Chapter 415: There Was a Vicious Dog Beside Gong Lu Called Yan Zhengchen

As Chi Jiao looked at Yan Qingqing’s reply, her rose-colored lips curled into a fleeting smile.

She quickly typed a message and sent it.

[Investigate that woman properly and find out where she went last night.]

After sending this message, Chi Jiao put her phone away and closed her eyes to rest.

Her mind was filled with the moment Quan Jue came out of the bathroom this morning, and he couldn’t hide the fatigue in his eyes.

The fragrance lingering in his room belonged to the Mesmerizing Fragrance.

Chi Jiao had smelled it on Gong Lu before.

That incident was about a year ago.

Gong Lu had always been a clean person and had never had a female companion by his side. Many people wondered if the young master of the Gong family was abnormal in some way. He was always hanging out with the young master of the Yan family, and they suspected if there was more than a brotherly relations.h.i.+p between them.

However, without evidence, others only dared to guess behind their backs. No one dared to say it out loud.

On the surface, Gong Lu was a person who didn’t get close to women and kept himself clean.

Back then, the Gong family had a sworn enemy. In order to destroy Gong Lu’s image, they had found Yun Mei.

Yun Mei was very famous in the rich circles of Shang Jing. She had a nickname: Charming Killer. No man could escape her charm.

Actually, she used her special ability to seduce men.

After receiving benefits from others, Yun Mei tried to find a way to seduce Gong Lu.

However, before she could get close to him, Yan Zhengchen learned about her scheme.

Yan Zhengchen and Gong Lu had grown up together. They were so close that they could wear the same pants.

Gong Lu was a gentleman and generally wouldn’t touch women.

However, Yan Zhengchen wasn’t. When he became ruthless, he would no longer treat women as real women.

Yan Zhengchen taught Yun Mei a lesson personally. She only recovered after staying in the hospital for nearly half a month.

This incident was quite famous in Shang Jing. From then on, no woman dared to have any ideas about Gong Lu.

There was a joke circling around the Shang Jing circle.

There was a vicious dog beside Gong Lu called Yan Zhengchen.

Chi Jiao hoped that after experiencing Gong Lu’s incident, Yun Mei would understand that there were people in this world that she couldn’t touch.

Therefore, she hoped that the person who attacked Quan Jue wasn’t her.

After Quan Jue went upstairs, he didn’t return to his room. Instead, he knocked on Yin Xiaoxuan’s door.

The moment Yin Xiaoxuan opened the door and saw him, his eyes narrowed into slits of happiness.

“Brother Quan.”

After Quan Jue entered the room, he sat on the sofa and looked at Yin Xiaoxuan indifferently. “You helped me a lot last night. Tell me, how do you want me to repay you?”

He had never liked owing favors.

Without the medicine Yin Xiaoxuan had given him yesterday, he wouldn’t have expelled the toxins so quickly.

“Brother Quan, I just did what I had to do.” After interacting with Quan Jue last night, Yin Xiaoxuan was already very sure that this young man was the person he was looking for. “Brother Quan, do you think what I said to you yesterday was a joke?”

Quan Jue narrowed his dark eyes. His gaze, as cold as a cold blade, seemed to be able to see through everything as it landed on Yin Xiaoxuan.

Yin Xiaoxuan felt pressurized under Quan Jue’s gaze, but he still met his eyes bravely.

He tried his best to make his expression look more sincere.

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