Chapter 418: You’ve Misunderstood Your Father

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“Xiao Han.” Only then did Wan Shujing retract her smile and look at him seriously. “No matter what, he’s still an old man. Everyone will grow old. Mom has told you many times that you have to respect the old.”

Quan Han sneered in disdain, clearly not listening.

Wan Shujing sighed. “Also, you’ve misunderstood your father. He’s not busy with Quan Jue’s matters.”

“Quan Jue?” Only then did Quan Han look at her seriously. His tone was filled with irritation. “What right does he have to use the ‘Quan’ surname? He’s just a b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Don’t mention that illegitimate son’s name in front of me. It’s so annoying!”

With that, Quan Han ignored her expression and left.

Wan Shujing looked at his back view as he left and sighed faintly.

She had really spoiled this child too much.

After Quan Han returned to his room, he deliberately used a lot of strength to slam the door shut.

When Wan Shujing mentioned Quan Jue earlier, he couldn’t help but think back about how he was reprimanded by Quan Jingzhou.

Recently, as long as his father reprimanded him, he would compare him to Quan Jue.

He said he wasn’t as mature and stable as Quan Jue.

He wasn’t as smart as Quan Jue.

His grades were not as good as Quan Jue’s.

Anyway, there was nothing he could win against Quan Jue.

Quan Han couldn’t understand what was going on with his father.

Why did he value that despicable illegitimate son so much?

The more he thought about it, the more frustrated he became. Quan Han kicked the rubbish bin by his feet and walked towards the bathroom.

He had just entered the bathroom when the curtains in the room moved.

Immediately after, a person walked out from behind the curtains.

Quan Jue glanced at the bathroom.

In a flash, he appeared at the bathroom door.

In the bathroom, Quan Han had just taken off his clothes.


The sound of the bathroom door opening was crisp. Quan Han frowned and turned to look at the door.

A young man in a black s.h.i.+rt, black pants, and a cap instantly entered his line of sight.

After entering the bathroom, Quan Jue locked the door behind him as he held a metal bat in his hand.

Quan Han looked at him in a daze. It took him ten seconds before he could react.

“Quan Jue?! How did you get in?”

Quan Jue didn’t answer him. He walked quickly towards Quan Han and raised the baseball bat in his hand.

Before Quan Han could react, the baseball bat landed on his shoulder.

Quan Han screamed in agony as he held his shoulder and fell to the ground.

“You f*cker…” He bared his teeth and looked up, ready to curse at him.

Quan Jue didn’t give him any chance to continue. The baseball bat continued to hit Quan Han harshly.

Quan Han had no ability to resist. He was currently naked. When the metal baseball bat landed on his bare body, it hit his flesh, causing him to hug his head and wail on the ground.

His screams were similar to a pig being slaughtered.

The soundproofing in the bathroom was very good. No matter how loud Quan Han screamed, no one could hear him from the outside.

When his screams gradually became quiet, and Quan Jue felt that it was about time, he threw the baseball bat on the ground.

Then, he bent down and grabbed Quan Han’s hair, making him look up at him.

Quan Han looked at his demonically handsome face and subconsciously s.h.i.+vered.

He could see the bloodl.u.s.t in Quan Jue’s eyes, like a wild beast.

“Quan Han, tell your mother that it’s not like no one knows what she did. Tell her to keep a low profile. This will be better for everyone..” After saying this, Quan Jue threw him to the ground as if he was trash and walked to the sink.

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