Chapter 412: For a n.o.body From a Small City Like Chi Mingwei

Chi Jiao’s words were like a slap landing harshly on Huo Chongjin’s face.

His face burned.

That’s right. He had indeed doubted Chi Jiao’s medical skills previously.

However, the ignorant were innocent. He felt that his doubts back then were completely reasonable.

No matter who it was, if they didn’t see it with their own eyes, they wouldn’t believe that this young lady in front of them really had the ability to fix everything with just a needle, right?

Chi Mingwei could clearly feel the tension between them.

He suddenly felt that their Jiaojiao had grown up.

Even when facing someone like Huo Chongjin, she could do it neither humbly nor arrogantly.

This made Chi Mingwei feel very gratified and satisfied as a father.

“Mr. Huo, if you’re really worried about your father, you’d better think of a way to find a famous doctor for him as soon as possible. My daughter is just a high school student. She can’t bear the responsibility you’re giving her,” Chi Mingwei said to him.

Huo Chongjin looked at him and said slowly, “Mr. Chi, you might not know your daughter well enough yet. Since I’ve decided to look for Miss Chi, it must have been after careful consideration. I completely believe that Miss Chi can cure my father. Therefore, please consider it carefully. If Miss Chi cures my father, then our Huo family will owe you a big favor. If there’s anything you need our help with, we won’t s.h.i.+rk our duty.”

With that, Huo Chongjin waited calmly for Chi Mingwei to agree.

After all, his conditions were already very tempting.

For a n.o.body from a small city like Chi Mingwei, to make the Huo family owe him a favor was like a pie falling from the sky.

A favor couldn’t be measured with money.

If Chi Mingwei was smart, he would agree.

Then, with the Huo family’s help, the Chi family’s development would improve.

When Chi Jiao saw that Huo Chongjin had started to woo her father, she turned her gaze to Chi Mingwei.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Huo. I won’t force my daughter to do what she doesn’t want to. Please head back. We still have something on, so we’ll leave first.” Chi Mingwei didn’t hesitate at all. After saying that with a cold expression, he pulled Chi Jiao past Huo Chongjin and strode towards the hotel entrance.

Huo Chongjin was stunned on the spot. He couldn’t believe that he had been rejected.

Was Chi Mingwei a fool?

Did he know what kind of opportunity he was rejecting?

This father and daughter pair was really interesting.

He wanted to see what benefits they would gain by offending him.

With that thought in mind, a cold glint flashed across Huo Chongjin’s eyes.

Chi Mingwei pulled Chi Jiao out of the hotel and hailed a taxi.

After getting into the car, he smiled at her and asked, “Jiaojiao, how was Daddy’s performance earlier? Did I embarra.s.s you?”

He had to admit that Huo Chongjin’s conditions were very tempting.

But so what?

He had never thought of using Jiaojiao to help him or the Chi family develop further.

A daughter was meant to be doted on, not exchanged for benefits.

Chi Jiao looked at him in admiration and gave him a thumbs up. “Daddy, you were so handsome just now. Didn’t you see his expression? He looked like he had swallowed a fly.”

Chi Mingwei thought for a moment and nodded.

That’s right. Huo Chongjin’s expression earlier was indeed so ugly that it looked like he had swallowed a fly.

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