Chapter 413: F*ck, Was He Looking at a Little Angel?

Chi Mingwei enjoyed Chi Jiao’s wors.h.i.+pful gaze and said emotionally, “Jiaojiao, although Daddy’s abilities are limited, I promise that I will try my best to make you live a happy life. Therefore, you can do whatever you want to do. If you’re happy, I’ll be happy.”

Chi Mingwei had already seen through everything that had happened recently.

He knew that Jiaojiao had secrets, but he didn’t delve into them.

His daughter only needed to be happy and healthy.

This was his only hope as a father.

Chi Jiao’s heart was instantly filled with happiness. She placed her head on his shoulder and said softly, “Daddy, you’re really too great.”

Although she never received her mother’s care, her father had given her no less love.

In her previous life, she only knew how to hate the heavens for taking her mother away and causing her to lose her love since she was young.

However, she didn’t understand that if the heavens closed a door, they would open a window.

Other than her mother, she had many other people who loved her.

She was fortunate.

When they reached Quan Jue’s hotel, Chi Jiao brought Chi Mingwei to Quan Jue’s room and knocked on the door.

The person who opened the door was not Quan Jue.

Chi Jiao looked at the little fatty in front of her and sized him up from head to toe with a curious gaze. Her sweet voice was like honey as she asked, “Who are you?”

While she sized Yin Xiaoxuan up, he also examined her with s.h.i.+ning eyes.

F*ck, was he looking at a little angel?

How could there be such a cute girl?!

She was like a fairy deer living in the forest in a fairytale!

When Chi Mingwei saw the festive-looking little fatty staring at Jiaojiao in a daze, he coughed dryly and pulled Chi Jiao behind him. He looked at Yin Xiaoxuan and asked, “We’re asking you a question. Who are you? Isn’t this Quan Jue’s room?”

Only then did Yin Xiaoxuan return to his senses. He looked at the stern middle-aged man in front of him and rubbed his nose awkwardly. “This is Quan Jue’s room. He’s currently showering. Come in.”


At this time?

Chi Jiao frowned.

It was already rather late. Logically speaking, Quan Jue should have woken up and washed up by now.

Puzzled, Chi Jiao and Chi Mingwei entered the room together.

The sound of water flowing came from the bathroom.

Chi Jiao listened to the noise as she asked Yin Xiaoxuan, “Are you Brother Quan’s friend?”

“You’re Quan Jue’s younger sister.” Yin Xiaoxuan smiled at her. “h.e.l.lo, I’m Quan Jue’s new lackey. My name is Yin Xiaoxuan.”

Yin Xiaoxuan?

Upon hearing this name, a look of doubt flashed across Chi Jiao’s eyes.

Was he from the Yin family that she knew of?

Just then, the bathroom door opened and Quan Jue came out.

He was only wearing a white s.h.i.+rt and black trousers, and his hair was still damp.

The moment Chi Jiao saw him, a brilliant smile blossomed on her face.

She ran to Quan Jue and opened her arms to give him a bear hug.

However, Quan Jue took a step back and pressed her forehead with his finger.

Grabbing onto nothing, Chi Jiao looked up at him with her grape-like eyes in confusion. “Brother Quan?”

The girl’s soft and sweet voice sounded a little aggrieved.

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