Chapter 414: He Would Have Hugged Jiaojiao

Quan Jue shot her a look, indicating that there were others present.

Chi Jiao was even more confused now.

She had always felt that Quan Jue didn’t intend to be decent in some ways. But now, he was actually concerned about others?

“Brother Quan, this is your younger sister?” Yin Xiaoxuan asked, his eyes s.h.i.+ning.

Quan Jue turned to look at him and said indifferently, “She’s my girlfriend.”

Yin Xiaoxuan was speechless.

“Quan Jue, watch your words.” Chi Mingwei frowned at him.

Although he had agreed to them being together, Quan Jue’s bragging tone made him feel a little uncomfortable.

“Brother Quan, I’m going back to my room first.” Yin Xiaoxuan felt like a super huge third wheel. After saying that, he slipped away.

“Brother Quan, what’s that scent? It smells so good.” Chi Jiao was sensitive and could smell a faint fragrance lingering in the room. A dark glint flashed across her eyes.

Quan Jue glanced at Chi Mingwei and said to her, “It’s nothing.”

Chi Mingwei didn’t feel like a huge lightbulb at all. He just watched as Quan Jue and Chi Jiao chatted.

With him around, they couldn’t appear too intimate.

They had to arrive at the airport early for the afternoon flight. Due to Huo Chongjin’s delay earlier, Chi Jiao and Quan Jue could only chat for a while before bidding farewell and leaving.

Quan Jue sent them to the lobby and called for a taxi.

Chi Mingwei got into the car first. Chi Jiao stood slowly at the door, unwilling to get into the car so quickly.

“I’ll be back in at most three days.” Quan Jue smiled when he saw her reluctance.

Chi Jiao reached out and tapped her cheek.

Quan Jue glanced at Chi Mingwei, who was sitting in the front pa.s.senger seat of the taxi. He had his head turned as he looked at them.

The meaning behind his gaze was obvious.

It was to prevent him from doing anything bad.

Quan Jue bent down and kissed Chi Jiao’s cheek.

When Chi Mingwei saw this, his face twitched and his eyes almost spewed fire.

Fortunately, Quan Jue only kissed her once and did not do anything else. Chi Mingwei could still barely resist the urge to beat him up.

Actually, Quan Jue had already restrained himself. If he had followed the thoughts in his head…

He would have hugged Jiaojiao and kissed her properly.

It was just that he had just expelled the Mesmerizing Fragrance’s toxins. His nerves were still in a rather excited state, and it was very easy to lose control.

Therefore, he could only endure the urge in his heart.

Chi Jiao looked at Quan Jue’s handsome face carefully. Seeing that his expression was normal and there was nothing wrong with it, she secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

“I’ll be back in at most three days,” Quan Jue whispered to her.

Chi Jiao smiled brightly at him. “Milk and I will wait for you and Auntie to come back together.”

To Quan Jue, her smile was the best cure in the world.

Enduring the urge to pull her into his arms, Quan Jue opened the car door and let her in.

Quan Jue watched as the car drove away before turning around to return to the hotel.

After a night of torment, some things had to be settled today.

In the taxi, Chi Jiao took out her black brick phone and sent Yan Qingqing a message.

[Do you remember that infamous Esper from Shang Jing, Yun Mei?]

It took at most a minute for Yan Qingqing to reply.

[I remember. Didn’t she try to seduce Brother Lu previously and was taught a lesson by my brother? What’s wrong? Is she up to no good again?]

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