Chapter 417: My Dad Is Completely Focused on That Illegitimate Son Right Now

Yin Xiaoxuan was both happy and sad.

Because the chosen one seemed like a difficult candidate to deal with.

Quan Jue didn’t particularly doubt the authenticity of his words.

It was just that he didn’t like to be led by the nose.

After a moment of silence, Quan Jue said indifferently, “I’m not interested in going to your headquarters. Get someone who can keep his word in the Xuan Sect to talk to me.”

Right now, he needed a shortcut to quickly become stronger.

He wanted to be strong enough to swallow the Quan family.

At this thought, a wild glint flashed across Quan Jue’s eyes.

He didn’t need Quan Jingzhou to groom him as his successor. He wouldn’t let himself become a subsidiary of the Quan family.

What he had always planned to do was to make the Quan family his subordinates instead.

Yin Xiaoxuan felt hurt by his words.

Did he look like someone who wasn’t responsible for making decisions?

However, he really admired Quan Jue for being able to tell this.

“I need to go back and explain the situation first. Give me a few days,” Yin Xiaoxuan said.

Quan Jue nodded indifferently.


He seemed to have thought of something as he looked at him and said, “You said that your Xuan Sect is similar to 117. Then, if someone uses their special ability to harm others, what will you do?”

“In theory, we’re similar to 117, but they’re the government now while the Xuan Sect is collaborating with them. Once we find out that an Esper is using their special ability to harm others, we can capture them and send them to 117. 117 will punish them accordingly,” Yin Xiaoxuan said.

Quan Jue took out his phone and showed Yin Xiaoxuan a photo of Ye Yichen.

“Is this person an Esper?” Yin Xiaoxuan asked.

“Investigate this person. You guys will be surprised,” Quan Jue said indifferently.

Yin Xiaoxuan nodded. “Okay, Brother Quan. Just send this photo to my phone.”

After sending Ye Yichen’s photo to him, Quan Jue felt that it was about time to leave, so he stood up and walked out.

Some people owed him, and it was time for him to collect his debts and end things.

Yin Xiaoxuan watched as he left, his gaze landing on his waist.

This was the first time he had seen a man with back dimples.

At the Quan Residence.

The magnificent living room looked like a palace hall, filled with luxury.

A beautiful woman was holding a pair of scissors as she trimmed the leaves of a potted plant.

When she heard the door opening, she turned around and saw Quan Han walking in with his jacket in one hand and his eyelids drooping.

A helpless and doting smile appeared on her well-maintained and beautiful face.

Wan Shujing put the scissors down and walked elegantly towards him.

“Xiao Han, you didn’t return last night. Where did you go?”

Quan Han opened his eyes lazily and glanced at her. “I’m already an adult. Do I still have to report to you where I go?”

His att.i.tude was bad, but Wan Shujing didn’t look unhappy at all. She continued to look at him dotingly. “Xiao Han, I’ve told you before to be more obedient. Don’t stay out all night. Your father already knows about what you’ve done previously. It’s just that he’s been quite busy and has no time to pay attention to you. Just restrain yourself a little and don’t anger him, okay?”

“My dad is completely focused on that illegitimate son right now. He can’t be bothered to care about me.” Quan Han sneered. “Besides, that incident isn’t my fault. Who asked that old man to not look at the road when he was crossing? I even suspect that he was trying to scam me by deliberately b.u.mping into my car.”

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