Chapter 416: Do I Look Like Someone Who Will Save the World?

“Xuan Sect? Ancient sects? Protect the peace on the Blue Planet?” Quan Jue narrowed his eyes at Yin Xiaoxuan and repeated the important terms he heard yesterday.

Yin Xiaoxuan nodded vigorously and looked at him with s.h.i.+ning eyes. “Yes, Brother Quan. We can give you everything you want. Ident.i.ty, status, money… It’s not a loss for you to join our sect.”

Quan Jue sneered, his gaze tinged with mockery as he looked at him. “Do I look like someone who will save the world?”

Yesterday, this little fatty had told him that the Xuan Sect existed to save the world.

This was similar to the sects described in those immortal and martial arts novels. However, he felt that he wasn’t a good person and shouldn’t have anything to do with such a righteous organization.

“But you’re the boss we are looking for at the Xuan Sect. Your birthmark…”

At the mention of this, Quan Jue’s handsome face darkened and he interrupted him.

“Shut up.”

Yin Xiaoxuan immediately shut his mouth, but his gaze remained scorching.

Last night, when Quan Jue took off his clothes to take a cold shower, Yin Xiaoxuan saw a small birthmark on his waist.

The birthmark looked like a swastika. It was black.

This was one of the characteristics of the person they were looking for.

In addition, Quan Jue was able to resist the Mesmerizing Fragrance partly because of his strong willpower. Another reason was that he could completely absorb it. This absorption meant that he could filter out the Mesmerizing Fragrance indiscriminately, leaving behind the pure energy in his body.

Currently, Quan Jue’s bodily fluids contained the Mesmerizing Fragrance. If he was aroused, the Mesmerizing Fragrance would release its effects to attract the opposite s.e.x.

This was equivalent to Quan Jue having another special ability.

This proved that Quan Jue could absorb other people’s special abilities and turn them into his own.

From the looks of it, Yin Xiaoxuan was very sure that Quan Jue was the person their sect was looking for.

It wasn’t overboard to call him the chosen one.

After a few seconds of silence, Yin Xiaoxuan couldn’t help but say, “Brother Quan, I’m really not a scammer. The Xuan Sect has existed for thousands of years, and we have a deep foundation. I can bring you to our headquarters to take a look. You’ll believe me when the time comes.”

Actually, he couldn’t blame Quan Jue for not believing him.

That was because only the big shots in Country Hua knew of the Xuan Sect’s existence.

After all, even in the 117 Secret Service, an organization that specialized in dealing with Espers, not many people knew that Espers had actually been around since thousands of years ago.

The Xuan Sect had appeared when the first batch of Espers was born on the Blue Planet.

The responsibilities that the Xuan Sect had to fulfill were similar to 117, except that one belonged to the government and the other was privately owned.

With thousands of years of foundation, the Xuan Sect had acc.u.mulated a huge amount of wealth. However, because of the flouris.h.i.+ng temptations of this world, some people in the Xuan Sect gradually forgot their true nature and their duty. They began to chase after fame and fortune, using the sect to pave the way for their bright future. It caused a foul atmosphere to permeate in the sect, and it seemed like it was about to collapse.

Yin Xiaoxuan had no choice but to descend the mountain to find the legendary chosen successor.

Before coming, his grandfather, who was the current sect master, had told him to go to the east side of Shang Jing.

Therefore, he had chosen to stay in this hotel near the east of Shang Jing. He didn’t expect to really find Quan Jue.

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