Chapter 424: This Is an Excellent Chance for Us

Gao Fengxia went into the washroom and sat on the toilet to call Ruan Pengcheng.

“h.e.l.lo, Hubby. Chi Jiao is here.”

“Really? That’s great. You have to build a good relations.h.i.+p with her and get some information from her. Let’s see what kind of medicine she gave our mother. If we can get that medicine to the Old Master of the Huo family and cure him, the Huo family will owe us a huge favor! The Huo family from Shang Jing! This is a superb opportunity for us, do you understand?!” Ruan Pengcheng’s tone sounded very excited.

“Of course I know, there’s no need for you to tell me. I just told her that I would bring her shopping to buy her a greeting gift. That girl looked so happy.” Gao Fengxia recalled the brilliant smile on Chi Jiao’s face, and a look of disdain flashed across her eyes.

She was indeed a country b.u.mpkin from the mountains who had never seen the world.

She couldn’t hide her happiness the moment shopping was mentioned.

This was pathetic and pitiful.

“You have to remember that no matter what, you have to make her happy and get the medicine. Feel free to spend. Later, I’ll transfer some money to your card. She’s just a little girl who hasn’t seen the world. She wouldn’t dare to ask for anything too expensive. Just bring her to the mall and buy her whatever she likes, got it?” Ruan Pengcheng carefully instructed.

Gao Fengxia nodded as she listened. “I understand. Don’t worry.”

Half an hour later, at Yun Da Mall.

This shopping mall was the best in White City. It was also the most comprehensive with all kinds of luxury brands.

Ruan Xiaoxiao wasn’t interested in shopping, and she didn’t want to see Gao Fengxia fawning over Chi Jiao, so she didn’t come.

Dongfang Linlin felt that there was something wrong with Gao Fengxia’s att.i.tude towards Chi Jiao. She knew Gao Fengxia very well, so she knew that she never did anything that wouldn’t personally benefit her. Worried that Chi Jiao would be plotted against by Gao Fengxia, she tagged along.

Chi Jiao, Gao Fengxia, and Dongfang Linlin walked side by side.

This was her first time at Yun Da Mall, so Chi Jiao looked around casually.

Gao Fengxia had been paying close attention to her. When she saw her constantly looking around, she sneered in her heart.

She was indeed a country b.u.mpkin who had never seen the world. Look at her “village girl enters the city for the first time” expression.

“Jiaojiao, your uncle just called me and told me to show you around. He told me to tell you that you can buy whatever you want. He’ll pay for it,” Gao Fengxia said with a smile.

When Chi Jiao saw her fake generosity, her eyes lit up, and an excited smile appeared on her porcelain-like face.

“Really? Uncle is so nice.”

Dongfang Linlin looked at her worriedly.

Uncle? Nice? My a.s.s.

This little girl had just returned, so how could she know that Ruan Pengcheng was a miser?

He was suddenly so generous. There had to be some devious scheme behind it.

But what should she say to Jiaojiao?


This innocent little girl must really have thought that gold was falling from the sky.

This really frustrated her.

“Let’s go take a look at jewelry first. Shall we buy a beautiful set to wear?” Gao Fengxia held Chi Jiao’s arm intimately.

Chi Jiao nodded obediently.

Gao Fengxia led Chi Jiao and Dongfang Linlin to the jewelry section on the first floor.

The jewelry sold here were all major brands. There were local brands as well as overseas luxury names.

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