongjin said as he took out his name card and handed it to him with both hands.

Chi Mingwei took the name card and glanced at it before frowning slightly.

So, he was Huo Wanwan’s father, the president of the Huo Corporation.

Chi Jiao looked at him indifferently without smiling. “What a coincidence, President Huo.”

The young lady’s indifferent and distant att.i.tude made Huo Chongjin’s heart tighten.

The Chi Jiao he saw at the banquet the other day was a very amiable and approachable young lady.

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